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How Chinese Beginning Writers Learn English Writing: A Survey of Writing Strategies
Written by Chunmei Yang   

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Relationship between Cognitive Entry Characteristics and the Academic Performance of University Undergraduates in South West, Nigeria
Written by Gbore, L.O.   

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Effects of Professional Attitude of Teachers on their Teaching Performance: Case of Government Secondary School Teachers in Malakand Region, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Written by Iqbal Ahmad, Hamdan Said, Alam Zeb, Sihatullah, Khalil ur Rehman   

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Multi-Sensory Delivery in EFL ‘Smart’ Classrooms: Students’ Perceptions of Benefits, Limitations and Challenges
Written by Noureddinne Azmi   

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Character Education at Universities
Written by Nur Silay   

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School Based Factors and the Dropout Phenomenon: A Study of Zhomba Cluster Secondary Schools in Gokwe District of Zimbabwe
Written by Mandina Shadreck,   

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The Effect of Practical Intelligence Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners’ Anxiety in Reading Comprehension
Written by Omid Tabatabaei, Nooshin Hekmatipour   

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Curriculum Development in Nigeria; Historical Perspectives
Written by Oyeleke Oluniyi, Akinyeye, Clara Olajumoke   

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The Epistemological Perspectives on Action Research
Written by Ali Kemal Tekin, Huseyin Kotaman   

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Work Motivation in the Academe: The Case of Albanian Public Universities
Written by Eralda Zhilla (Kotro)   

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Exclusion of Minority Mother Tongues from the Classroom Context
Written by Sadananda Kadel   

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A Comparative Study of Textbook Readability and Students’ Comprehension Levels in Senior Secondary School Biology
Written by Ayodele, Mathew Olagoke,   

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Economic Status of Parents, a Determinant on Academic Performance of Senior Secondary Schools Students in Ibadan, Nigeria
Written by Osonwa, O.K, Adejobi, A.O, Iyam, M.A, Osonwa, R.H   

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Factors Influencing Dropout of Learners with Disabilities in Regular Primary Schools in Kisumu East District, Kenya
Written by Willis A. Ogadho, Jack O. Ajowi   

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Effects of Concept Mapping and Peer Tutoring Instructional Strategies on Learning Outcomes of Students in Chemistry
Written by O. S. Agboola, E.O. Oloyede   

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Towards Mutual Understanding (TMU): Religious and Secular Students In Higher Education
Written by Meirav Hen, Irit Sasson   

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Pupils’ Cultural Interpretations of Causes of Rainbow in Kenya.
Written by Mark I.O. Okere, Fred N. Keraro, Zephania O. Anditi   

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Teaching Efficacy to Student Teachers in the Faculty of Education, Elbasan Albania
Written by Ornela Bilali,   

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Stigma, Discrimination & Marginalization: Gateways to Oppression of Persons with Disabilities in Ghana, West Africa
Written by Michael Baffoe   

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Revisiting Colonial Legacy in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
Written by Fahimeh Nazari, Hossein Pirnajmuddin,   

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Situational Factors and Principals’ Administrative Effectiveness in Ondo and Ekiti States, Nigeria
Written by Babatope Kolade Oyewole   

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Leadership is a Crucial Factor in Albanian Public Administration. The Empirical Analyze in Albanian Public Policy and Human Resources Management
Written by Alba Dumi, Grigor Dede, Samuel Humbley S’eche   

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TV/Film: A Sine-Qua-Non for Globalization, the C.N.N Example
Written by Clementina Abone, Helen Adebola   

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Developing a Responsive Curriculum in Albanian Daycares
Written by Oriola Hamzallari   

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