How Does Exam Anxiety Affect the Performance of University Students?

Abstract The work of assessing students’ learning is complex. In order to assess their work objectively, teachers and instructors use various methods and instruments, one of which is testing.


We are aware that nowadays testing has become an inherent part of the society we live in. Consequently, many important decisions are based on test results. So, it is not surprising that anxiety during tests has become a prominent problem in schools all over the world. The present study focuses primarily on test anxiety and its impact on learning, as well as its causes and effects on students. A test anxiety scale followed by a set of questions was completed by a sample group of undergraduate students of “Aleksandër Moisiu” University. The results indicated that a considerable number of students were affected, at least at some degree, by test anxiety. From this perspective, the following questions are raised: “What causes test anxiety?” and “What can be done to alleviate this problem?” The findings of this empirical study, the review of literature as well as students experiences provide useful suggestions concerning the ways of alleviating test anxiety.

Keywords: testing, exam anxiety, students’ performance


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