Parental Background Variables and the Career Choice of Secondary School Students in Uyo Local Government Area, Nigeria

Download full text pdf .                                                             Doi: 10.5901/mjss.2012.03.01.497

Abstracts The study investigated the influence of parental background variables (Parents’ attitudes towards occupations, Parents’ levels of formal  education, and Parents’ occupation) on the career choice of secondary school student in Uyo Local Government Area. Three hypotheses were raised to guide the study. This ex-post-facto survey employed the simple random sampling technique in obtaining data from a sample of 200 SS3 students from 11 public secondary schools in Uyo Local Government Area using the “Parental Variables and Career Choice Questionnaire” (PVCQ) designed by the researchers. The hypotheses were subsequently tested using chi square at p?.05 level of significance. Data analyses revealed that parents’ attitudes towards occupations, parents’ level of formal education, and parents’ occupation exert influence on the career choice of secondary school students in Uyo Local Government Area. It was recommended that parents should desist from pressuring their children into taking up careers they do not possess the requisite abilities and that government should train and employ more career counsellors to assist these students in their career choice and preparation through the implementation of a comprehensive programme of career education.


Keywords: Career Choice, Career Counselling, Parental background, Senior Secondary School Students, School Counselling.


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