Challenges of Domestic Water Consumption in Bhahumono Communities of Abi Local Government Area, Nigeria

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Abstract The menace of domestic water consumption and quality in Bhahumono Communities, in Abi Local Government Area has become of great concern especially among stakeholders saddle with the responsibility of maintaining quality water for domestic and public uses. This paper examines the challenges of domestic water consumption in Bhahumono communities with specific reference to sources of water supply, elemental contents of the difference sources, the rate of consumption and water borne diseases in the area. Seventeen water points were sampled in selected location and the water samples collected were analyzed using Gallenkamp flame analyzer (model F.A. 330-9 and atomic absorption spectromometer (model PYE UNICAM
SP29007. The tritrimetric and observatory methods were used to determined the physical properties of the water. The analysis shows that most sampled location had a high level of iron (fe) and cadmium (cd) which makes the not suitable for drinking as evidence in F-value of 4.62 (calculated) higher than critical value of 3.04 (calculated). A calculated value of 4.60 at 0.05 significant level higher than critical value of 3.60 which indicate that distance was a major determinant factor affecting the quality of water supply in Bhahumono communities. Therefore, adequate measures must be put in place if the menace of domestic water quality in the area must be averted.


Keywords: domestic water, water quality, elemental contents, water supply


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