Vocational Guidance as a Tool Against the Abandonment of the University.

Abstract: One of the most important choices of students in their lives is undoubtedly the choice of the university they want to attend. The orientation of young people is a strategic resource which is expressed in many activities that in turn aims at training and enhancing the ability of students to know themselves, the living environment, socio-economic and cultural changes, deals training, being protagonists of a personal life project and participate in the study, family and social life in an active, equal and responsible way.

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The Mediterranean Between Myth and History

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze the Mediterranean as an aquatic area that for centuries has united different people and cultures together in one story. The methodology consists of the analysis of historical documents of the different archives in west Europe, that shows complex stories with witch connect ancient links of the East.

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The Globalization of Higher Education and the Future of European Universities

Abstract: The thesis of this article is that the Lisbon Treaty is one of the main factors that push the European and European candidate countries universities to rethink about a common reorganization in the years to come. Higher education is doubly affected by the local post-1989 transformations and by more profound and more long-lasting global transformations. So, the Lisbon Treaty is considered as one of the key forces that will push the Albanian and European Higher Education institutions to be the key factor of implementation of the treaty requirements directly to the students that are the future of Europe changes.

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L’Aspetto Acosmico e Primordiale di Typhon nella Teogonia

The Primordial and Acosmic Aspect of Typhon in Theogony

Abstract: The research was able to observe how the words used by Hesiod systematically describe Typhon as a hybrid uncontrollable entity, characterized by ubri~, and by a great power, expressed in furious violence. In particular, it could be observed how the ofiomorfic appearance of the entity, as well as the voices emitted from its many heads, qualify its distinctive features, both for the immeasurable size and polymorphia, and for its emotional instability, driven by uncontrollable impulses and unable to domain its passions.

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