Educational Phenomena in Albanian In the Years of Communist Dictatorship and the Reformation Efforts after the Nineties

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Abstract: The collapse of communist dictatorship and entering of Albania in the way of democratization would show a strong impact also in an important field for the society, such as the education. Albanian transition was not simply a social process, bur in first place it was connected to the reconstruction of democracy and education and in these respects it is the foundation of this reconstruction: "An education that should be rebuilt, a new generation which should be oriented towards the future, a society that must be developed". The problem of democratization and reform of education has emerged in the Albanian society with all its strength and complexity after 1990. Reforming of the educational system in Albania, tackling an issue of fundamental changes in form and content (curricula, school documentation, internal organization of school life), new developments at all levels of the education system (hidden drop-outs, problems of vocational education, expansion of general secondary education), decentralization and management of pre-university and higher education, and the teacher’s role in the Albanian post-communist society.


Keywords: communist education, Albania, dictatorship, society, democracy


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