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Vol 5, No 3 S1 (2016)

December 2016 - Special Issue

Table of Contents


Challenges and Potential of Future Agricultural Development in Jordan: Role of Education and Entrepreneurship PDF
Abdullah Bataineh, Francesco Zecca 11
Palynomorphs Dispersal of Plantago Type, in Elbasani Town – Albania PDF
Admir Jançe, Gëzim Kapidani, Anila Jançe, Blerina Pupuleku, Nikoleta Kallajxhiu, Anxhela Dauti 20
The Classification of Rural Settlements in Gjirokastra Region PDF
Albina Sinani 24
Education for Peace: Influence of Teacher’s Communication Style in the Relationships Primary School Pupil Create with Each Other PDF
Ana García Díaz 36
An Outline of Loans’ Trend in Albania PDF
Ariola Kaza 40
Female Identity and Imposed Codes in Caroline Compson: The Influence of Utopia on a Mother PDF
Dalila Karakaçi 43
The Signs of the Differences in the Weights of the Ministers in Hungary between 1848 and 1944 PDF
Gábor Bathó 48
Strategic Development of Innovative Social Services in Elbasan PDF
Denisa Ballhysa 52
Reflexions about the Neo-classicist Dispositions of a Prohibited Playwright PDF
Besa Shingjergji 57
Representing Dialectic and Regional Lexicon in Explanatory Dictionaries of Albanian Language PDF
Polite Çoçka, Aristidh Çipa 61
Modeling Adjuncthood - An Overview OF Incomplete Predication Verbs IN Albanian PDF
Eljana Mosko, Katerina Vasili, Evanthia Baruta 64
Leadership, Organization and Management of Works in Enterprise PDF
Ardian Berisha 68
Palynomorphological Data of Some Species of the Genus Achillea PDF
Anxhela Dauti, Gëzim Kapidani, Blerina Pupuleku, Nikoleta Kallajxhiu, Admir Jançe, Silvana Turku 74
The Special and Specialized Technical Vocabulary in Albanian Language PDF
Gani Pllana, Sadete Pllana 79
Measures Provided by the Albanian Legislation for Consumer Protection from Discrimination PDF
Belinda Halilaj 83
Comparative Overview of Local Government Legislation in Albanian-speaking Republics PDF
Enea Sherifi 86
The Psychological Violence Against Girls and Women PDF
Darina Çoni-Kacollja 91
Surrealist Crucifixion by Dali PDF
Ticiana Dine 94
Market and Banking Competition in the Frame of the Financial Crisis: Albanian Case PDF
Ardian Muçi, Drini Salko, Fehmi Azemi 100
Challenges in Agribusiness and Rural Tourism Development in Albania PDF
Bajram Korsita, Luftim Cania 105
The Impacts of the Cooperation among Physical Education Teachers and Parents into Improving the Quality of the Students’ Acquisition and Education Achievements PDF
Ardian Shingjergji 110
ICT Use in Elementary Schools and the Future-Teachers’ Perception PDF
Rina Muka, Esmeralda Dani, Jozef Bushati 115
The Effectiveness of Portfolio Assessment on EFL Students' Writing Performance: The Case of Third Year Secondary Students in Algeria PDF
Houda Boumediene, Fatiha Kaid Berrahal, Madhubala Bava Harji 119
Macro Economical Tendencies for Sport Sponsorship Development PDF
Pilinkiene Vaida, Komskiene Diana 128
The Perception and Attitudes of Teachers Towards Class Sizes in Secondary Schools PDF
Eranda Bilali ( Halluni), Edit Lezha, Mehdi Kroni 132
Logit Analysis for Predicting the Bankruptcy of Albanian Retail Firms PDF
Valbona Ballkoci, Eliona Gremi 137
Best Practices for Motivation and their Implementation in the Greek Public Sector for Increasing Efficiency PDF
Rossidis Ioannis, Aspridis George, Blanas Nikolaos, Bouas Konstantinos, Katsimardos Petros 144
The Demographic Situation in Fieri Region PDF
Adela Dhromaj 151
Academic Achievements of Adolescents and Family Functioning PDF
Ledia Kashahu, Stela Karaj, Theodhori Karaj 157
Monetary Programming in Albania PDF
Fiqiri Baholli, Fehmi Azemi 171
The Use of Econometric Analysis for Interest Rate Risk, the Impact of GDP and Inflation Factor in Deposit Interest (the Case of Albania) PDF
Ina Pagria, Dori Risilia, Maksim Meço, Skënder Uku, Albana Gjoni 177
Management of Risk in Microbusiness PDF
Arjola Kaza 185
Comparative Analysis on Privatization (Restitution & Compensation) Process of Property between Albania versus Southeastern, Eastern and Central European Countries as Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic PDF
Elona Krashi, Ermelinda Shehaj 188
Myth and History in the “The Three-Arched Bridge” and “The Bridge on the Drina” of Ismail Kadare and Ivo Andric PDF
Granit Zela 193
The Advances of Information Technology to the Telecommunication Sector: The Case of Albtelecom PDF
Saimir Mansaku, Isida Mansaku, Ioannis Tampakoudis 198
Patterns of Constrains in Access to Finance for SMEs in the Western Balkans Region PDF
Eugen Musta 209
The Migration of the Population in the South Albania: The Case of Gjirokastra Region PDF
Valbona Duri 214
External Motivation and Organizational Commitment at Educational Institution Employees PDF
Ortenca Kotherja, Brunilda Kotherja 218
Heuristics and Cognitive Biases: Can the Group Decision-Making Avoid Them? PDF
Juliana Osmani 225
Creation of the Social Identity through the Dressing and the Representation of the Virtual Body in Virtual Internet Communities PDF
Zoi Arvanitidou 233
Migrants Who Enter/Stay Irregularly in Albania PDF
Miranda Boshnjaku 239
Analysis and Interpretation of Functional Connectivity of Per Capita Food Consumption in Albania PDF
Ruzhdie Bici 245
Diversity and Gender Parity in Nigeria: A Situation Analysis PDF
Tinuke M. Fapohunda 254
Melissopaynological Study of Albania’s Honey PDF
Blerina Pupuleku, Gëzim Kapidani, Peçi Naqellari, Ermelinda Gjeta 261
Features of Rural Settlements: Gjirokastra Region Case PDF
Albina Sinani 269
Proximity Stages of the Semantic Connections of Terms of Applied Mechanics to Those Terms and Other Types of Vocabulary PDF
Sadete Pllana, Gani Pllana 276
Developing Albanian Tourism PDF
Lorisa Ylli 279
Assessing Farm’s Performance by Farm Typology in Albania PDF
Maksim Meço, Arif Murrja, Gentian Mehmeti, Ilir Tomorri, Ina Pagria 288
Perception of Verbal Communication of the Teacher in the Classroom by Pupils of Different Genders (Females-Males) PDF
Gentjana Panxhi 295
Multiple Regressions for the Financial Analysis of Alabanian Economy PDF
Bederiana Shyti, Ilva Isa, Silvana Paralloi 300
The Effects of Rural to Urban Migration in the Region of Elbasan, Albania PDF
Jonida Biçoku, Fatmir Memaj 305
The Marital Assets Issues in Albanian Legislation PDF
Mimoza Mehilli 309
The Language of Albanian Renaissance Poetry: A Reflection of National Ideals PDF
Greta Jani 314
Insurance of Medical Personnel Professional Responsibility as a Form of Legal and Social Responsibility PDF
Inga Kudeikina, Karina Palkova 320
Property Rights in Albania: Historical Background and Current Issues PDF
Adrian Leka 327
From the First Nuclear Explosion up to the Signing of Non-Proliferation Treaty of Nuclear Weapons PDF
Mentor Lecaj 331
Teachers Civic Education and Their Methodological Skills Affect Student Engagement in Civic Participation PDF
Lindita Lutaj 336
Independence, Relationships and Transience: A Comparative Study of Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Vladimir Nabakov’s “Spring in Fialta” PDF
Zahra Sonia Barghani 342
Credit Card in Albania PDF
Agerti Galo 345
Macroeconomic Determinants of Households’ Credit Risk: Empiric Evidences from Macedonia PDF
Lindita Muaremi, Drini Salko 351
Irrationalism and Its Consequences in Religion PDF
Merlina Pograzha Koseni, Rudina Hoxha 358
Intellectual Property Law – Age of Internet PDF
Granit Curri 363
Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues Institutional Framework and Management in Albania PDF
Erjola Keçi 368
Motivation an Important Part in Management PDF
Qemajl Sejdija 373
The New Challenges of the Albanian Press and State Education on Early Twentieth Century PDF
Esmeralda Dani, Eranda Bilali 378
Tax System and Its Development in Kosovo PDF
Ramadan Kryeziu, Sakip Imeri 382
Local Government Financing Instruments, the Case of Albania PDF
Ermira Korra, Eliona Gremi, Faik Gjolena 387
The Problematics of the Import of Waste and the Recycling Sector in Albania after 1990 PDF
Mariglen Sherifaj 393
The Principle of Subsidiarity in the Treaty of Lisbon, a New Role for National Parliaments? PDF
Pranvera Beqiraj (Mihani) 402
An Empirical Comparison of the Major Stock Exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE in Perspective PDF
Isida Mansaku, Saimir Mansaku, Ioannis Tampakoudis 406
Assessing the Driving Forces Influencing World City Formation in Shanghai Based upon PLS-SEM Approach PDF
Zeyun Li, Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood 416
Determinants of Individual Outcomes and the Behavior of the Albanian Family in Household Savings PDF
Marsida Ashiku, Dorina Olldashi 424
Civil Society in Albania as an Important Tool of Democracy: A Literature Review PDF
Ermelinda Shehaj, Elona Krashi, Anila Gjonaj 430
Bilingualism in Albania and Its Benefits PDF
Lediana Beshaj 436
Parental Motivations in Sending Children to School in a Paradoxical Indian Learning System of Declining Learning Curve and Increasing Enrolment: A Case Study of West Bengal PDF
Ujjawal Chauhan 441
Socio-Utopical Viewpoints toward Pedagogy and Educational Institutions at the End of 17th Century up to the First Half of 20th Century PDF
Jani Sota 445
MFIs Commercialization New Opportunity to Sustainable Profit PDF
Remzi Sulo, Etleva Muça (Dashi), Ana Kapaj 451
E-Government in Albania PDF
Anila Gjonaj, Ermelinda Shehaj 456
Analysis and Assessment of the Regional and Transregional Impacts of Industrial Activities in District 21 of Tehran PDF
Mariam OliaeiTorshiz, Fatemeh Hashemi Nejad, Vajihe Hedayati, Mahin Razavian 460
Gray Markets PDF
Emirjeta Bejleri, Alba Berberi (Mirashi) 467
The Status of Employees and Their Involvement in the Decision-Making Process of a Commercial Company PDF
Eneida Sema (Dervishi), Pierind Çukaj 471
Cooperative Learning as a Preference of Adolescent Students: The Case of Dance Activities PDF
Darginidou Lemonia, Goulimaris Dimitris 478
Evaluation of the Main Macroeconomic Indicators and Their Role in the Economic Growth of Albania PDF
Eriona Deda, Bexhet Brajshori, Drita Krasniqi 482
The Albanian Family Characteristics (Socio-Geographic) during the Transition Period (in the Southest Region of Albania) PDF
Valbona Duri 487
The Impact of Democracy on Poverty Levels PDF
Kristobal Miguel Meléndez Aguilar 491
A General Outlook of the Importance of the English Language in the World Today PDF
Ervin Balla 499
Standards of Teaching Reading in the Secondary Schools in Egypt in the Light of Some International Experiences: Historical Study PDF
Eman Ahmed Mohamed Hussein Elian 504
The Presentation of the Political Transition in the Early 1990s in Albania in the History Textbooks of Primary and Secondary Education PDF
Esilda Luku 511
Political Institutions and Justice Institutes Established by Congress of Lushnjë PDF
Eldi Sherifi 519
The Role of Hospital Funding in Albania: A Situational Analysis PDF
Rudina Degjoni 525
The Corruption in Juridical and Criminal Overview, Based on Judicial Practice of Tirana District Court PDF
Aleks Prifti 534
The Impact of Monetary Instruments in the Development of Monetary Policy in the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Neritan Turkeshi 539
From Productivity to Process: Flipping the Writing Group PDF
Dayna Jean DeFeo, Zeynep Kılıç, Rebeca Maseda 544
The Importance of Empathy in Teaching: A Case Study in the Albanian School Environment PDF
Rregjina Gokaj, Laureta Vavla 551
Albania’s European Integration Process and the Impact it Has on the Business Climate between Albania and Italy (Vlora City Case) PDF
Zamira Sinaj, Rezarta Hasanaj, Fatmir Memaj 558
Complex Preparation of Players 9-10 Years PDF
Mikel Cenaj, Vladimir Chernev, Edmond Biçoku 565
Integrated Border Management in the EU: The Albanian Experience PDF
Miranda Boshnjaku 569
Important Indicators Having Effect on Growth of SMEs in Albania PDF
Bitila Shosha, Flutura Kalemi 575
The Impact of Seasonality on the Implementation of Value at Risk (VaR) Models for Predicting Future Non Profit Loans (NPL) Values in Albania PDF
Eris Zeqo, Lindita Mukli, Jona Mulliri 579
The impact of foreign direct investment in the Western Balkans PDF
Alma Zisi, Armela Anamali 584

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