A Study into Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Research

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Abstract: The methodological issues are one of the areas of pragmatics which have gained considerable attention recently. The foundation of basic instruments in speech act research can be placed in a two-polar continuum. At one end, there are the perception/comprehension methods and at the other end production methods are placed. Each level then has its own specific instruments. As for the perception/comprehension methods, instruments such as rating, multiple choice, and interview tasks can be utilized. In production methods, instruments such as discourse completion, closed role play, open role play, and observation of authentic discourse are placed (Kasper & Dahl, 1991). Furthermore, methods can be categorized according to an elicited/observational continuum. In the elicited end, methods such as rating, multiple choice, interview tasks, discourse completion, closed role play, and open role play are placed. In the observational end, observation of authentic discourse is used. This study is useful for those novice researchers who are interested in conducting pragmatic studies and may not be familiar which instrument they should use in particular situation.

Keywords: Pragmatics, Methodological Issues, Instrument, Speech Act Theory  


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