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Table of Contents

Written by Jacinta A. Opara   

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Patterns of Femininity in the Heroic Epic.Homer: The Iliad and the Odyssey
Written by Florica Bodistean   

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Strategic Planning Procedure: An Imperative for Effective Management of Higher Education in Nigeria
Written by Modebelu, M.N and Anebi Joseph   

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Effectiveness of Organizational Communication in the Global Age
Written by Adaonye A. Udeoba   

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Human Capital Development: Efforts at Enhancing the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in Nigeria
Written by Isaac Esezi Obilor   

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Challenges of Managing in Nigeria Work Environment
Written by Barinua Y. Victor, Nuka P. Nzor, Aseinimieyeofori P. Abolo, and Emenike Chikwe   

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Political Violence and Secondary School Education in Nigeria: A Case Study of Bette-Bendi People of Cross River State
Written by David U. Osakpa   

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Strategies for Teaching and Sustaining Mathematics as an Indispensable Tool for Technological Development in Nigeria…
Written by Daso, Peter Ojimba   

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Entrenching Democracy and Good Governance: The Role of ICT
Written by S.A. Adesola   

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Video Broadcast Courses at the Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch (Case Study)
Written by Nayereh Shahmohammadi   

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Corruption Reduction in the Petroleum Sector in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
Written by Benneth K. Obioma   

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Farmers’ Education and Farm Productivity in Bangladesh
Written by Abu Zafar Mahmudul Haq   

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Leadership and Followership: Essential Factors for National Development and Achievement of Organizational Goals
Written by Blessing E. N Thom-Otuya   

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Creative Accounting and Implication for Dividend Payout of Companies in the Financial Sub-Sector of Nigerian Economy
Written by Emmanuel A. L. Ibanichuka and John U. Ihendinihu   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n15p125

Business Education and the Entreprenuership Education Agenda: A Synergy for Unemployment Reduction In Nigeria
Written by Obi Emmanuel Chinasa   

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Synopsis of Religion and Child Abuse: The Nigerian Experience
Written by Alexander Olufemi Afolabi Okebukola   

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Cognitive Radios and Their Role in Efficient Allocation of the Spectrum
Written by Kavita Thakur and Nilesh Kumar Dewangan   

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A Novel Algorithm for Removing Impulse Noise From Highly Corrupted Image
Written by Aijaz Ur Rahman Khan, Kavita Thakur   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n15p165

The Roles of Forest in Environment Modification
Written by Nwafor, O.E., Adepoju, S. O., Jauro, A.G. and Mmadu, D.U   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n15p175

Production and Profitability of Honey in Yewa North, Nigeria
Written by Abere S.A. and Lameed G. A.   

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Environment and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh: A Legal Study in the Context of International Trends
Written by Nour Mohammad   

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Deposits in Wood Micro-Structures of Some Wood Species
Written by Adeniyi, I. M., Areghan, S.E., Alao, O.J., Salaudeen, G. T., and Falemara, B.C.   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n15p203

MJSS Special Issue Vol. 3, No. 16, December 2012

MJSS Special Issue Vol. 3, No. 16, December 2012
Written by Administrator   

MJSS Special Issue Vol. 3, No. 16, December 2012 Full Version

Table of Contents

Written by Jacinta A. Opara   

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Rethinking on Drug Abuse and Crime Relationship: An Alternative Explanation for Intellectuals Criminologists
Written by Usman Ahmad Karofi   

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Evaluation of Educational Reforms and Human Capital Development in a Global Age
Written by M.O.N Obagah   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p29

A Study on Women Empowerment in South-Asian Countries: A Contemporary Analysis
Written by Shobana Nelasco   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p37

Quality Deterioration of Tomatoes Using Three Different Storage Methods
Written by Bankole, Yakubu and Abanigbe, Samuel   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p46

The Mobile Phones Consumers Protection
Written by Csorba Luiela, Isac Florin, Cureteanu Radu, and Rusu Sergiu   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p53

Entrepreneurship and Employability Among Nigerian Graduates
Written by Chinyere T. Nwaoga and Faith C. Omeke   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p68

Cultural Heritage Concept, Genealogy and Contemporary Challenges
Written by Juliana Forero and Liangping Hong   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p75

Investment In Education as a Means of Economic Development
Written by Yusuf M.O and Oyewole Oluwaseun   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p86

The Effects of International Trade on Macroeconomic Stability in African Countries
Written by Françoise Okah-Efogo   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p93

Active Learning: Creating Excitement and Enhancing Learning in a Changing Environment of the 21 st Century
Written by Grace A. Fayombo   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p107

The Paradox of Economic Globalization: The Case of the Niger Delta Region
Written by Justina Adalikwu-Obisike and Ebere E. Obisike   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p129

The Impact of Climate Change in Nigeria: Implications for Schooling
Written by Kak’mena Audu Goteng, Hemba Emmanuel Census, and Eyimoga Helen Alikeju   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p137

Impact of Climate Change on Grain Yield and Variability in Nigeria: A Stochastic Production Model Approach
Written by G. C. Aye and P.I. Ater   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p142

Agricultural Development and Land use Pattern in Nashik District of Maharastra, India
Written by Pagar Mansaram Pandit   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p151

Enhancing the Science, Technical and Vocational Skills of Universal Basic Education Graduates in Nigeria
Written by Joseph Egbezor Dike, Ray Nwakuche Otunne and Peter C. Echendu   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p162

Human Capital Development in Science,Technology and Mathematics Education: Implications for Sustainable Development in Africa
Written by Peter Ojimba Daso   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p171

Classroom Management as a Control Strategy for Promoting Quality Education in Nigeria
Written by Azubuike P. Idu   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v2n16p174

Toxicological Implications of Polluted Water from Makera Drain, Kaduna on Some Cereals and Horticultural Crops
Written by Dadi-Mamud N. J., Oniye S. J., Balarabe M- L., Auta J., and Gudugi I.A.S   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p180

Perception of Undergraduates About Agricultural Extension Education and Agricultural Development Linkage in Nigeria
Written by Abanigbe, Samuel, Orowole, Paul, Ishola, Jelili   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p186

Curcuma Longa: The Dye as a Potential Indicator in Titrimetric Analysis
Written by C . W . Ozabor and A . O . Sadol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n16p208


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