Dynamic Organicism and the Traditional Imagination in Alobwed’Epie the Lady With a Beard

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Dynamic Organicism and the Traditional Imagination in Alobwed’Epie the Lady With a Beard


George Ngide Ewane

Lecturer English Department
University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon
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Abstract This paper sets out to examine the concept of dynamic organicism in the Bakossi traditional society as imaginatively revealed in Alobwed’Epie’s The Lady With A Beard. Dynamic organicism refers to an energetic and driving force instrumental in growth or change; a universal literary phenomenon whereby the writer transcends the ordinary view of things, sees reality beyond the corporal frame of existence and through the imagination seeks an ideal and works towards changing the corrupt order of the universe by reinstating order and moving it backwards to its natural state of felicity. The paper thus reads Alobwed ‘Epie’s The Lady With A Beard in the light of romantic organicism. Emade suffers isolation because she realises that there exist reparations for her attempted breaking of the organic unit. Alobwed ‘Epie intimates that Emade’s ‘uppishness’ (sic) is the cause of her problems. It is only by reconciling with her community and tradition that she will be able to live a peaceful life.

Keywords: Postcolonial, Romanticism, dynamic Organicism, Gender. Traditional society

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