Age at First Marriage in Recent Years Vietnam

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Abstract In recent years, many studies in Asian countries have shown increased age at first marriage partly due tomodernization (Minh, 2007; Xenos and Gultiano, 1992). Researchers have provided experimental evidences, at both macro and micro levels, to assert that individuals who possess more modern features (higher education level, more modern professions, and living in urbanized environments) are more likely to get married later than others with less modern features (Smith, 1980; Hirschman, 1985; Smith and Karim, 1980; UNS, 1986). Besides, some other factors can also have a strong impact on the
change in marriage age in Asia such as parents’ interference into children’s marriage or national policies (Minh, 2007). Is it true in present day Vietnam? Based on the results of 2009 Vietnam population and housing census and other surveys, we can affirm that Vietnamese’s mean age of marriage, especially men’s is rising; for women, this trend has been likely to be stable compared with previous decades. Vietnamese men’s mean age at first marriage is higher than women’s in all the periods and regions. Urban young people get married later than rural ones because of the pressure of jobs, income, urban busy life; marriage is not regarded as important as other things. Kinh ethnic group - an ethnic majority in Vietnam, is considered to have more opportunities to get access to modern life, to know more about national policies so they have a trend to get married later than ethnic minorities. People working in public sector are more likely to get married later than people working in private sector or households because they suffer pressure from jobs they are in charge of in public sector, as well as seriously obey national policies related to marriage and family. People at low level of education and doing jobs concerning agriculture before getting married will often get married at younger age.

Keywords: age; Vietnamese; marriage; families


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