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Vol 2, No 8 (2013)

Special Issue - October 2013

Table of Contents


Utilization of Locally Made Resources in Early Childhood Education to Promote Effective Learning and Communicative Competence PDF
Afoma Rosefelicia Okudo, Christy Omotuyole 13
Corporate Bonds - The New Frontier for Corporates in Albania PDF
Elvin Meka, Indrit Baholli 19
Information Literacy in Top Schools of Business Evident to the Outside World? PDF
John H. Seiler 26
Gender Differences in Negotiation PDF
Ilva Lamaj, Aranit Gjipali 33
Researching Inclusive Education in Albania: Using Mixed Methods in School/Educational Psychology PDF
Marsel Cara 39
Influence of Sex on the Hematological and Morphometric Parameters of Cyprinus Carpio (Linnaeus, 1758) from Shkodra Lake PDF
Suzana Golemi, Neira Medja, Donalda Lacej 45
Amrit Sanskar (Baptism) and the Challenges in the Sikh Community in Malaysia PDF
Aman Daima Md. Zain, Jaffary Awang 50
Home Qualities that makes it as a Health Supportive Place “Long-term Patients’ Perception and Preferences” PDF
Anahita Zendehdelan, Ehsan Pouyanfar 55
Prohibition against Torture in International Law: United Nations Treaty Body PDF
Aldo Shkembi, Andi Dura 61
News Agencies in the System of Modern Mass Media PDF
Kulshmanov Kanat Amangeldinovich 66
Analysis of Corporate Web Sites as a Public Relations Tool, with Regards to Knowledge Management Process PDF
Betül Özkaya, Selda Ene 69
Cost of Non-Respiratory Drugs in Copd PDF
Alida Sina, Zamira Shabani 82
Categories of Multicultural Dialogue from the Point of View of Contemporary Communication PDF
Bogdan Zeler 88
Popular Protest in Portugal: The Douro Region in First Half of Nineteenth Century PDF
Célia Taborda Silva 91
Alcohol Consumption and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Russia PDF
E. Krekhovets, L. Leonova 98
Euroisation - Advantages and Disadvantages of Albanian Economy by Process of Cash Domestic Replacement PDF
Elidiana Bashi 106
Intangible Search, Searching the Intangible: The Project E.CH.I. and the Inventarisation of Intangible Cultural Heritage PDF
Emanuel Valentin 113
Avant-Garde Drama and its Impact on Modern Albanian Drama of Kosovo PDF
Erenestina Halili 121
From Working-Class to Immigrant Areas? The Case of Two Former Industrial Districts PDF
Giacomo Solano 125
Toxicity Bio-Monitoring of Shkodra Lake Surface Water Using a Higher Plant Assay PDF
Anila Mesi (Dizdari), Ditika Kopliku 133
Albanian Society in the Optics of Traditional Values PDF
Ina K. Zhupa 141
Neutral Monism and Conceptions of Historiosofical Synthesis as Methodology of History PDF
I.L. Larionova 146
Protest as Conservative Phenomenon PDF
Klementin Mile 154
Smoke in Young University Albanians PDF
Lejda Abazi 161
The Loan Market in Lithuania: Evaluation of Developments in 2002-2012 Years PDF
Larisa Belinskaja 171
The Making of Political Rituals in Albanian Society PDF
Lulzim Hoxha 179
BoP and MNCs: Where is the Market and Where the Source of Innovation? PDF
Marcello Tonelli, Nicolò Fabrizio Cristoni 184
Byzantium: Religion, Art, Architecture. PDF
Arbela Kisi 194
Integration Policy Concerning Temporary Labor Migrants as a Part of Geoeconomical Strategy of Russia in Eurasia PDF
Tkachenko Marina 199
The Dramaturgy and the Amateur Arberesh Theater PDF
Meli Shopi, Denis Himci 204
To What Extent is the HDI a Good Indicator of the Relative 'Success' or 'Failure' of National Social Policies? PDF
Melih Sever 208
Informal Economy in Albania PDF
Merita Boka, Giuseppe Torluccio 212
''APPLE''Ad or not Ad: That is the Question PDF
Mert Avan 222
Hardiness as a Resource of Personality’s Coping Behaviour in Difficult Situations PDF
Milana R. Hachaturova 225
Difficulties in Translating the Language of Pirandello’s Novels PDF
Mirela Papa, Leonard Xhamani 231
The Role of Congregational Rituals in Islamic Pattern of Life PDF
Mohammad Monib, Mohammad Sadegh Amin Din 241
Factors Causing Stress: A Study of Indian Call Centres PDF
Mohsin Aziz 247
Prefixation in English and Albanian languages PDF
Olsa Xhina 253
Urbanization and Urbanism as a Way of Life: The Case of Konya as a Metropolitan Village in Turkey PDF
Özgür Sarı 260
Utopian Desire in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Poetry PDF
Parastoo Salavati 267
The Differences between Men and Woman in the Labor Market in Albania (Durres Case) PDF
Ramiola Kalemi 272
Between Ethics and Desire: The ‘Torment’ of Becoming Parent in the Everyday Life of Intercountry Adoptive Families in Italy PDF
Rossana DiSilvio 280
Mitigating the Impact of a Financial Crisis: Some Lessons from Hong Kong During the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis PDF
Ruoxi Zhang, Satish Chand 285
The Framework for Restitution/Compensation Process in Albania PDF
Saida Bejtja (Muca), Dritan Bejtja 291
The Sovietization of Romania. Case-study: The Collectivization of Agriculture PDF
Sanda Borșa 298
Public Spots as a Neoliberal Governmental Risk Strategy in Contemporary Turkey PDF
Bahar Aykan, Sanem Güvenç Salgırlı 304
The Link Between Topic Work and Intrinsic Motivation PDF
Shqipe Haxhihyseni 311
Comprehension and Interpretation of English and Albanian Fixed Expressions PDF
Suela Koça (Pici), Alda Cicko (Jashari) 319
Postmodern Reflections in the Work “Ruhm” by Daniel Kehlmann PDF
Muge Arslan, Ulfet Dag 326
The Execution of Final Judicial Decision as Part of Human Rights Legislation PDF
Valentina Memini 333
Teacher’s and Students’ Scaffolding in an EFL Classroom PDF
Warithorn Samana 338
Application of Direct Marketing Tools in the Nonprofit Sector. The Albanian Case PDF
Xhiliola Agaraj (Shehu) 344
Regression and Matching Estimates of the Effects of the Land Certification Program on Rural Household Income in China PDF
Yuepeng Zhou, Satish Chand 350
The Childhood Nutrition and Their Problems: The Case Study of an Elementary School in Shkodra City PDF
Zamira Shabani, Arlinda Ramaj, Rina Gera 360
Permanent Control: The Formula of a Sound Operational Risk Management Approach in the Albanian Banking System PDF
Ardita Todri, Valbona Dudi 371
Statistical Detection of Vote Count Fraud: 2009 Albanian Parliamentary Election and Benford’s Law PDF
Dorina Bërdufi 379
Representations of Woman’s Body in Prose by Latvian Women Writers PDF
Zita Kārkla 397
Cause and Condition in Time Clauses PDF
Erjon Agolli 405
The Differences of the Personality Features and of the Emotional Empathy for Volunteering PDF
Helena Zaskodna, Jiri Simek, Zdeněk Mlcak 411
Role of the European Union in Applying the Principles of Subsidiarity and Proportionality PDF
Aulona Haxhiraj 417
Consumption Pattern on Fruits and Vegetables among Adults: A Case of Malaysia PDF
Khairunnisa Izzati Othman, Muhammad Shahrim Ab Karim, Roselina Karim, Noranizan Mohd Adzhan, Nurhasmilaalisa Abd Halim 424
The Management of Immovable Property, Resources by the Local Government in Republic Albania PDF
Lirika Kutrolli 431
One-Way Street or Roundabout? German Migration Trajectories to and from Australia Since 1952 PDF
Maren Klein 438
The Flat Tax and Efficiency of Fiscal System PDF
Marsida Harremi 446
Denial of the Author’s Horizon in the Book "The Winter of Great Lonliness" PDF
Muhamed Dervishi 451
Tradition and Transition of Malaysian Society across Time PDF
Muhammad Hussein Bin Abdullah, Vijayalectumy Subramaniam, Wan Munira Wan Jaafar, Kaviyarasu Elangkovan 456
Fiscal Policy, Taxes and Their Impact on Economic Development PDF
Malush Krasniqi 463
Omani Women: Embracing New Identity PDF
Najwa Abd Ghafar 470
When the “Undercover Activity” Crosses the Limits of Legality PDF
Eurela Mujaj 478
Sustainable Management in Agriculture PDF
Natalia Rastorgueva 486
A Bird after Love: Ibn’ Hazm’s The Ring of the Dove (Tawq al- Hamāmah ) and the Roots of Courtly Love PDF
Nazan Yıldız 491
Migration and Visa Liberalisation of Third Countries in E.U. PDF
Ervis Moçka 499
Agrarian Reform of the Monarchist Period in Albania PDF
Florinka Gjevori, Roland Gjini 506
Inevitability of the Pain Experience in Margaret Mazzantini’s Novels PDF
Nikica Mihaljević, Mira Petrović 511
Fruits and Vegetables Consumption Factor Based on Different Culture in Selangor State PDF
Norsyahidah Ismail, Muhammad Shahrim Ab. Karim, Roselina Karim, Noranizan Mohd Adzahan, Nurhasmilaalisa Abd Halim 524
Security and Treatment of Protected Witness Prisoners PDF
Resmi Hoxha 531
Anti-Political Experiences of Women in Local Politics in Turkey: An Arendtian Perspective PDF
Senem Yıldırım 535
A Research Project about Communism in Romanian Countryside: Ploughmen’s Front Propaganda (1944-1953) PDF
Sorin Radu 543
On the Organization Forms and Structures of Local Government in European Countries PDF
Teki Kurti 550
Structural and Semantic Features of Quotation in English Media Discourse PDF
Yulia Volynets 554
The European Urban Charter and the Reality of Albanian Cities PDF
Loreta Tozaj (Alushi) 560
Women Representations in Television Narrative in the Context of Popular Culture and Turkey PDF
Nermin Orta 564
Perceptions from the Public and Private Sector on Trust and Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Management in Lebanon PDF
Nivine H. Abbas, Irna Van der Molen, Manal R. Nader, Jon C. Lovett 571
Corruption as a Barrier for Foreign Direct Investment PDF
Rifat Hoxha 582
Social Media and Marketing: Viral Marketing PDF
Şeyda Akyol 586
Miscommunication between Members Belonging to Different Subcultures PDF
Roland Lami 591
Capital Flows and Policy Reforms in Turkey After the Crises PDF
Nuray Terzi 595
Neo-Partyism, Post Colonialism and the Surreality of Poverty Reduction Efforts among Bette Rural Communities In Nigeria PDF
Peter Betiang, David B. Ugal 603
Virtual Reality as a New Approach to Assess Cognitive Decline in the Elderly PDF
Pierre Nolin, Frédéric Banville, Josée Cloutier, Philippe Allain 612
The Economic Effect of the Fertilization of the Increment of the Production and on the Amelioration of the Quality of the Tobacco PDF
Edmond Kadiu, Majlinda Belegu, Mariana Nikolla, Orkida Totojani, Erdit Nesturi, Albina Basholli 617
Emerging Challenges to Global Governance in 21st Century PDF
Pramod Mishra 622
Evidence of a Housing Bubble in Beijing PDF
Qiang Li, Satish Chand 627
Usage of Census Results for Planning and Evaluating Various Government Policies and Intervention Programs PDF
Teuta Xhindi, Ogerta Elezaj 635
The Status of the Albanian Society According to Leke Dukagjini’s Canon PDF
Vojsava Kumbulla, Florenca Stafa 642
Technology Preparation of “Xhubleta” PDF
Silvana Nını 646
Language Shifts in Case of Language Policy of Kazakhstan PDF
Zhainagul S. Beisenova 653
The Internet: An Avenue of Virtual Communication PDF
Ahmet Ecirli, Ebrahim M. Daniel, E. Dangui 660
Factors Contributing to Communication Apprehension among Pre-University Students PDF
Amelia Alfred Tom, Aiza Johari, Awang Rozaimi, Siti Huzaimah 665
The Right to Protect Children under International Law: The Case of Child Soldiers PDF
Enarda Cuni, Juelda Lamce 670
Hate Speech in New Media PDF
Ayşe Koncavar 675
The Construction of Contemporary Mobility PDF
Camila Maciel Campolina Alves Mantovani, Maria Aparecida Moura 682
The Role of Land Ownership on Tourist Offer: A Case Study in Himara PDF
Lindita Mukli, Rezarta Mersini 691
Ethnic Media and Identity Construction: The Representation of Women in the An Ethnic Newspaper in South Africa PDF
D. Soobben, V.P. Rawjee 697
Assessment of Occupational Safety and Health Law in Turkish Industrial Relations PDF
Ekrem Erdogan, M.Caglar Ozdemir 703
E-Government as an Anti Corruption Tool. The Case of Albania PDF
Nikolin Hasani, Brunilda Beleraj 712
Filipino Adolescents’ Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors: Results from a University Cohort PDF
Elmer G. De Jose 717
Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Cultural Tourism in Albania PDF
Risena Xhaja, Ryisim Xhaja, Hysen Xhaja 728
Tourist Expectation and Satisfaction towards Physical Infrastructure and Heritage Elements in Melaka UNESCO World Heritage Site PDF
Jamil Jusoh, Tarmiji Masron, N. Fatimah A. Hamid, Norkamaliah Shahrin 733
The European Union Integration Process and the Place of Turkey PDF
Tülay Yıldırım 740
International Criminal Law and Extradition of Persons with Penal Responsibility. Albanian Experience PDF
Nikolin Hasani, Ulvin Veizaj 745
Quest for Love through Self-Exploration: Edna Wu’s Women Narrators’ Search for Fulfillment of the Body and Soul in the New Land PDF
Heping Zhao 752
Re-Assessing the Cultivation Theory in Relation to Critics: Research Made Through Positive and Negative Patterned Questionnaires PDF
Ömer Özer 757
The Corsican Mazzeru at the Dawn of XXI E Century: The End of a Shape of Shamanism? PDF
Fogacci Tony, Lari Vannina 762
Edward Albee’s Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf? PDF
Yakup Yaşar 768
Rhetorical Strategies in Advertising: The Rise and Fall Pattern PDF
Anne A. Christopher 773
Vietnamese Women Marrying Korean Men and Societal Impacts. (Case studies in Dai Hop commune, Kien Thuy district – Hai Phong city) PDF
Hoang Ba Thinh 782

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