MJSS VOL 3 NO 11 NOVEMBER 2012 (3)

Causal Relationship Model of Hospital Environmental Management
Written by Nipaporn Jongwutiwes, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p447

Kantian notions of Feminine Beauty and Masculine Sublimity in Hawthorne’s ‘The Birthmark’
Written by Najmeh Hafezi, Moussa Ahmadian, Fazel Asadi Amjad   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p459

Case Study on Physical Education and Sport in Naples, Italy
Written by Di Tore P. A., Raiola G.   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p471

Politics and International Criminal Court Debate: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Utterances by Politicians in Kenya
Written by Juliet Akinyi Jagero   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p477

Development Strategy for Economic Status Elevation of Sri-utumporn Community Based on Sufficiency Economy Philosophy through Systematic Approach
Written by Amnaj Wangsuk, Direk Lerkrai, Supawan Wongkumchan, Thavajchai Sakpuram   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p483

Critical Factors Influencing Facility Maintenance Management of Tertiary Institutional Buildings in Southwest Nigeria
Written by Akinsola, O. E. , Hussaini P. O. , Oyenuga S.O. , Fatokun, A.O.   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v2n11p483

Model of Environmental Education with Integration of Life Cycle Assessment in term of Recycling Behavior
Written by Sirikanya Donkonchum, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p496

Language as a Tool for Identifying Social Dissimilarity of Speakers
Written by Rrezarta Draçini   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p535

Development Strategy of Communication on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention for Risk Group
Written by Punnapat Chivachaichawan, Suchat Saengthong, Supawan Vongkamjan   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p511

Exploratory Factor Analysis of The Effects of Design on Brand Strategy-Performance in Malaysian Furniture Firms
Written by Puteri Fadzline Tamyez, Norzanah Mat Nor, Syed Jamal Abdul Nasir bin Syed Mohamad   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p519

Factors Affecting Villagers Participation in Community Environment Development
Written by Chuleewan Praneetham, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Kongsak Thathong, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p535

The Fight for Balkan Latinity (II). The Aromanians after World War
Written by Giuseppe Motta   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p541

The Country of Origin and the Consumer Behavior - How to Improve Chinese Products Brands?
Written by Mohammed Kerbouche, Lakhdar Adouka, Abdenour Belmimoun, Habib Guenouni   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p551

Development of Dengue Fever Prevention and Control Model
Written by Koraphat Artwanichakul, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p561

Lexical Cohesion in English and Persian Texts of Novels
Written by Ali Rahimi, Nabi A. Ebrahimi   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p569

Waste Management and Enterprise Development in Slum Communities of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria
Written by Abike Ibidunni Awosusi, Olusegun Oriye, Julius Oluranti Owoeye   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p579

Causal Relationship Model of Water Conservation Behavior
Written by Chalermsak Udonboon, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p591

First Language Acquisition: Towards Strategy-Oriented Perspective
Written by Masoumeh Ahmadi Shirazi, Majid Nemati   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p605

Milk Sector and Dairy Policies in Algeria: A Reading of Results in the Region of Souk Ahras
Written by Sawsan Kacimi El Hassani   

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Causal Relationship Model of Food Security Management
Written by Kruemas Tumpracha, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p625

Trade Openness and Manufacturing Sector Growth: An Empirical Analysis for Nigeria
Written by Adegbemi B.O Onakoya, Ismail O. Fasanya, Muhibat T. Babalola   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p637

Policy Variables and Economic Growth in South Africa: Understanding the Nexus
Written by Kanayo Ogujiuba, Nancy Stiegler, Oluwasola Omoju   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p647

Contrastive Analysis of Different Types of Shifts in Persian Translation of The Secret
Written by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini-Maasoum, Hoda Davtalab   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p659

The Contractual Rights of International Civil Servants: Administrative Tribof the United Nations and International Labour Organization Perspective
Written by Md. Kamal Uddin, Md. Siraj Uddin   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p667

Minister Hooper’s Melancholic Virtue
Written by Najmeh Hafezi, Fazel Asadi Amjad, Moussa Ahmadian   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p679

The Challenges of Democratic Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic
Written by Ogbonnaya, Ufiem Maurice, Omoju, Oluwasola Emmanuel, Udefuna, Nnadozie Patrick   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p685

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MJSS VOL 3 NO 11 NOVEMBER 2012 (2)

An Investigation of Pakistani L2 HI Writers’ Perceptions of Previous Writing Experience in L2: Implications for Literacy Development in Pakistan for HIC
Written by Ghulam Haider   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p221

Socio Economic Impact of Water Crisis on Agrarian Community in District Faisalabad, Pakistan
Written by Muhammad Asim, Ali Hassan Vains, Haroon Yousaf, Muhammad Azam Ramzan   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p235

Housing Market Constraints in the West African Region
Written by Basirat A. Oyalowo   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p241

Latin Lesson Lectio Aulae
Written by Eliana Paco   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p253

Developing Infrastructure in Nigeria: Why is the Cost So High?
Written by Patience Tunji – Olayeni, Philip Olayemi Lawal, Lekan Murtala Amusan   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p257

Causal Relationship Model of Environmental Education and Psychological Trait
Written by Nongnapas Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p263

The Impact of Phasing-out Textile Quota on the Egyptian Textile and Clothing Sector (Case studies from Alexandria)
Written by Hanan Abouel-Farag, El-Sayeda Moustafa, Ahmed Mandour   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p273

What Inhibits Manufactured Exports in Sub-Saharan Africa: Firm Level Evidence?
Written by Ogujiuba Kanayo, Stiegler Nancy, Amakom Uzochukwu   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p285

The Indigenous Knowledge of Illuminated Boat Procession of the Thai-Lao Ethnic Group in Mekong Sub-region
Written by Pinit Intirard, Sombat Kanajakit, Achara Phanurat, Kunnika Jitakoom Udomthawee   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p296

Development of Hospital Environmental Management Model through PAIC Process
Written by Nipaporn Jongwutiwes, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p303

Development of Food Security Management Model through PAIC Process
Written by Kruemas Tumpracha, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p311

Causal Relationship Model of Four Noble Truths
Written by Nongnapas Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p319

HOL Design with Natural Process of Khmer-Thai Ethnics Group in Cultural Ecology of Lower Mekong Basin
Written by Prasong Tungprasit, Kasem Chunkao, Achara Phanurat, Kotchanipha Udomthawee   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p327

Ethnic Personality of Community in the World Heritage Areas of Sukhothai and Angkor Wat
Written by Arunee Jindarat, Sujrit Pianchob, Boonyung Mundee, Benjawan Wongsawadee   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p337

The Feminist Analysis of Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery; A Dominant-Discourse-Control Framework
Written by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini-Maasoum, Hoda Davtalab, Mahnoosh Vahdati   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p343

Development of Model of Water Conservation through PAIC Process
Written by Chalermsak Udonboon, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p353

Development A Prototype Environmental Education Teacher through PAIC Process
Written by On-anong Ruboon, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol, Jurairat Kurukodt   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p361

Taboo and Health Behavior of Mahout in Elephant Biosphere of Thailand and Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Written by Somsri Boonmee, Krasae Chanawongse, Malinee Uttisaen, Kittima Rewdang   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p369

Can be Explained the Moroccan Growth of Public Spending by the Demand Approach?
Written by El Mustapha Kchirid, Lakhdar Adouka, Aissa Darraji, Mohamed Kerbouche   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p375

Traveling Behavior Model for Primary School
Written by Manascha Waewthaisong, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Chatchai Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p389

Volunteers’ Employment and Counterinsurgency in Italy: The Case the Hungarian Legion (1861-1862)
Written by Andrea Carteny   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p396

Metadiscourse in Applied Linguistics Research Articles: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Written by Davud Kuhi, Mahin Yavari, Ali Sorayyaei Azar   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p405

Zimbabwean Science Students’ Perceptions of Their Classroom Learning Environments and Attitude Towards Science
Written by Mandina Shadreck   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p415

Model of Environmental Education and Psychological Factors Influencing to Global Warming Alleviation
Written by Nongnapas Thiengkamol   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p427

Gender Equality in Housing Delivery - A Panacea to Adequate Housing Supply in Nigeria
Written by Olusegun Oriye, Oluranti Owoeye, Innocent I. Weje   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p437

Evaluation, a Challenge for Successful Management of the Public Administration
Written by Marjana Lako, Alba Dumi   

Download full article pdf . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v3n11p4645

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