MJSS Vol 4 No 1 2013 (3)

An Analysis about Albanian Politics and Constitutional Changes of 2008
Written by Elda Zotaj   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p431

The Rights of Albanian Nationals under the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Albania and the European Communities
Written by Anduena Gjevori   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p439

Competition in Marketing: Survival Yardstick for Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria
Written by O.S. Ibidunni, O . J . K . Ogundele   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p447

The Impact of Direct and Indirect Experience of Insurance Services on Customer-Based Brand Equity Some Research Questions and Implications
Written by Hassan, Ghorbani, Seyedeh Masoomeh, Abdollahi Mohammad Reza, Dalvi Esfahan   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p459

Constructing America’s “New Blacks:” Post 9/11 Social Policies and their Impacts on and Implications for the Lived Experiences of Muslims, Arabs and “Others”
Written by Buster C. Ogbuagu   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p469

A Qualitative Study Exploring Factors Contributing to Gender Inequality in Rural Ghana
Written by Mavis Dako-Gyeke, Prince Owusu   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p481

Implementation of National Accounting Standards Focused in Albanian Reality
Written by Shqipe Xhaferri   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p491

Patterns in Agricultural Loans under the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme in Nigeria
Written by R.A. Isiorhovoja   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p497

The Convergence of Accounting Treatment for Intangible Assets in Albania
Written by Shqipe Xhaferri   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p503

Socioeconomic Factors as Predictors of Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Poultry Farm
Written by R.A. Isiorhovoja   

Dowload full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p511

Basic Psychological Needs at Work of Mental Health Professionals in Albania
Written by Lediana Xhakollari   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p519

The Impact of Joseph Heller Post-Modernist Features in the Recent Scientific Studies
Written by Anita Neziri   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p525

Quality of Work Life of Mental Health Professionals in Albania
Written by Lediana Xhakollari   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p529

Impact of Age and Level of Experience on Occupational Stress of Academic Managers at Higher Educational Level
Written by Azhar Mahmood, Shazia Zamir, Qurat-ul-Ain, Saira Nudrat, Fatima Zahoor   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2012.v4n1p535

Gender Differences in Participation and Achievement in Science: Implications and Intervention Strategies for Scientific and Technological Development in the Caribbean
Written by Babalola J. Ogunkola, Leah Garner – O’Neale   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p543

Development Strategy the Balance of Environment against Green Factory of the Infectious Garbage Displacement Nakhon Sawan Province
Written by Pinyapat Somboonkittikorn, Direk Lerkrai, Supawan Wongkamjan   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p553

Development of Flood Disaster Model through PAIC Process
Written by Cherdpong Mongkonsin, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p559

Democracy and Development in Africa: The Nigerian Experience
Written by S.M. Omodia   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p569

Multidimensional Determinants of foreign Direct Investment in Central Africa: A Modified Gravity GMM Panel Approach
Written by Ibrahim Ngouhouo   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p575

Causal Relationship Model of Flood Response Behavior
Written by Cherdpong Mongkonsin, Nongnapas Thiengkamol, Tanarat Thiengkamol   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p587

Analyzing the Determinants of Export Trade in Cameroon (1970 – 2008)
Written by Ibrahim Ngouhouo, Alex Audrin Makolle   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p599

A Study of Errors in Bilingual Road, Street and Shop Signs in Iran
Written by Alireza Hojati   

Download full article . Doi:10.5901/mjss.2013.v4n1p607

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