JESR Vol 2 (9) November 2012

Written by Jacinta A. Opara   

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An Economic Analysis on the External Debt Burden of South Asian Countries
Written by Shobana Nelasco   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p11

Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria: Issues, Problems and Prospects’ Dimensions (IPP)
Written by Daso Peter Ojimba   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p23

Gender/ Women in Science and Technology in Bayelsa State: Its Goals and Challenges for the New Millennium Development
Written by Oluwayemisi Agnes Olorode   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p31

Community Development as the Bastion of Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Written by Green Iheanacho   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p39

The Influence of Principals’ Leadership Styles on Secondary School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction
Written by Omeke Faith C and Onah Kenneth A.   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p45

Novel Treatment of Selected Post Industrial Textile Waste into a Sustainable Product for Agriculture
Written by S. Aishwariya and S. Amsamani   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p53


Enhancing Sustainable Development in Nigeria: A Challenge for Social Studies Education
Written by Sebiomo, Bola   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p68

An Online Shopping Cart System for Katako Market in Nigeria
Written by F.B Abdullahi   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p73

Active Learning Strategies and Student Learning Outcomes Among Some University Students in Barbados
Written by Grace A. Fayombo   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p79


Elementary School Science Teachers’ Understanding About The Concept of The Earth’s Rotation
Written by Nelly Sakyi –Hagan   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p91

Impact of HIV/AIDS Education Programmes on Sexual Behaviour of Female Students in Nigerian Schools: Policy Implications for Scientific and Technolgical Development
Written by Egbezor, Dike Joseph and Echendu, Peter   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p100

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Purchase Decision
Written by Iza Gigauri   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p106

Medicinal and Aromatic Crops in Egypt:A Study in Medical Geography
Written by Mohamed Nour Eldin Elsabawy   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p112

ICT as a Viable Tool for Enterpreneurship Education
Written by Alex O. Iwu and R.C. Nzeako   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p125

Community Policing in Contemporary Nigeria: A Synthesis of Models
Written by Samuel Iornenge Zumve   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p132

Islamic Anthropology in Contemporary Epoch
Written by Mohsen Tousi and Somayeh Soltanpour   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p140

Media Imperialism and Body Image Perception in Kuwait
Written by Charles Mitchell, Juliet Dinkha, Tasneem Rashwan and Monica Matta   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p146

Extinction of Species and Its Management for Ecological Balance
Written by N. Cherly Anto Frezina and N. Junofy Anto Rozarina   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p159

Motive for Using Specific Health Care Practices in Kathmandu Metropolitan City
Written by Srijana Pandey   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p164

Measuring Service Quality in Ethiopian Airlines
Written by Mesay Sata Shanka   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p173

Assessment of the Management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure of Selected Cybercafes in Lagos State
Written by Sodiq, Kazeem Adetunji   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/jesr.2012.v2n9p181


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