Causes of Absenteeism from the Schools at Secondary Level

Abstract The study aimed at to find out different causes of students’ absenteeism at secondary level in district Bannu, to sort out social,political and economic factors involved in the students’ absenteeism at secondary level.

All secondary level students’ of district Bannu constituted population of the study.100 students who frequently remained absent from the schools were conveniently selected as a sample of the study. Percentages have been used as statistical technique to analyze the data. Results of the study showed that most frequent causes of the absence of the students from the schools were their families’ participation in social activities, students help their parents in their work, too much home work and too many tests and examinations.

It was recommended that by the care and concentration of parents, children can be encouraged to go to school. Availability of the school building, furniture, adequate libraries and clean and healthy environment,
introducing modern methods and techniques, keeping in view the interests and needs of the children, providing financial aid to the students who are unable to afford the educational expenses, teachers’ sympathetic attitude are factors which can motivate and attract students towards schools.

Keywords: Students, interest, home work, examination, parents, social functions.


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