Employment Opportunities for the Certificate Holders: an Analysis of New Social Milieu in the Context of Banking Sector of Pakistan


Abstract The study was conducted to evaluate the importance of banking diploma of IBP (Institute of bankers of Pakistan). Likewise the study also focused on the employment benefits for IBP certified individuals.

As in consideration about this study IBP certification was independent variable and dependency of employment opportunities were checked upon independent variable. Many intervening variables for instance opportunities of being promoted, high banking insight, knowledge of banking laws and diversified skills were studied carefully for the purpose of getting beneficial results This research was based on quantitative approach and for the sake of getting knowledge about worth of IBP diploma study was conducted in diversified banks by selecting people randomly from each bank.

A sample of 100 people was selected and a structured questionnaire based on likert scale was developed and data was collected from different branches of banks. Descriptive (mean, standard deviation) and inferential statistics (Bi- variate analysis) were applied for data analysis.Findings showed that IBP diploma has great significance for banks and IBP certified people are preferred by most of the banks including private, government, Islamic and non Islamic banks. Bi-variate analysis showed that with completion of each stage of IBP certification, level of job opportunities in banking sector is increased for IBP certified people. This study emphasized that In Pakistan IBP certification is of great importance and its benefits are numerous in banking sector of Pakistan with regard to job opportunities. This certification IBP institute provide sound basis for getting good jobs in all types of banks of Pakistan.

Keywords: Banks, IBP, Employment, Banking certification, commercial banks


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