A Proposal for Open Standard Based Legal Document Management System for the Parliament of Bangladesh

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Abstract Purpose : A fast and progressive legislative system is necessary for Bangladesh in order to address pressing issue where regulatory solutions are required. In order to achieve efficiency and functionality of the working of the legislative body, information systems should be introduced for reliable creation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of legislative documents such as bills, discussions, committee reports ,arguments ,minutes of parliament and laws. In this paper  We have explored the methods and challenges of developing a legislative Document Management System (DMS) for the Bangladesh Parliament. Approach – This research outlines the need for a Document Management System for the Bangladesh Parliament and proposes  strategies that can be followed in building process of such system especially in connection with the structuring of documents and following open standard. Findings – It can be concluded that A Document Management System based on XML standard will be ideal for the Bangladesh Parliament despite challenges and obstacles.  Limitation: This paper does not cover the technical side of the DMS. It is out of the scope of the paper to discuss all components of a Legislative Information System. Further research may be conducted on developing specific models of the Information System for the Parliament. Value – This paper has the potentials to inspire the e-government proponents of the developing countries to promote ICT in the Legislative Houses and will act as a primary guideline for the policy makers.  

Keywords : Parliament , Parliamentary DMS , Open Standard , Legal Informatics , Bangladesh


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