EFL Learners’ Learning Styles and Their Attributes


Abstract This research was conducted to examine EFL students’ preferred learning styles, and linkages between learning style preferences and individual attributes such as fields of study, length of tertiary study, gender, age, learning language experience, and English proficiency level.

172 students were invited to participate in the questionnaire survey. The findings revealed that perceptual learning style preferences were impacted by some attributes, particularly fields of study and length of tertiary study. The dominant learning style preferences for the sample were kinesthetic and tactile. The higher levels of English EFL students got the more kinesthetic and tactile they appeared.

Furthermore, the students with the shortest length of studying English tended to be those with a variety of preferred learning styles, except individual. As far as gender was concerned, females showed a stronger tendency toward kinesthetic while males gave more preference to tactile learning.

Keywords: learning style; field of study; length of tertiary study; gender; age; learning language experience;


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