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Vol 3, No 7 (2013)

Special Issue - October 2013

Table of Contents


Barriers to Parental Involvement for Diverse Families in Early Childhood Education PDF
Muhammed Öztürk 13
Study Skills among High School Students: An Exploratory Study of Private High Schools in Albania PDF
Ana Uka 17
Comparison Experienced and Les Experienced Academic Staffs’ Beliefs on Post Graduate Stuedents’ Educational Quality (PEQ): Case Study University of Guilan and Islamic Azad University, Rasht Unit, Iran PDF
Abbas Sadeghi, Farhad Asghari, Masoomeh Davoodi, Atefeh Sadeghi 24
The Functional Analyze of the System for the Human Resource Management and Leadership Roles in the Albanian University Auditorium PDF
Alba Dumi, Evisa Celo, Rezart Golemi 31
Catch Them Young in Basic Science and Technology Education through Child-to-Child Approach PDF
Folashade Afolabi 38
Students’ Role in Making Feedback Motivating PDF
Anita Muho 46
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Education University in a Knowledge-Based Economy PDF
Turcan Aurelia, Sedletsky Nick 53
Teaching English Language In Elementary Education In The Albanian Context, Korça Region; The Syllabuses And Their Conformity To The Common European Framework Levels Of Linguistic Skills for Assessment PDF
Edlira Xega 59
Mathematical Education in the Opinion of the Students of Integrated Early-School Education - A Study Report PDF
Ewelina Kawiak 69
Teachers’ Attitudes Regarding Inclusive Education: The Albanian Case PDF
Fatbardha Osmanaga 76
Learner Autonomy in East Asian University Contexts PDF
onathan Aliponga, Christopher Johnston, Yasuko Koshiyama, Tina Ries, Thomas Rush 83
Academic and Social Outcomes of Children with SEN in the General Education Classroom PDF
Marsel Cara 90
Librarians’ Online Efforts Toward Virtual and Collaborative Information Services PDF
Michelle Kowalsky 100
Interactive Ties of Metabolic Pathways in a Systemic Module PDF
Suzana Golemi, Rajmonda Këçira, Donalda Laçej 106
The Russian Language in Soviet Russia in the 1920-30-s PDF
Svetlana Sorokin, Olga Musorina 112
Knowledge, Skills and Competences of a High School Foreign Language Teacher of Today PDF
Vjollca (Tabaku) Hoxha 118
The Curriculum Development in Training Teachers Providing Mainstreaming Programs for Children with Special Needs in Primary School Level, Southern Thailand PDF
Wantanee Bangsaen, Wantanee Bangsaen 124
Learning of Bullying’s Acts Throught Social Learning PDF
Fitnet Hasekiu 131
‘Traditional’ and ‘Innovative’ Potential Entrepreneurs among Portuguese Graduates: A Case Study PDF
Ana Paula Marques, Rita Moreira 134
Lifelong Learning: The Career and Identity of Teachers in Transition PDF
Rosalinda Herdeiro, Ana Maria Silva 143
Issues of Indeterminism in the Polish School of Logic PDF
Jak Simoni 151
Possible Application of Sound Human Resource Development Techniques for Enduring Employment Relationships and Sustainable Tertiary Education Governance PDF
Babatunde Joel Todowede 155
Teacher's Role in the Development of Albanian School Outside the Albanian State Border Territories 1941 -1948 PDF
Jani Sota 160
Teacher Identity and the Neoliberal Condition: Asserting a Participative-Professional, Socially Democratic Teacher Imaginary in Technical-Managerial Times PDF
Lawrence Angus 170
Quelques outils pédagogiques pour la classe de français de Spécialité PDF
Bahneanu Vitalina, Zaporojan Ina, Zbant Ludmila 178
Pedophilia in Albania: Isolated Phenomenon or "Epidemic" PDF
Aleks Prifti, Engjellushe Zenelaj 183
Representations of the Concept of Pedagogical Supervision among Teachers PDF
Ricardo Dias, Abílio Oliveira 190
Including Human Values in Management Education: Experiential Insights PDF
C. Panduranga Bhatta 197
Reflective Practice: A Tool for Enhanching Quality Assurance in Science Education at Nigerian Colleges of Education PDF
Aminat Aderonke Agoro 205
Qualitative Methodology in Education: A Multi-Case Study Focused on the Formative Mediation Area in Portugal and in France PDF
Márcia Aguiar, Ana Maria Silva 210
Building up Reflective Communities through Exploring the Perception of Adult Educators’ in Actual Practise PDF
Bengi Sonyel 218
What Chinese Education Needs PDF
Fan Chu Shu 230
The Education of the Greek Minority in Albania during Communism PDF
Alketa Marku 232
ELT Teacher Trainees’ Reflective Feedback to Their Cooperating Teachers PDF
Ebru A. Damar, Pınar Salı 235
University Students’ Career Choice and Emotional Well-Being PDF
Mingming Zhou, Yabo Xu 243
Implementation of the Process of Recognising Education Effects Obtained in Non-Formal and Informal Education Systems in Higher Education Institutions in Poland PDF
Grażyna Voss, Piotr Prewysz-Kwinto 249
Influence of Background Knowledge on Military Students’ Performance in Standardized Agreement English Speaking Test PDF
Alma Vladi 256
The Development of a Children’s Inventory for Language Learning Strategies (CHILLS) PDF
Esim Gürsoy 263
International Students’ Views of Relationship Influences on Career Transitions PDF
Nancy Arthur, Natalee Popadiuk 273
Effect of Diagnostic Remedial Teaching Strategy on Students’ Achievement in Biology PDF
Sam Oluseyi Oyekan 282
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Relating to Fire Prevention among Students in the Elementary Schools of Muang Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand PDF
Pirutchada Musigapong, Wantanee Phanprasit 288
Are There Changes in English Learning Strategies Used by Chinese Students after They Study in Thailand? PDF
Rosukhon Swatevacharkul 292
A Study on English as a Lingua Franca: Japanese University Students’ Barriers to Communication PDF
Sawako Kato, Sandra Tanahashi 300
How to Become an Effective English Language Teacher PDF
Serkan Uygun 306
Literary Translation, Between Loss and Compensation PDF
Anila Mullahi 312
An Action Research on Developing Prospective Teachers’ Inquiry Skills PDF
Sitkiye Kuter 317
Support for Parenting: Learning to Sustain Theories, Approaches, and Interventions PDF
Sofia Dal Zovo 325
Conception of Integral Person as Basis of Education in the 21st Century PDF
Tadeusz Miczka 334
Increasing the Internal Quality in College Schools via Democratic Dimensioning of Parent-Teacher Communication PDF
Bledina Bushi 339
Variability of Pause Patterns in English Read Speech of Thai EFL Learners PDF
Soisithorn Isarankura 346
La Dimension Interculturelle d’Un Cours En Ligne De Français Aux Objectifs Universitaires PDF
Vitalina Bahneanu 355
Self-Efficacy Theory and Beyond: Japanese College EFL Learners PDF
Yuichi Todaka 359
Albanian Poetry after the ’60 and Its Interrelations with Myth, History and Reality PDF
Edlira Dhima 365
Antonio Catiforo, Vita di Pietro and its Romanian Versions in the 18th Century PDF
Eugenia Dima 368
Internet Practices of Turkish Youth PDF
Filiz Aydogan Boschele 374
Education and Family Ties in Italy, France and Sweden PDF
Giulia Assirelli, Marco Tosi 379
Word and its Origin: The History and Evolution of Fjalëzës in Albanian PDF
Gladiola Durmishi (Elezi), Edlira Çerkezi (Duro) 388
The Socio Cultural Background as Semantic Implication: How to Identify it Within a Literary Text PDF
Ledia Kazazi 398
Mind Your Grammar! − Learning English Grammar the Fun Way PDF
Lilly Metom, Amelia Alfred Tom, Saira Joe 402
Representatives of Verism in the Albanian Prose Issued in Totalitarism in Albania PDF
Luljeta Bora 408
Developing the Directional Abilities through Individualization of the Educational Process PDF
Magdalena Christ 413
A Platform for Partnership: Preparing Student Teachers for Parent-Teacher Participation PDF
Marais Petro 419
Needs Analysis and Environment Analysis: Designing an ESP Curriculum for the Students of the Polytechnic University of Tirana PDF
Margarita Paci 425
Student Self-Evaluation in Albanian Language PDF
Suela Kastrati 431
Institutional Involvement of Parents in School Management, Brings the Albanian School Closer and Faster with the European Ones PDF
Hysni Elezi, Tomi Treska 437
Bajau’s Tekodon: A Preliminary Study PDF
Asmiaty Amat, Lokman Abdul Samad 445
The Role of Literature in the Institutionalisation of the National Standard Language PDF
Asime Feraj 460
Infinitive of German Language and its Corresponding Forms in Albanian Language PDF
Brunilda Vërçani 465
Lora, a Beatricean Image in the Albanian Poetry PDF
Aristidh Çipa 472
The Expression of Self-Identity and the Internet PDF
Bilge Gürsoy 477
Reactivation Of Narcissus Myth In Ernest Koliqi Poetic Proses: Narcissus’ Seven Mirrors By Koliqi Compared To Ancient Myth PDF
Edlira Macaj (Tonuzi) 484
The Potential of Arabic as a Tourism Language in Malaysia PDF
Hashim Bin Mat Zin, Tengku Ghani Tengku Jusoh, Zulkarnain Mohamed, Roslan Abdul Rahman, Noorsafuan Che Noh 490
The Relations of Albanian and Italian Language in Phraseology PDF
Manjola Zaçellari, Muhamed Dervishi 498
Empowering Youth Volunteerism: The Importance and Global Motivating Factors PDF
Mardhiyyah Sahri, Khairudin Murad, Asmidar Alias, Mohd Dasuqkhi Mohd Sirajuddin 502
Some Albanian Socio-Cultural Problems in the Framework of the Theory of Linguistic Deficit PDF
Edlira Troplini (Abdurahmani) 508
Music in Early Childhood Education: An Instrument for Preserving the ‘Igbo’ Musical Culture in Nigeria PDF
Chinyere Celestina Esimone, Emmanuel C. Umezinwa 514
Intended’ and ‘Experienced’ Meaning: Reevaluating the Reader-Response Theory PDF
Aurelian Botica 519
New Technology and Language for Specific Purposes: The Benefits of Moodle Platform PDF
Eldina Nasufi, Sonila Sadikaj 528
Implicit Learning is a General Predictor of Professional Development Success and the Achievement of Expert Level PDF
I. S. Cоstrikina 533
The Elbasanisht and Literary Committee of Shkodra PDF
Manola Myrta 539
Toward Greater Implementation of Motivating Factors for a Better Quality of School: Case in Kosovo PDF
Eliza Avdiu, Faton Avdiu 545
A Comparative Study of the Story of Esfandiar in Ferdowsi's Shahnameh and Achilles in Homer's Iliad PDF
Masoumeh Sadeghi 550
The Role of Mobile Technology in Supporting the Learning Process of Adults in the 'Network Society' PDF
Monika Frania 556
Obesity and the Factors Related to it in a High School Students Study in Tirana, Albania PDF
Enkelejda Shkurti, Diamant Shtiza 563
An Empirical Research on Consumer Innovativeness in Relation with Hedonic Consumption, Social Identity and Self-Esteem PDF
Deniz Maden, Nahit Erdem Köker 569
Parental Stress in Families of Children with Disabilities: A Literature Review PDF
Erjona Dervishaliaj 579
Kadare's Work , an Emancipating Factor in the Albanian Literature PDF
Ermelinda Kashah 585
Academic Cheating in Egyptian Universities: Is It All about Corporate Code of Ethics? PDF
Dina Metwally 588
Changing Life Quality of Mental Health Patients During the Community Integration PDF
Gentiana Xhelili (Lepuri) 602
Disciplining the Body: Power and Language in Margaret Atwood’s Dystopian Novel The Handmaid’s Tale PDF
Maryam Kouhestani 610
The Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders within the Albanian Educational System - A Complex Problem PDF
Geranda Hoxhaj 614
Barthelme’s Vision of the Postmodern Society in His Short-Fiction PDF
Granit Zela 620
Tolerance Types and Features of Intercultural Adaptation in International Students PDF
Irina A. Novikova, Alexey L. Novikov 625
Duality and the Importance of Dual Treatments’ Inclusion in Teaching PDF
Pranvera Gjoci, Svjetllana Kërënxhi 631
Identifying Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies that Teachers Use in Inclusive Primary Classrooms in Southern Bangladesh PDF
Asim Das 639
Factors of Students’ Network Formation: Case of a Russian University PDF
E. Krekhovets, A. Larin 647
ESP Vocabulary Teaching and Learning, Comparing the Language Teacher and Language Learning on the Internet PDF
Anjeza Brahja 655
A New Methodical Treatment for Math Teaching and its Effect on Math Learning PDF
Svjetllana Kërënxhi, Pranvera Gjoci 662
Learning through Senses in Geography, Evaluation and Opportunities PDF
Jostina Dhimitri, Albina Sinani 671
Female Portraits in Harold Pinter and Oscar Wilde PDF
Marinela Saraci-Terpollari 679
An Analysis of the Cost of Educational Wastages in Nigerian Public Universities: Efficiency in View PDF
Akinrotimi Iyiomo Oyetakin, Odunayo Mabel Olufunmilayo 683
Prognosis of the Body Height of Students in UST and Sportsmen in Relation to Their Parents PDF
Alketa Çaushi, Agron Cuka, Albert Karriqi 690
Intercultural Sensitivity and Cross-cultural Adjustment among Malaysian Students Abroad PDF
A.S. Awang-Rozaimie, A.T. Amelia, J. Aiza, S. Siti-Huzaimah, S. Adib 693
Defining a 21st Century Education: Case Study of Development and Growth Course PDF
Eglantina Hysa 704
Jigsaw Cooperative Learning: A Viable Teaching-Learning Strategy? PDF
Marhamah Marhamah, Mulyadi Mulyadi 710
Differences in Behaviour Problems among Preschool Children: Implications for Parents PDF
Merita Shala 716
Relevance of Knowledge Acquisition For Teaching and Learning as a Panacea for Growth of Business Education Programme PDF
Pac Ordu 721
New Challenges in Albanian Primary Schools: Industry versus Inferiority PDF
Esmeralda Hoti 728
Feelings and Experiences of Counseling Practicum Students and Implications for Counseling Supervision PDF
Norwati Mansor, Wan Mazwati Wan Yusoff 731
Media Literacy: The Albanian perspective PDF
Florenc Vavla, Laureta Vavla 737
Literature as a Form of Narration: The Issue of Conscience in the Works of Kafka and Dostoevsky PDF
Ayşe Koncavar 742
What are the Factors which Affect the Motivation to Learn to Adult Students? PDF
Leticja Papa-Gusho 747
Investigating the Mental Abilities of Urban Preschool Children PDF
Santosh Sangwan, Shakuntla Punia, Poonam Poonam 754
Student Satisfaction and Learning Needs in Distant Education: Towards Lecturers’ Pedagogical Strategies and Attitude PDF
Sharifah Sariah Syed Hassan, Siti Rafiah Abdul Hamid, Rusmanizah Ustati 760
An Evaluation about Television Serials in Turkey in the Context of Parasocial Interaction PDF
Enes Bal 767
ESP Students; Variations across Gender and Proficiency. A Case study PDF
Juliana Çyfeku 774

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