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Vol 3, No 3 (2014)

Special Issue - June 2014

Table of Contents


Factors Related to the Mental Health and Suicidal thoughts of Adults Living in Shelters for a Protracted Period Following a Large-Scale Disaster PDF
Manami Amagai, Noriko Kobayashi, Mayumi Nitta, Makiko Takahashi, Ikuko Takada, Yumiko Takeuch, Yumiko Sawada, Mayo Hiroshima 11
The Function of the Constitutional Court of Albania in Exercising Control of Constitutionality Over Administrative Acts PDF
Aida Hoxhaj 17
Generation Y - The Balance between Lifestyle and Work PDF
Agnieszka Stanimir 24
Administration and Management of the Education System, Performance Quality and Priorities in Socio-Cultural Development Area in Albania PDF
Alba Robert Dumi, Borana Koci, Evisa Çelo 31
Allied Conferences at the End of World War II in the NDH Press: Ustasha Propaganda on Political Relations and Military Cooperation of the USA, the United Kingdom and the USSR PDF
Alan Labus 38
Labor Market and Managerial Reform in the Albanian Civil Service, Improvements in the Status of Civil Servant under the Recommendations of the European Union PDF
Alba Robert Dumi, Ina Foto Barjamaj 46
Alternative Measures in Macedonia PDF
Adrian Leka 60
Equitable Representation of Communities in Public Administration in Republic of Macedonia as One of the Copenhagen Political Criteria for EU Membership PDF
Abdula Azizi 66
The Necessity and Features of Local Government Reform in Albania PDF
Arben Hysi 71
Importance of Social Media as Communication Channel in Bank Marketing PDF
Aziz Öztürk, Ömer Faruk Güven 76
Self – Isolation of Albania and the First Steps Toward Opening to the West PDF
Alida Avdullari 82
Offshore Outsourcing (O2) and Human Capital PDF
Armela Anamali 93
The Role of Economic Diplomacy in Increasing the Value of Exports to Mediterranean Countries – The Case of Slovenia PDF
Dejan Romih, Klavdij Logožar 100
Challenges Faced by Girls Trafficked, during the Reintegration Process in Albania PDF
Alisa Biçoku 106
Participation in the Labour Market - Generation Y and Other Age Groups PDF
Agnieszka Stanimir 111
Good Governance and Regulatory Reform, Need Public Participation in all Development Stages in Albania PDF
Alba Robert Dumi, Grigor Dede, Doklejda Roshi 117
Steps towards Recognizing the New Albanian State by the United States of America (1921-1922) PDF
Ada Ramaj 124
Financial Management for Sustainable Administration and Institution Building PDF
Babatunde Joel Todowede 129
Social-Environmental Problematic in the Socio-Geographical Space of Lapraka PDF
Brunilda Osmovi-Bibe, Robert Hykollari 134
Rio+20: A Missed Opportunity PDF
Keshab Chandra Ratha, Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra 139
Impact of EU Gender Equality Policy on Albanian Economic Development PDF
Reina Zenelaj Shehi, Erinda Imeraj 146
Internalized Stigma among People with Mental Illness in Serbia and the Psychometric Properties of the Ismi Scale PDF
Ivona Milacic Vidojevic, Nada Dragojevic, Oliver Toskovic, Milica Popovic 153
Application of Small Area Estimation of SME in Albania for Survey Research Method of Analyze PDF
Miftar Ramosacaj, Alba Robert Dumi 163
Greece and Social Impacts under Economic Crisis: An Example to Avoid? PDF
G. Αspridis, L. Sdrolias, L. Vasiliadis, D. Κyriakou 171
An Overview of the Administrative Court and of the Law of Its Establishment in the Republic of Albania PDF
Arjan Qafa 177
Consumers Perceived Online Purchasing PDF
Nuh Kurt, Burcu Savaş, Gülay Günay, Hamza Çeştepe 185
The Effect of Trade Openness on Economic Growth: Albanian Case PDF
Güngör Turan, Dionis Seni 193
Osce Mission in Kosovo, Stop or Continue PDF
Shaip Osmani, Halim Bajraktari 201
Problems of Authentication of the Declaration of Intention of Co-Owners PDF
Inga Kudeikina 205
Socio Economical Effects of Migration in Geographical Migration of Bathore PDF
Evelina Rina 209
The Necessity to Precise Defines the Albanian Administrative Courts’ Competences PDF
Aida Hoxha 215
Testate Succession” in the French and Lithuanian Legal Systems (Terminological Peculiarities) PDF
Irina Gvelesiani 218
Some Gross Violations of Human Rights in Albania, Comparison of Albanian Court’s Decisions and European Court of Human Rights Decisions (Gërdec Case & 21st January Case) PDF
Arsiola Dyrmishi 222
European Crisis and the Effect on Albanian Economy PDF
Güngör Turan, Arlind Bala 230
Disabilities and Accessibility: Turkish Sample PDF
Hande Sahin, Burcu Savaş 238
The Life Insurance - How Acceptable are for the Albanians and the Factors Affecting their Level PDF
Filloreta Madani, Oltiana Muharremi, Brisejda Ramaj, Erald Pelari 243
Corruption and the European Criminal Policy PDF
Basri Shabani 252
Analysis of Costs and Benefits of Cloud Computing PDF
Albana Madhi (Kacollja), Gjergji Shqau, Aldi Lekaj 259
Swiss “Fiducie” vis-a-vis French “Fiducie” (Terminological “Coincidences”) PDF
Irina Gvelesiani 269
Should Change the Main Objective of Bank of Albania PDF
Alqi Naqellari, Elona Shahini, Vladimir Mici 273
Accounting for Environmental Liabilities – Case of Albania PDF
Albana Jupe, Lirola Këri, Rajmonda Biracaj, Alda Taka 283
The Effect of Women’s Decision Making Styles on Sustainable Consumption Behaviours PDF
Burcu Savaş, Gülay Günay, Ayfer Aydiner Boylu 288
The Efficiency of Small and Medium Enterprises in Albania PDF
Bitila Shosha 295
The Ivanaj Reform and Its Impact on the Italian-Albanian Relations PDF
Antoneta Hoxha 301
Effects of the Patriarchal Mentality on Domestic Violence Appearance in the Region of Elbasan, Albania PDF
Darina Çoni( Kacollja) 306
Forced Tax Collection: Bank Accounts` Blockage and Its Impact on Taxpayers` Fiscal Behaviour in Albania PDF
Avenir Lleshanaku 310
The Effect of Migration on Inequality: Case of Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Jerina Podo 314
The Variables Brand’s Relationships and Brand Equity: A Case Study of Mobile Phone Brands Catering to Albanian Consumers PDF
Vjollca Panajoti (Hysi), Irma Shyle, Mirdaim Axhami 325
Strengthening the Public Administration Management in Albania, Needs Reforms to Counter Growth Slowdown PDF
Xhiliola Agaraj, Albert Qarri, Alba Dumi 332
Disruption of Albanian-Soviet Relations PDF
Brisejda Lala 340
Albanian Parliament and Reforms in the Education Sector in 1928- 1933 PDF
Bashkim Boseta 345
International Commercial Arbitration as an Alternative Method to Solve International Commercial Disputes PDF
Bledar Biti, Beslinda Rrugia 351
Investigating Enterpreneurship Resilience and their Adaptive Capacities to Extreme Events: The Review of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (Saa) Priorities PDF
Zamira Sinaj, Ismail Zejneli, Alba Robert Dumi, Hava Mucollari 358
The Paradoxes of Situations in the Work “Odin Mondvalsen” PDF
Enida Godime (Lama), Stela Lama 365
Is the Adoption of IFRS for SMEs an Added Value for the Financial Reporting in Albania? PDF
Elira Hoxha 371
International Migration and Its Determinants Evidence from Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Blerta Bami 379
The Stands of the Political Parties in the Republic of Macedonia towards the 2001 Armed Conflict and the Signing of the OFA Agreement PDF
Etem Aziri, Bilall Lutfiu 388
Strategies for the Development of Internal Marketing Orientation in the Private High Education Institutions in Albania PDF
Blendi Shima, Babu George 393
The Economic Growth of Albania during the First Postcomunsit Decade: The Economic Institutions Recomandations PDF
Eva Teqja, Elda Zotaj 398
Western Balkans’ Accession to the European Union, Intertwined Interests PDF
Edlira Titini 406
The Impact of Regional and Dialectal Lexion in Literary Norm PDF
Gladiola Durmishi (Elezi) 410
The Effect of FDI in the Albania Economy PDF
Alket Kullolli 421
An Empirical Study on Import, Export and Economic Growth in Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Bernard Karamanaj 428
Managment of the Small and Medium Enterprises PDF
Drita Krasniqi 439
La Missione Evangelica e l’Indipendenza Albanese PDF
Ilir Nushi 445
he Negative Effect of Pension Fund and the Steps to Resolve the Situation in Albania PDF
Gilda Bajrami 451
The Role of Community-Based Organizations in Management Access and Success of Public Administration Development Empirical Analysis in Front of Theory-Cal Analysis PDF
Alba Dumi, Isuf Jahmurataj, Inestiss Siagniliss, Denisa Maze 457
Concessions in Albania and Macedonia in Comparative Law (Interdisciplinary Studies) PDF
Endri Papajorgji 467
The Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Multiethnic Future of the Republic of Macedonia PDF
Etem Aziri, Emine Emurllai 472
Criminological Aspects of Organized Crime in Albania PDF
Jonida Hyka Skëndaj 478
The Epidemiological Scope of Diabetes Mellitus in District of Berat in Albania PDF
Alma Demo (Caka) 483
Nonperforming Loans in Albania PDF
Güngör Turan, Arjeta Koskija 491
Regional Competitiveness in Albania under the Focus of Labor Management Relations PDF
Elenica Pjero, Albert Qarri, Alba Dumi 501
Guaranteeing the Judgment of Civil Cases Within a Reasonable Time as a Requirement of the Right to a Fair Trial in Albania PDF
Beslinda Rrugia, Bledar Biti 509
The Different “Speeds” of the Countries in WB toward EU Evaluations of Last Developments PDF
Eva Teqja 516
Creating and Organizing a New Field Decision-Making in the Albanian Legal Framework and European Integration PDF
Ina Foto Barjamaj, Alba Robert Dumi 523
The Prevalence of Illegal Drug Use PDF
Fiona Todhri 530
The Policy of the Balkan Countries towards Albania and the Balkan Pact (1934) PDF
Esilda Luku 535
The Reform Strategy of the Local Government in Albania PDF
Arben Hysi 541
School Bullying: The Need for Recognizing this Phenomenon in Albania PDF
Ledia Kashahu (Xhelilaj) 542
Social Status of Internal Migrant Women in Durres, Albania PDF
Alkida Ndreka 549
Freedom of Religion and Social Conflict PDF
Evalda Jera 553

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