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Vol 4, No 4 (2014)

Special Issue - June 2014

Table of Contents


Algorithms in the Classes of Mathematical Education at the Early School Stage PDF
Ewelina Kawiak 11
Memories of War and Violence in Anton Pashku’s Short Stories PDF
Adriana Duka 17
Barriers of Poles' Participation in Lifelong Learning Process – A Multivariate Analytical Approach PDF
Alicja Grześkowiak 21
Italian Language and Culture as an Influencing Model for Adriatic Countries, Balkans and Further. Albania in Relation to the Role of Italian Language and Culture PDF
Arben Skendaj, Irena Ndreu, Sonila Piri 27
Shakespeare and Ibsen: A Comparative Study of Macbeth and Hedda Gabler from 21st Century Radical Feminism Perspective PDF
Md. Amir Hossain, Arburim Iseni, Liljana Siljanovska, Vlera Ejupi 30
Italian Words in the Language of Petar Ii Petrovic Njegos PDF
Cvijeta Brajičić 41
Forced Illiteracy of Women, the Incidence of the Rural Areas PDF
Brikena (Buda) Dhuli 46
The Correlation between Personality Dimensions Measured by the Questionnaire Called Velikih 5 + 2 and Dimensions of the Level of Aspiration PDF
Rajković Dragica 49
Logos, Ethos and Pathos in Albanian Political Discourse PDF
Ardita Dylgjeri 55
New Perspectives in Teaching and Learning: Reforms or Educational Revolution? PDF
Draginja Jeftic 60
Borrowings or Foriesterisms PDF
Brikena Furxhi 65
Metaphorical Processes in English and French within the Source and Target Domain in Cognitive Semantics PDF
Brankica Bojović 69
The Impact of Physic Activity and Sports into Bodily Health PDF
Ardian Shingjergji 76
Some Aspects of the Primary Education Reform Process in Montenegro from the Perspective of Teachers PDF
Veselin Mićanović, Dijana Vučković 80
Facebook Use through Mobile Devices by Teenagers in Albania PDF
Elda Tartari 88
Western Media Influence on Emiratis Women National Identity PDF
Hala El Saj, Charles M Sarraf 92
The Dimensions of Communication in Teaching Grammar PDF
Gentjana Panxhi, Aida Kurani 100
Construction and Psychometric Properties of Sentence Repetition Test (SRT) for Latvian Primary School Children PDF
Madara Orlovska, Malgozata Rascevska 104
Teachers Communication in a Physical Education Class PDF
Gentiana Panxhi 110
Biomonitoring of Mono(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate and Mono-N-Butyl Phthalate in Roma Children in Slovakia PDF
M. Berkešová, M. Šidlovská, I. Petrovičová, T. Pilka, B. Kolena 115
The Situation of the Education of Romani Children in Albania PDF
Elisabeta Osmanaj 121
Teaching Students How to Master Spoken Presentation Skills PDF
Slađana Živković 127
Health Care Problems in Rural Areas Schools -Parental Point of View PDF
Rina Gera, Zamira Shabani, Fatmir Vadahi, Arlinda Ramaj 134
Once a Whore, Always a Whore?: The Critical Meaning of Prostitution in François Ozon’s Jeune & Jolie PDF
Pogkrong Boon-Long 141
Problems of Classification and Functional Typology of Subordinate Clauses PDF
Aida Kurani 147
Changing Students’ Financial Knowledge through Different Levels of Economic University Education PDF
Iris Lončar, Zrinka Golemac 150
The Similarities and Differences between English and Albanian Progressive Tenses In Terms of Manner Form Usage Aspect and Modality PDF
Hyreme Gurra 158
The Effect of Parental Treatment and Socio-Psychological Characteristics of Students on the Experience of their Own Academic Success PDF
Jelena Mašnić 165
Prevalence of Childhood Physical Abuse in Albania PDF
Gentiana Qirjako, Genc Burazeri, Erka Amursi 172
Examining the Impact of Team Communication Practices in Innovative Research and Development (R&D) Teams: An Early Findings PDF
Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad, Izaidin Abdul Majid, Zanariah Jano, Shahrina Md Nordin 177
Some Aspects of Linguistic Education in Albania PDF
Edlira Troplini (Abdurahmani) 185
Requirements for Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Public Education in Egypt PDF
Salah Eldin Abdel Aziz Ghoneim 192
School Abandonment - Dropout Risk and Supportive Factors- PDF
Florinda Tarusha 200
Woman and University in Montenegro PDF
Mirjana Popović 204
Similarities in the Treatment of the Prostitute’s Image in the Prose of the Albanian Authors Migjeni and Keko PDF
Luljeta Bora (Bejleri) 210
From Prejudices and Marginalization to Social Integration: Some Examples from Italian Immigrant Literature PDF
Nikica Mihaljević 216
The Language is the Tree, the Dialects are Its Lymph PDF
Diana Kastrati, Aida Gjinali 225
The Phenomenon of Word Formation and Composition in Italian Language, Phonetic Aspects and Lexical-Semantic Aspects Related to Them PDF
Arben Skendaj, Sonila Piri, Irena Ndreu 229
New Educational Trends Connected with the Development of Media and Innovative Technologies – A Few Reflections on the Future Perspectives on Learning and Teaching PDF
Monika Frania 232
Aromanian’s Language and Culture PDF
Ema Kristo 237
La Lingua Albanese della Pubblicità PDF
Svjetllana Titini 241
Emancipation: A Constant Theme in Kate Chopin’s Short Stories PDF
Florinda Boriçi 248
Assessing Implicit and Explicit Grammatical Knowledge PDF
Gordana Bojicic 251
Difficulties of Learning the Italian Article from the Albanian Student PDF
Entela Mustafaraj 258
The Traditional Evolution of Style and Especially of Color of Bridal Dresses in Different Cultures during the Centuries PDF
Arvanitidou Zoi, Gasouka Maria 264
Similes in Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles and their Translation into Albanian PDF
Leonard Rapi, Harallamb Miçoni 270
From April 10, 2010 to Date: Nicha Hiranburana Thuvatham’s Struggle for Justice through Media for her Late Husband PDF
Pogkrong Boon-Long 278
How Parental Encouragement and Evaluation for the English Teacher Reflect Pupils Attitudes to Learn the English Language PDF
Valbona Softa 284
The System of Contributions for Health Insurance Scheme in Albania - Performance and main Challenges PDF
Zamira Sinaj, Florid Dumi, Alba Robert Dumi 289
The Influence of the Teacher’s Civic Background and of the Teaching Quality on the Level of the Students’ Civic Participation PDF
Lindita Lutaj 296
The Practice of the Communicative Learning in the Albanian 9- Classes Educational System. New Techniques that Require Not Only Spread but Also Specialized Teachers PDF
Linda Ciftja 301
Poe’s Typical Short Story Strategies PDF
Saša Simović 312
Repetition in Pirandello’s Prose and Translation into Albanian Language PDF
Mirela Papa, Alva Dani 318
Evaluation of Grammatical Understanding of the Adjectives PDF
Helena Grillo (Mukli) 326
Reflection on Language, Culture and Translation and Culture as a Challenge for Translation Process PDF
Morena Braçaj 332
Albanian Phraseology in Its Narrow and Broad Sense PDF
Harallamb Miçoni, Leonard Rapi 338
Problems and Obstacles the Lecturers of English Language Encounter in Universities PDF
Ervin Balla 344
Promotion of the Motoric Activities and Sports in and Out of School PDF
Ardian Shingjergji 348
The Lacuna as a Cultural Phenomenon: Analyzing Martin Camaj’s “Circles” PDF
Ledia Kazazi 353
The Importance of Scientific Education in the Primary School PDF
Aranit Gjipali, Ilva Lamaj 357
Lost in Translation. Translating the Latin Words of the Pirandello’s Novels PDF
Mirela Papa, Leonard Xhamani 361
Changes in the School Curriculum in Albania PDF
Shqipe Haxhihyseni 368
Special Non-Finite Forms of Latin and Albanian PDF
Leonard Xhamani 373
Morphological Untits of Golloborda’s Highland in the Republic of Albania PDF
Elvira Bollobani – Dodoveci 378
Parental Involvement in Improving Quality of Schools in Kosovo PDF
Hajrije Kastrati 383
The European Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation and Its Influence on the Birth of Albanian Literature PDF
Fabiola Kadi 388
Tourism Destination Management in Montenegro – Constraints and Opportunities PDF
Ljiljana Pjerotic 394
The Usage of Sentiment Analysis for Hearing the Voice of the Customer and Improving Businesses PDF
Majlinda Axhiu, Florida Veljanoska, Biljana Ciglovska, Mirlinda Husejni 401
Postmodern Enslavement and Identityanomie: Analogue Modes of Escape from Freedom PDF
Predrag Živković, Obrad Samardžić, Miomirka Lučić 408
From Balkanization to Regional Economic Integration Project: Cefta Agreement PDF
Muharrem Can 414
The impact of Trade Agreements on Agriculture Sector, Import and Export: Albanian Case PDF
Mergleda Hodo 421
The Law of State on Religious Communities during Zogu's Governance and Enver Hoxha's Governance (The Example of the Catholic Church in Albania) PDF
Nertila Haxhia Ljarja 426
Animal Husbandry in the Middle and Lower Polimlje in the Middle Ages PDF
Marijan Premović 432
Critical Incident Analysis in Measurement of Hotel Guest Satisfaction. A Case Study from Tirana, Albania PDF
Majlinda Godolja, Alma Spaho 437
The Challenges of Accounting Standards in Intellectual Property’s Reporting, an Albanian Approach PDF
Marsel Sulanjaku 442
The Beginning of the Parliamentary in Albania (1920-1924) PDF
Nertila Haxhia Ljarja 449
Ancient and Current Toponomy of Asia Minor PDF
Mustafa Arslan 455
Internet Banking Adoption and Usage in Albania: An Empirical Study PDF
Majlinda Godolja, Alma Spaho 460
Aspects of Writing the Textbooks of the Albanian People History in Pre-University Education PDF
Esilda Luku 466
The Diferencies between Curricula with the Focus on the Subject and the Curricula with the Focus on the Situation PDF
Leticja Papa-Gusho 471
Bilingual Lexicography from a Pragmatic Viewpoint in English-Albanian and Albanian-English Dictionaries PDF
Mirela Prifti 475
Maritime English Languages PDF
Sanela Kovačević Pejaković 479
Bullying Phenomenon: Perceptions of Elementary School Students PDF
Ledia Kashahu (Xhelilaj), Jozef Bushati, Haxhire Osmani 480
Students’ Perceptions about Self-Esteem PDF
Fatbardha Osmanaga 488
Disruptive Behaviours in the Class of the Foreign Language PDF
Alma Muharremi 495
Deep Changes in the Process of Content for Pre-University Education and Its Effects in the Human Development of Albania (1992 -2013) PDF
Jani Sota 500
Partial or Comprehensive Reform of the Education System in Kosovo: Overcoming Students Difficulties in Learning through New Teaching Strategies PDF
Arlinda Beka 509

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