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Vol 4, No 3 S1 (2015)

December 2015 - Special Issue

Table of Contents


Imperative: 'The More the Better' as a Danger for Proper Development of Information Society PDF
Tadeusz Miczka 13
Proactive Coping and Professional Burnout in Special Education PDF
Senada Duli 18
Extent of a Social Base of a Political Regime as a Determinant of Its Authoritarian Nature PDF
T. E Apanasenko 24
The Role of Antonyms in Theoretical Mechanics PDF
Gani Pllana, Sadete Pllana 29
The Environmentally Conscious Consumption in Morocco: Myth or Reality PDF
Dalal Tarfaoui, Salah Zkim 34
Micro Enterprises and New Trends Towards their Development PDF
Arben Baushı, Vjollca Hasani, Alba Dumi 40
The “Symbolic-identitarian” Policies: The Case of Naples, Italy PDF
Marco Cilento 45
Protection of Human Rights and the Role of the Albanian Rule of Law in their Respect and Implementation, Particularly in the Right to Fair Trial PDF
Ina Foto Barjamaj, Alba Robert Dumi 54
Interrupted Dialogue (“Friend”/”Foe” Conflict in New New Media) PDF
Bogdan Zeler 61
Overview of Some Basic Terms of Economy in Albanian Language in the Approach with English Language PDF
Sadete Pllana, Gani Plana 65
Sociology of Labour and Human Resource Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF
Nikova Donka, Aspridis George, Koffas Stefanos 69
The Environment and Environmental Policies in the National Strategy for Development and Integration PDF
Gladiola Mita 77
Teacher as a Decisive Factor to Enhance the Quality in School PDF
Lina Vaso 83
The Historical and Legal Development of Nonprofit Sector in Albania: Case Study - Red Cross Albania PDF
Alkida Hasaj, Ervis Krymbi 90
Aplication of Marketing Tools in Nonprofit Sector in Albania PDF
Xhiliola Agaraj Shehu 97
The Quality of Democracy In Europe: Its Impact On Economic, Political and Social Performance PDF
Kristobal Miguel Meléndez Aguilar 103
The Euroisation of Banks’ Portfolio and the Credit Risk in Albania PDF
Anila Mançka, Eleni Vangjeli 108
What Kind of Leadership do we Need at Schools for Effective Teachers PDF
Stavroula Siatira 115
The Phenomenon of Internet Addiction in Adolescents: Case of Albania PDF
Desara Agaj, Alketa Marku 122
Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Italian Language by Albanian Immigrants in Italy PDF
Edlira Troplini 126
International Joint Projects as a tool for Raising Competitive Capacity of Russian Universities: Obstacles and Means for Overcoming. Insight on Regional Implementation Practice PDF
V. Petukhova Anastasia, V. Kalinina Evgenia, A. Bylinskayaa Alla 134
The Inverse Link between “Ideological-Absent” Albanian Voting Behavior PDF
Dorina Bërdufi 138
Social Media and Consumer Behavior – How Does it Works in Albania Reality? PDF
Elenica Pjero, Donika Kёrcini 141
Italy and the Economic Crisis: Political Change and Crisis of Legitimacy PDF
Marco Boschele 147
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana: "Assessment of the Standards of Social Care for Victims of Trafficking in Albania" PDF
Suela Hana 152
Issues of Order in Grammar and Studies of the Albanian Language PDF
Aida Kurani 157
Natural and Human Resources that Support the Development of Curative Tourism in Albanian Territories PDF
Albana Zejnel Hoxha 161
Consumer Food Safety in Albania PDF
Belinda Halilaj 168
Fashion Conscious Consumers, Fast Fashion and the Impact of Social Media on Purchase Intention PDF
Elram Michaela, Steiner Lavie orna 173
Human Rights Protection in Albania PDF
Erjon Hitaj 179
Topic in Case of Penology Execution of Criminal Sanctions in the Republic of Albania PDF
Esmeralda Thomai 188
Water Management in the Private Domain: A Comparative Analysis of Urban Water Management Practice in Nigeria’s Niger Delta PDF
E. Ansa, E. Ukpong 196
International Monetary Fund Lending Effectiveness: Case of Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Klevis Qazimllari 205
The Attitudes of Students of Master in Education Regarding the Teaching Profession PDF
Leticja Papa Gusho 212
Language and Communication: A Matter of Intercultural Competence? PDF
Maria Rosaria Nava 217
An Overview of Factors Affecting Auditing Quality in Albania PDF
Marsel Sulanjaku, Ali Shingjergji 223
The Romanian- Russian Bilateral Register as a Symbolic Projection under the Folds of Immediate History PDF
Trandafir (Iancu) Miruna Mădălina 229
ICT Impact in Fighting Corruption in Albania: New Ways in Increasing Transparency PDF
Nikolin Hasani 233
Antonymy in the Legal Terminology: Diachronic Analysis PDF
Svjetllana Titini 237
Pluralism, Unity or Uniqueness in Labour Unions? A Historical Digression through the Political Discourses Around the Single Union Law PDF
Virgílio Amaral 242
Migration and the Impact of Its Remittances on Kosovo Economic Development PDF
Ylber Prekazi, Albana Pasjaqa, Alba Dumi 248
Different Forms of Execution of Criminal Decisions as a Key Element in Criminal Justice PDF
Nikolin Hasani 251
Irradiation Treatment of Animal Foods PDF
Marsida Klemo, Azem Hysa, Stela Sefa 256
Political Discourses Around the Single Union Law and Conceptions about the Organisation of the World of Labour: From Historical to Current Dilemmas PDF
Virgílio Amaral 262
Dalí’s Mystic Elements and their Meaning PDF
Ticiana Dine 269
Menecmi Comedy of Plautus: A Discussion between Literature and History Connected to the City of Durrës PDF
Markeliana Anastasi 272
Islamic Economics: Contemporary Approach in the Arab World PDF
Lica Madalina 278
Christian Clerical Schools – Shelters of Education and Culture in Albanian Territories Christian Clerical Schools – Shelters of Education and Culture in Albanian Territories PDF
Jani Sota 285
Concrete Steps of Albania Towards the Approximation of National Legislation with the Acquis Communautaire: Is it Considered that the Copenhagen Criteria in this Sector is Fulfilled? PDF
Gledina Mecka, Anton Bardhaj 293
Digital Device Fenometer F-1680 for Noise Measurement at Kosovo Mines PDF
Naim Baftiu, Artan Dermaku 299
ICT Application in the Insurance Industry: Its Impact in Customer Relationship Management PDF
Evelina Bazini, Filloreta Madani 307
Language Issues: Variation of Gender Discourse on University Campus PDF
Dorjana Klosi, Lulzim Hajnaj 312
Aspects of Cultural Utopia Displayed Through Anarchy in the Characters of Ulysses PDF
Dalila Karakaçi 317
Concept of Teacher Leaders and Creation of Friendly Climate in the Classroom: In Secondary Education (High School), in Albania PDF
Arjola Manreka 322
Procedural Aspect at Issues the Minor PDF
Antoneta Gjolena 331
The Impact of Students Intelligence Performance,According to Market Needs and Management of Reseources PDF
Evis Çelo, Alba Robert Dumi 336
Iplementation of E-Commerce Systems a new challenge for Standardisation Agencies of Ballcan Countries as Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia Hercegovina PDF
Genci Sharko, Mirlinda Karcanaj, Anni Dasho 343
The Application and the Influence on Kosovo Tourism Progress PDF
Arjanit Avdiu 348
Question of the “Monastery of Saint-Naoum”, Referring to the Advisory Opinion of the Permanent Court of International Justice PDF
Bledar Komina 354
Relation of Albanian Standard Language to Dialects, Sociolects, Idiolects: The Linguistic Situation at the University of Vlora PDF
Dorjana Klosi, Lulzim Hajnaj, Evis Celo 359
Industries English Language and Communication Need Analysis in Albania PDF
Elsa Zela 363
Intellectual Property and Acceptable Models in Technology Transfer in Albanian Economy PDF
Evelina Bazini 369
The Criteria and the Characterizing Reports in the Objectivist and Subjectivist Point of View PDF
Gentjana Dedja 374
Cultivation and Trafficking of Narcotics as Organized Crime in Albania: The Methods and Tools Used in Preventing this Crime: Why are these Crimes Still Matters of Great Concern? PDF
Anton Bardhaj, Gledina Mecka 379
The Constitutional Justice and Protection of the Human Rights (The Constitutional Court of Republic of Macedonia - Dilemmas and Prospects-) PDF
Jelena Trajkovska-Hristovska 384
Developing EFL Vocabulary through Speaking and Listening Activities PDF
Lindita Kacani, Juliana Cyfeku 390
The Perspectives of Outsourcing of Internal Audit Functions in Albania PDF
Marsel Sulanjaku, Ardita Todri 395
Geopolitics of Albania in the Balkans after NATO Membership PDF
Mirela Metushaj 400
Inflation Targeting and Economic Growth: Case of Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Ornela Rajta 403
The Role of the International Administration in the Process of the State-Building in Kosovo PDF
Valon Krasniqi, Ylber Aliu 409
Approaches Affecting Current Account in the Balance of Payments PDF
Teuta Ismaili-Muharremi 417
Description of the Verbal System of Albanian Language in the " Grammar of the Albanian Language" (1882) of Konstandin Kristoforidhi PDF
Manola Kaçi 421
Social Status and Public Spaces PDF
Gazmend Abrashi 426
The Important Role that Cultural Heritage Plays in a Life of a Nation and Its Sanction in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights PDF
Erjona Hasa 430
The Higher Education a Private or a Public Good? PDF
Elena Kocaqi 432
Preferential Trade Agreements PDF
Darjel Sina, Krisi Kllapi 436
The Analyze of the Risk Management and Control of Internal Audit PDF
Hava Mucollari, Zaim Korsi, Alba Dumi 440
Role of Multinational Companies (MNE) in the Transfer of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices in Albania PDF
Alba Berberi, Ahmet Ceni 445
The Incidence of Different Candida Albicans Infections in Durres Area PDF
Anisa Liti, Alba Dako, Margarita Hysko 450
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children Sexsual Abuse PDF
Eglantina Dervishi 455
The Orthography of the Cartoons’ Proper Nouns PDF
Helena Grillo 472
The Analysis and the Audit of Enterprises, A New Challenge in Front of Global Crisis Today PDF
Zaim Korsı, Hava Mucolları, Emıne Emurllaı, Alba Dumi 460
History of Illegal Immigration in the Western Balkans Associated with Socio-Economic and Political Developments in the Region PDF
Eva Teqja 465
The Role Analysis of State Law in Initiating the Bankruptcy Procedure PDF
Ervin Bacaj, Ismail Zejneli, Alba Dumi 476
Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas - Case of Kelmend PDF
Nertila Dilaveri, Bresena Kopliku 481
Grammatical Elements as Meta-Language Tools for Teaching the Italian Language PDF
Floriana Pango, Aida Lamaj 486
Pedagogical Challenges of ESP Teachers in Albania PDF
Mirjeta Cenaj 489
The Cooperation of Educational Partners in the Management of the “Cyberbullying" at Nonmetropolitan Albanian Adolescents PDF
Marsela Shehu, Zenel Orhani 494
E-Tailing in Kosovo: The Effect of Trust, Satisfaction and Service Quality in Achieving Consumer E-Loyalty PDF
Fehmi Azemi, Fiqiri Baholli, Elton Guberaj 502
Transfer Pricing System in Banks PDF
Ergys Misha 509
Local Governance in Albania: The New Administrative-Territorial Reform PDF
Aurora Ndreu 515
Effects of Physical Education into Improving the Quality of the Students’ Achievements in the High Education Institutions PDF
Ardian Shingjergji 520
The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Albania PDF
Alma Zisi, Armela Anamali 524
The Process of Re-integration and the Perspective of the Service Providers PDF
Alisa Biçoku 528
The Impact of Macro-Economic Factors on Non-Performing Loans in Albania PDF
Anilda Bozdo, Ermela Kripa 534
Why Albania is in a Continuous Struggle to Fulfill European Union Preconditions Toward Membership? (Focus on Lack of Property Rights) PDF
Elona Krashi 548
Human Rights Protection in Albania PDF
Erjon Hitaj 554
Factors that Affect Effective Planning Skills of the Teacher in the Classrooms PDF
Leticja Papa-Gusho, Rozeta Biçaku-Çekrezi 560
Public Employees’ Motivation: A Case of the Municipality of Elbasan, Albania PDF
Matilda Lopari, Vilma Pepa 565
Problems and Challenges Facing Today's Construction Sector in Albania PDF
Ariet Malaj, Ingrid Shuli 572
Money Supply and Prices Relation in Albanian Economy PDF
Güngör Turan, Jona Hoxhaj 577
Albanian Apparel Industry and Its Characteristics of Development PDF
Armela Anamali, Alma Zisi, Bitila Shosha 585
Linguistic Transparency and Opacity in Compounding PDF
Esmeralda Sherko 590
Customer Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty PDF
Aurela Ramaj, Raman Ismaili 594
Lef Nosi and the Albanian Issue during the Days of the Peace Conference (1919) PDF
Enkeleida (Agaçi) Nosi 600
Capital Transfer Outside Albania and the Absent Capital Market PDF
Elvin Meka 605
Microfinance as an Instrument in Financing the Rural Sector with an Impact on Poverty Reduction and Economic Development: Albanian Case PDF
Adrian Muci, Fiqiri Baholli, Drini Salko 611
Cultivating Reality through Stereotyping in the Media PDF
Florenc Vavla, Gertjana Hasalla 618
Perceptions of Students of Journalism on the Role of Media in the Albanian Society PDF
Florenc Vavla, Laureta Vavla 622
Analysis the Risk Elements of Smes in the Region of Gjirokastra PDF
Lorenc Koçiu, Robert Çelo, Romeo Mano 627
Social Economic Impact of Microfinance for Women Empowerment (Comparison Analyses in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as Post Conflict Countries) PDF
Qefsere Kupina, Drini Salko 632
The Predicate in English and Albanian Grammar Books PDF
Suzana Samarxhiu 637
The Function of Parents Council and the Represantation of Parents Interests by this Council PDF
Nazyktere Hasani 640
Legal Frame for the Children Rights under Refugees Situation, as in Albanian Case PDF
Lisjana Çukaj 648
Evaluation of the Shadow Economy Influencing Factors: Comparative Analysis of the Baltic States PDF
Rita Remeikiene, Ligita Gaspareniene 653
Challenges for the Local Governance in the Republic of Kosovo PDF
Mervete Shala 661
Proposal of Decision Criteria Based on Product Characteristics for WEEE Recycling in Romania: A Managerial Approach PDF
Carmen Nadia Ciocoiu, Irina Eugenia Iamandi, Sebastian Madalin Munteanu 672
Interpersonal Communication of School Students in Physical Experimental Activity: The Aspect of Real and Digital Labs PDF
Palmira Peciuliauskiene 679
Neither Here Nor There: How to Fit in British Society in Kureishi’s the Buddha of Suburbia and the Black Album? PDF
Özge Demir 689
Motivation, Perception and Expectation of Visitors in Heritage Sites, Case: Bunk’ Art PDF
Majlinda Muka, Necila Cinaj 697

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