Libyan War: A Just or Sinful Intervention

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Abstract The paper explores the recent invasion of another Muslim state under the auspices of UNSC’s resolution 1973 and shouldered by NATO. The crisis in Libya leading to the invasion demands deeper understanding of the societal foundation of this North African country. It is equally important not to analyze the events in isolation and independent of the unfolding realities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Libya crisis is significant because unlike similar uprising in the region, it was singled out for foreign intervention. Thus, this piece is therefore looking at the invasion with a multifaceted lens by exploring competing worldviews on the intervention. This piece will also not fail to identify the possible fallouts of the invasion, keeping in view the opportunists and losers of the intervention. This paper argues that the military intervention in Libya depicts the continuous transformation facing the modern state system and more particularly contributes to our understanding of state sovereignty and its alterations.


Keywords: Humanitarian intervention, irrational action, rational choice, solidarity,


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