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Vol 4, No 2 (2014)

Special Issue - April 2014

Table of Contents


Factors Impacting General Mathematics Success for First-Year Business’ Students: Evidence from Albania
Alma Spaho 11
The Girls are Better at Language Learning: A Comparative Approach PDF
Lokman Coskun 17
Issues of Gradability in Albanian Language Traditional Studies PDF
Albana Deda, Daniela Hasa 22
Students Learn Better Through Reasoning by Analogy, But How? : A Comparative Approach PDF
Ayse Kutlu, Adil Kutlu 30
Albania Government and It’s Challenges in Progressive Tax Implementing PDF
Armalda Reci 35
Learning Languages without Grammar PDF
Nihat Aksu, Ünal Gönül 39
Participle I of German Language and its Corresponding Forms in Albanian Language PDF
Brunilda Vërçani 43
Why Does a Teacher Need to Facilitate the Learning? : A Comparative Study PDF
Davut Aktepe, Lokman Coskun 47
Schools and Implementation of Innovations as Active Element in Practice PDF
Fatmir Agaj 51
The Contribution of Values Education Activities that are Applied in Tirana Haxhi Mahmud Dashi Madrasa: A Case of Albanian Education System PDF
Fatih Ufuk Bağcı 57
Evaluation Criteria and Analysis of Overall Success of Students in Secondary Schools of Anamorava PDF
Nazyktere Hasani, Lavdim Terzıu 67
Ethnic Stereotypes and Personality Traits in Multinational University Students PDF
Irina A. Novikova, Alexey L. Novikov 72
Chronological Overview of Islamic Vocabulary in the Dictionaries of Albanian Language PDF
Lindita Xhanarı, Kledi Satka 77
Pupils’ Self-Esteem in the Early Years of Education within Different Interventions PDF
Marjaana Soininen, Tuula Merisuo-Storm 83
The Teacher Anxiety Scale: The Study of Validity and Reliability PDF
Ornela Bilali 90
Moving from a Culture of Punishment to one of Understanding in English Secondary Schools PDF
Sara von Sommaruga 96
The Values and the Problems of the Natural Heritage of the Region of Elbasan PDF
Vladimir Tavanxhi 103
Zakat Assessment for Agricultural in Malaysia: Rules, Fatawa, and Practices PDF
Zahri Hamat 110
The Role of Derivation and Compounding in the Process of English Language Acquisition PDF
Nereida Shqerra, Endri Shqerra 117
The Interdependence between Young Students’ Reading Attitudes, Reading Skills, and Self-Esteem PDF
Tuula Merisuo-Storm, Marjaana Soininen 122
Education Policy and Ethnic Relations in Malaysia: The Socio-Economic Perspectives PDF
Mohamad Zaini Bin Abu Bakar 138
Migration as a Challenge for Albanian Post Communist Society PDF
Matilda Likaj 143
Investigating the Essential Factors on Students Motivation through Comparing Boys and Girls in Terms of Instrumental & Integrative Motivation in EFL Classrooms PDF
Lokman Coskun 150
Determinants of Poverty in Albania PDF
Alma Spaho 157
Migration and Educational Situation in Socio Geographical Space of Municipality of Kamez PDF
Evelina Rina 164
Multi-Dimensional and Functional Approach to the Intercultural Adaptation Study PDF
Elena Chebotareva 170
The Role of Playing into the Development of the Pre-School Children's Linguistic Skills PDF
Besa Turku, Ardian Shingjergji 175
Implementation of Some Didactic Innovations in Teaching and Learning Process PDF
Albana Tahiri 184
The Construction of Professional Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Social Assistants and Mediators PDF
Ana Maria Costa e Silva 191
Albanian Women of Macedonia in Political Life PDF
Ibish Kadriu 199
The Role of Empathy in the Learning Process and Its Fruitful Outcomes: A Comparative Study PDF
Adil Kutlu, Lokman Coskun 203
Legal and Institutional Framework on Training of Civil Servants in Albania - Developments over the Years PDF
Merita Malile, Iris Petrela 208
The Awareness of High School Teachers on their Instructional Leadership Roles PDF
Ulku Tosun, Bilal Aygun 215
Perception of Students about the Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens: The Case of Kosovo PDF
Bahtije Gerbeshi Zylfiu 219
Task-Based Video Use for the Improvement of English Stress and Intonation PDF
Ebru Atak Damar 227
Reflection on Doing Qualitative Research: Interviewing Silent Women PDF
Najwa Abd Ghafar 234
Laboratory Classes in Chemistry Texts of Secondary Level and Issues of Their Quality Improvement PDF
Frederik Cane, Belinda Hoxha, Anxhela Andoni 240
Assessment Aspects in the Master of Second Level in Foreign Language Teaching PDF
Ledia Kashahu 245
Teaching a Foreign Language in a Multicultural Context PDF
Arti Omeri 254
The Impact of Risk Behaviors on Violence among High School Students PDF
Ana Uka 257
Common Cultural Turkish Words in Albanian and Greek Languages PDF
Adem Balaban, Bünyamin Çağlayan 262
Methodical Aspects Applied into Teaching Motoric Activities to 10-15 Years Old Schoolchildren PDF
Ardian Shingjergji 271
Migration and Educational Situation in Social Geographic Area of Lapraka PDF
Brunilda Osmovi-Bibe 276
Organization of the Learning Process and Motivation of the Students by their Teachers’ in Educational Institutes PDF
Nazyktere Hasani, Fatmir Agaj 281
Analysis of School Attachment among Students of a Boarding High School in Albania PDF
Mehmet Aslan 287
Qualitative Methodology: Survey of Lifestyle of Albanian Youth in Macedonia PDF
Abdylnaser Sinani 294
The Effects of the Effective Use of the New Information and Communication Technology in the Classroom PDF
Daniela Tamo 298
Role of the School Psychologist in the Inclusion Education from the Teachers’ Point of View: A Case Study PDF
Jonida Shingjergji 304
Kate Chopin: Beyond Local Color to Feminism PDF
Florinda Boriçi 310
Case Assignment Reconstructed Model of Noun Phrases Predicate Arguments in Albanian Language PDF
Joana Taçi 314
Arshi Pipa as a National and International Figure PDF
Hektor Çiftja 328
Këshillimi Motivacional në Fushën e Shëndetësisë PDF
Lejda Abazi 332
The Added Value of ‘Instructional Simulation Practices’ in Teaching International Relations and European Studies (IRES) PDF
Mirela Alhasani (Dubali) 340
Method for Economic Assessment of Regulatory Impact (Ria) in Albania. Avdantages and Disadvantages of Economic and Inference Methods PDF
Mimoza Zeneli 348
A Language Course Within the Scheme of Socially Responsible Teaching: ELT Trainees’ Expectations PDF
Esim Gürsoy, Pınar Salı 355
The Comparison of Private and Public School Principals’ Curriculum Management Behaviours PDF
Olga Pilli 366
Anxiety/Depression And Academic Achievement In Adolescents In Prishtina PDF
Nerxhivane Krasniqi 375
Code-switching: Beliefs and Attitudes of Albanian pre service English teachers PDF
Elida Tabaku 384
Corporate Social Responsibility In Islamic Banking Institutions In Aceh: Analysis Of Criteria And Perception PDF
Zakaria Bahari, Muhammad Yasir Yusuf 390
Physical and Psychological Violence in High Schools, Teaching their Treatment PDF
Zamira Gjeleshi, Etleva Miftari 409
New National Curriculum and the Impact in the Education Sector of Kosovo: Implications for Successful Implementation PDF
Drita Kadriu, Tom Gougeon 413
Globalization and Perspective of Economic Relations Between Turkey and Albania PDF
Alqi Naqellari, Rudina Qurku (Feruni) 422
Creativity in Teaching Different Subjects in English through Drama Techniques PDF
Adriana Dervishaj, Rudina Xhillari 438
Scientific Writing Requirements in University Courses according to a Survey Carried out at “A. Xhuvani” University, Elbasan PDF
Ema Kristo 443
Italian Language Curriculum Versus Labour Market Challenges PDF
Aida Gjinali, Diana Kastrati 447
Professor Motivation in Albanian Public Universities: The Case of “Aleksandër Xhuvani” University, Elbasan PDF
Nada Krypa (Tapija) 454
School Dropouts - Pedagogy as an Instrument for Prevention PDF
Florinda Tarusha 460
University Drop-Outs. A Systemic Play of Subjects, Institutions and Macro Contexts PDF
Miriam Aparicio 466
Postgraduate Level and its Impact on Academic Studies and Professional Careers, Social and Job Mobility and Identity. A Study about PhD Graduates and PhD Students at UNCuyo, in the Light of a sui generis Paradigm PDF
Miriam Aparicio 474

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