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Vol 2, No 9 (2013)

Special Issue - October 2013

Table of Contents


Discourse on Democracy in the July 22, 2011 General Election Political Campaign in Turkey: The Case of Tayyip Erdoğan’s Political Rally Speeches PDF
Kenan Demirci 13
Internal Factors Affecting Albanian Banking Profitability PDF
Eliona Gremi 19
Assistant Professor, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Iran PDF
Latifeh Salamatbavil 26
The Lack of Health Education and Toxoplasmosis (Zoonotic) that Can Risk both the Fetus and Mother Health PDF
Lindita Terolli 34
Pluralism, Consensus and the Ambiguities of Multiculturalism PDF
Marco Boschele 38
European Integration Process: Where is Albania? PDF
Merita Boka, Giuseppe Torluccio 44
Effects of Moral Value Diversity on Team Composition and Team Cohesiveness PDF
Mert Günerergin, Cansu Yıldırım 56
“Scientificity” of Social Research: Its Challenges and Implications PDF
Shahir Akram Hassan, Mohd Shukri Hanapi 62
“Agreement of Extradition” between Albania and Italy PDF
Myzafer Elezi 68
Cultural Materialistic Reading of Eugene O’Neill’s the Iceman Cometh PDF
Mojgan Gaeini, Fatemeh Sadat Basirizadeh 74
Demographic Background for Development of Ukraine and Italy Pension Systems PDF
Nataliya Rad 81
Strategic Human Resources Management: Human Resources or Human Capital PDF
Rrezarta Gashi 88
Critical Incidents in Graduate Student Development of Multicultural and Social Justice Competency PDF
Sandra Collins, Nancy Arthur, Candace Brown 105
Corporate Governance: The Past, the Present and the Future in Albania PDF
Sonela Stillo, Shyqyri Llaci 116
Constitutional Future of Europe PDF
Srdjan Djordjevic, Milan Rapajic 124
The Promotion of Multilingualism in Albania: The Role of Italian Language at School and in the Work-Place PDF
Svjetllana Titini 130
The Path of Producer Services Promoting China’s Manufacturing Structure Upgrade: An Empirical Study Based on Structural Equation Model PDF
Wang Ying, Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, Shi Pengcheng 135
Areas of Powers and Dutıes in Turkey Jam Metropolitan Municipalities Units on the Internal Audit Review PDF
Yüksel Koçak, Duygu Demirol 142
А Comparative Analysis of the Latin American and Russian Nationalist Media Discourse PDF
Yuliya Goshkina 149
The Piercing of the Corporate Veil Doctrine: A Comparative Approach to the Piercing of the Corporate Veil in European Union and Albania PDF
Albana Karapanço, Ina Karapanço 153
Firm Entry, Survival, and Exit PDF
Alper Sönmez 160
Photojournalism and Disaster: Case Study of Visual Coverage of Flood 2010 in National Newspapers PDF
Aniqa Ali, Sana Mahmood 168
An Analysis of Political Discourse under the Communist Regime in Albania PDF
Ardita Dylgjeri 177
The Impact of Neo-Realism in Turkish Intellectual Cinema: The Cases of Yılmaz Güney and Nuri Bilge Ceylan PDF
Aslı Daldal 181
Organizational Resilience: An Investigation of Key Factors that Promote the Rapid Recovery of Organizations PDF
Kikuchi Azusa, Yamaguchi Hiroyuki 188
Albanian Relations with Italy and Yugoslavia during (1925 – 1926) PDF
Blerina Xhelaj 195
Steel Flowers of the Empire: The Ottoman Ladies PDF
Çağdaş Lara Çelebi 200
Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Perceived Value and Brand Loyalty: A Critical Review of the Literature PDF
Elvira Tabaku, Evis Kushi 223
Cyberstalking Nature and Response Recommendations PDF
Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu 229
National Identity through Musical and Poetic of Albanian Lullaby PDF
Majlinda Hala 235
An Essay on the Relation between Ideology and Architecture: Case of Turkey PDF
Atıl Cem Çiçek, Melih Çağatay Artunay 241
Research on Efficiency Measurement of Urban Land-Use in China PDF
Miao Jian-Jun, Zhu Lin 248
The Image of the Labyrinth in the Novel “The Palace of Dreams” PDF
Neli Naço 255
Middlesex as a Bildungsroman: Cal/lie and the Problem of Identity PDF
Nina Sirkovic, Aleksandra V. Jovanovic 259
'Rebranding' through Names: A New Revolution in the Malays’ Identity Identification PDF
Noraziah Mohd Amin, Noor Azam Abdul Rahman 264
Black Humor, a Way to Face Atrocities of the 21st Century in Kurt Vonnegut’s Fiction PDF
Sidita (Hoxhiq) Dano 274
Legal Status of a Minor in Giving Consent to Treatment from the Perspective of the Malaysian Child Act 2001 PDF
Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin, Anita Abdul Rahim, Mohamad Afiq Taqiudin Roslan 278
Generational Effects of Handicraft Fair Trade Production: A Bangladesh Case Study PDF
Tomomi Naka 284
Conservation of Property Rights of the Person Declared Missing PDF
Valbona Alikaj 290
Boris Pasternak: Russian Writer in Italy PDF
Yulia Galatenko 304
Reflections of the Global Financial Crisis and the Performance of Macro-Economic Development in Kosovo PDF
Venera Kelmendi, Driton Sylqa 310
Xiangqin Wave: A Close Look at Modern Chinese Dating Culture PDF
Jing Zheng 319
Learning to Live with a Chronic Illness, without Thinking about Death PDF
Abílio Oliveira, Maria do Céu Sá, Alejandra Freitas 326
The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on the Non Performing Loans in the Albanian Banking System During 2005 - 2012 PDF
Ali Shingjergji 335
Data Processing as a Source of Psychological Researches Results’ Ambiguity PDF
Elena. V. Belovol 340
Bedouin Rising: How Saudi Female Entrepreneurs are Leading Saudi Arabia into a Knowledge-Based Economy PDF
Mark H. Troemel, Patricia B. Strait 346
Branding Strategy for Non - Profits in Developing Countries: Case Study - Albania PDF
Alkida Hasaj, Ervis Krymbi 351
Narrator in the Biographical Novels: A Typological Comparison PDF
Khajiyeva Feruza Melsovna 357
Richard Wagner’s Parsifal at Bayreuth and 21st Century in the World: From the Viewpoint “Mitleid (Compassion)” using Interdisciplinary Studies PDF
Takao Kawanishi 361
The Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Albania PDF
Anila Çekrezi 370
Family Structure and Functioning and the Implications for Child Well-being in Albania PDF
Zyhdi Dervishi, Lantona Sado, Alma Spaho 377
E-Transformation of Municipalities and Social Media's Role on e-Participation in European e-Municipalities PDF
Burak Polat, Cemile Tokgöz Bakıroğlu, Mira Elif Demirhan Sayın 386
Pension System Reforms in the Republic of Macedonia: Expected Benefits and Challenges PDF
Suzana Bornarova, Natasha Bogoevska, Svetlana Trbojevik 393
Accounting and Auditing of Intellectual Property in Albania. PDF
Marsel Sulanjaku 400
System-Functional Model of Personality Traits PDF
Alexandr I. Krupnov, Irina A. Novikova, Yulia V. Kozhukhova 407
Strengthening the Political Rights of the EU Citizens in the Framework of the European Citizens' Initiative: Brief Analyse of Certain Citizens’ Initiatives PDF
Oana - Mariuca Petrescu 414
Enchanting the Punishment: Representations of Fairy Lady as Punisher in Sir Launfal and The Romans of Partenay PDF
Pınar Taşdelen 421
Jurisdiction and How States (State Bodies) Exercise Jurisdiction Under International Law PDF
Arjana Llano 428
Activity of the UN Security Council with the Aim of Restoring Stability in Kosovo in 1998-1999 PDF
Paulina Szeląg 436
Responsibility to Protect – An Emerging Norm of International Law? PDF
Petra Perisic 443
Decentralization of Social Services-Necessity, Responsibility, Development PDF
Denada Seferi (Dibra), Etleva Zeqo (Murati) 451
Modality Analysis of the Newspaper Articles about the Scottish Ship RMS Queen Elizabeth PDF
Puteri Zarina Binti Megat Khalid 458
The Evaluation of Ecological Economy Based on Eco-efficiency Ratio PDF
Qiu Dongfang 462
Model of Sustainable Tourism Based on Rural Development PDF
Engjellushe Zenelaj, Aleks Pifti 468
The Impact of Cultural Globalisation on Identity Formation among the Malaysian Chinese PDF
Rachel Chan Suet Kay 475
“Bona Fides” Principle’s Value in Pre-Contractual Liability PDF
Ergysa Ikonomi, Jonada Zyberaj 481
Folkloric Axis of Relexified Language and the Subversion of Colonial Cultural Hierarchy PDF
Razieh Eslamieh 487
The Juridical Relations in the Criminal Process Between Republic of Italy and Republic of Albania PDF
Ermira Tafani 494
International Law and Environmental Justice PDF
Mehdi Abasi Sarmadi, Reza Asadi Khomami, Mahnaz Hajgozari 504
Albanian Railway in the Framework of European Integration: An Overview and Development Opportunities in the Future PDF
Fabjola Bramo, Shyqyri Llaci 511
Research on the Writing History of Arabic Rhetoric Studies and its Importance PDF
Roslan Ab Rahman, Tengku Ghani Tg. Jusoh, Md. Nor Abdullah, Hashim Mat Zin 517
The Combination of the Psycho-Pedagogical Treatment with the Neuro Biochemical Intervention in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF
Geranda Hoxhaj 526
Clash of Generations at Workplace: What does Business Ethics Mean to Different Generations in Turkey? PDF
Gülem Atab, Şebnem Penbek, Deniz Zaptçioğlu, Ela Burcu Ucel 532
Asymmetry of Interest Rate Pass-Through in Albania PDF
Ilda Malile 539
The Grate Italian Personality of the XXth Century – Pope John Paul I PDF
Sergey Shkarovskiy 544
Acquisition of Real Estate by means of the Contract of Sale Based on Albanian Legislation PDF
Irena Lavdari 554
Concept and Measurement Index System Construction of Manufacturing Industry Upgrade PDF
Ma Heng 560
Memories, Lives, Lost Psycho-Sociologies from the Past and Human Behavior of Albanians in the Epoch of Capital PDF
Nevila Koçollari (Furxhiu) 566
The Waves of Internal Migration in Russia PDF
Salavat Abylkalikov 572
The Complications of Donor Assisted Reproduction Anonymity PDF
Jonada Zyberaj, Ergysa Ikonomi 578
Gravity Model and Zipf's Law: An In-Depth Study into the Nature of International Trade PDF
Mislav Josic, Marija Nikic 583
A Diachronic and Source Approach of Phraseological Units – Theories of Definition, Criteria and Structure Analysis in English and Albanian Language PDF
Lorena Robo 589
Listening to the Ensemble of Story-Telling Performance and Audience Reactions PDF
Ryota Nomura 597
The Role of Financial Intermediation through Banks to the Economic Activity. Case of Vlora’s City PDF
Klaudja Guga, Bledar Guga, Valbona Gjini 602
Migration as a Complex Phenomena of Identity and Social Integration: A Sociological View on Albanian Migration Case PDF
Matilda Likaj Shaqiri 613
National Economical Integration and Urban Planning: Case Study Albania PDF
Otjela Lubonja 621
The Impact of Oil Development Activities on Environment and Sustainable Development in Fier Area, Albania PDF
Aulent Guri, Sazan Guri, Armend Aliu, Otjela Lubonja 626
Challenges of Companies Operating in BoP Markets. Case of Albania PDF
Manol Simo 635
The Use of Serological Tests (I.F.A.T. and iELISA) for Evaluation of Specific Antibodies Level in Vaccinated and Nonvaccinated Animals Against Anthrax PDF
Etleva Hamzaraj, Besa Ndoci, Pëllumb Muhedini, Agim Kruja 642
The Realization of the “New Architecture”. The Italian Colonial Experience in Albania During the Years 1925-1943. PDF
Ariola Prifti 648
E-Bill: Development of Web Based Application. Generating Online Electricity Bills for Albanian ”CEZ Distribution” Customers PDF
Indrit Baholli, Anni Dasho Sharko, Elvin Meka 655
Inflammatory Joint Disease of an Individual from St. Emmeram Cathedral, Nitra, Slovakia (14th – 18th Century AD) PDF
M. Tonková, B. Kolena, M. Vondráková, L. Luptáková, M. Halaj 660
The Contribution of Spatial Images in the Prevention of Natural Flood Risk and Its Effects on Human Societies PDF
Gilles Selleron 668
Development Alternatives in Rural and Unfavourable Areas in the Coastal Area of Ishem-Porto Romano for a Sustainable Development PDF
Shkëlqim Sirika 679
Peja Tourism Potentials, as Very Important Factors Acknowledged from the World Tourism Organization PDF
Merita Begolli Dauti 686
Some Aspects of Public Decision-Making in Goods Rail Transport PDF
Alush Kuci 692
Economic Crisis and the Extroversion of the Enterprises: An Empirical Approach PDF
G. M. Aspridis, L. Sdrolias, N. Blanas, D. Kyriakou, Ι. Grigoriou 696
A Historical Perspective of Economic and Financial Stability in South East Europe PDF
Eglantina Hysa, Mergleda Hodo 706
Reform Movements in Turkish Industrial Relations: Assessment of New Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Law No:6356 PDF
M.Caglar Ozdemir, Ekrem Erdogan 714
William Wied, Prince of the Albanians – When, Why and How? PDF
Gea Sulo 721
A Qualitative Research about Talent Management Policies of Companies for “PR” Employees in the 21st Century in Turkey PDF
Sezer Cihan Çalışkan, Banu Dayanç Kıyat 728
From an Erotic Couple to the Reference of Post Communist Tyranny and the Politics in Balkan: The Accident; Ismail Kadare PDF
Viola Isufaj, Odhise Argjiri 736
Strategic Technology Management In Business: An Application In Automotive Industry PDF
Ramazan Göral, Aziz Öztürk 739
The Exposure of Albanian Firms to the Exchange Rate Risk and Its Hedging PDF
Kleida Tufi Heta, Besforta Mulleti 745
Analysis of the Train Station Vendors Eviction Related To University Students’ Social Movement: A Case of Universitas Indonesia’s Students Social Movement to The Train Station Vendors Eviction in Universitas Indonesia Station and Pondok Cina Station PDF
Aprilia Nurjannatin, Akmal F. Aryo, Citra Zainuri, Patricia Amelia 752
The Reflections of Israeli Apology to Turkey after Mavi Marmara Crisis on Turkish Press: Examples from Daily Newspapers; Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Sözcü, Yeni Şafak and Zaman PDF
Emre Osman Olkun 757
Do Budget Deficits Cause Inflation? Evidence from Albania PDF
Rexhep Dokja 764
The Impact on Electronic Commerce Activities of SMEs: A Study of the Turkish Automotive Supplier Industry PDF
Muammer Zerenler, Esen Şahin 769
Database Marketing Application and Barriers Faced by Firms in Service Sector in Albania A Framework For Understand Its Role In Creating Competitive Advantage PDF
Evelina Bazini, Aurela Ramaj 785
The June 1948 Yugoslav-Soviet Crisis: The Italian and American Political Perception and its Consequences over the Trieste’s Dispute PDF
Gabriele Vargiu 791

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