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Vol 6, No 1 S1 (2015)

January 2015

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Learner Suggestions on Improving the Subject ‘Life Orientation’ with Specific Reference to Career Guidance: A South African Case Study PDF
Petronella Jonck 11
Self-Efficacy Belief as a Practical and Parsimonious Evaluation Criterion in School Leadership Training PDF
Santhanamary Anthony, Hamdan Said, Ismail Mohamad, Mahani Mokhtar 20
The Provision of Support Services to Mainstream Class Teachers by School Management Teams: A Case of Johannesburg Independent Schools PDF
Nilford Hove 30
Faculty’s Self-Leadership and Organizational Identification in Promoting Universities as Learning Organizations PDF
A. Kranthi Kumar 35
Bullying Behaviour in the School Milieu PDF
Machelle L. Shelton 42
Contestation in the 21st Century African University: Local and Global Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Rachel Ndinelao Shanyanana, Amasa Philip Ndofirepi 53
Anticipating Academic Progress of Students on the Basis of Self-Discipline and Demographic Variables PDF
Azam Haji Rostam, Shole Amiri, Tahere Saeidi, Salar Faramarzi 61
Historicizing on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Rural Development Project in Nigeria PDF
Kingdom E. Orji, Beatrice Awortu 68
Policies and Practices of Child Adoption in Nigeria: A Review Paper PDF
Olanike A. Ojelabi, Pauline E. Osamor, Bernard E. Owumi 75
Notes on Similarities and Differences between Abstracts from a Local and a Top-Ranked Computer Science Journal from a Text-Analysis Point of View PDF
Rodica Ioana Lung 82
The Relational Orientation of the African and Performance Management Practices in Selected Institutions in Ghana PDF
Solomon Kofi Amoah, Stephen Afranie 87
The Rules of Interpretation: How do Al-Qirā’āt Applied in Shihab’s Exegesis? PDF
Sabri Mohamad, Abur Hamdi Usman, Mohd Faizul Amri Mohd Saad, Muhd Najib Abdul Kadir, Mohd Akil Muhamed Ali 97
The Determination of the Level of Organisational Commitment among Police Officers in the Sebokeng Cluster PDF
R. K. Mashego, P. Q. Radebe 105
Functions of Astrofiqh Observatories in Malaysia in Solving Astrofiqh Issues PDF
Ibnor Azli Ibrahim, Mohd Hafiz Safiai, Ezad Azraai Jamsari 112
Assessing Policy Initiatives on Traditional Leadership to Promote Electoral Democracy in Southern Africa PDF
Daniel Chigudu 120
The Impact of Peer Relations in the Academic Process among Adolescents PDF
Irma Leka (Peza) 127
Circular Migration and Human Mobility – An Observation PDF
B. Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Anirban Mandal 133
Liquid Love in Iran: A Mixed Method Approach PDF
Ehsan Shahghasemi, Hosna Masoumi, Manijeh Akhavan, Bijan Tafazzoli 138
Investigating the Impact of Community Based Health Insurance Scheme among the Rural Dwellers of Sokoto State Nigeria PDF
Garba Ibrahim Tanko, Azhar Harun, Abdullahi Hassan Gorondutse, Abdulwaheed A Salihu 145
Aspects of Navigation Development in the Region of Shkodra during XVIII Century and the Beginning of XIX Century PDF
Adrian Papajani 156
Incremental-Entity Personal Conceptions of Intelligence and Individualism-Collectivism in Italian Students PDF
Annamaria Pepi, Marianna Alesi, Donatella Pecoraro, Luísa Faria 160
The Role of Religion in Social Cohesion within the Contemporary Muslim Society in Malaysia: Revisited PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Bayu Taufiq Possumah, Zulkifli Mohamad, Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan, Nasruddin Yunos 168
Managers’ Perceptions of the Performance Appraisal System in the Local Municipality of Gauteng Province in South Africa PDF
P. Q. Radebe 175
Effects of Physical Therapy in Older Women with Urinary Incontinence PDF
Vjollca Ndreu, Enkelejda Sina, Enkelejda Shkurti, Diamant Shtiza 183
Impact of Nationalist Sentiments and Commitment for Prioritising the ASEAN Economic Community: Empirical Analysis from Survey in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore PDF
Guido Benny, Ravichandran Moorthy, Sity Daud, Zarina Othman 188
Specifics of Migration from Russia to Europe in the Course of Crisis: The Flight of the Creative Class PDF
L. Bronzino 200
Human Rights, Language Use and Societal Abuse in Cross River State, Nigeria PDF
Mercy Ugot Godwin, C.S Iwuchukwu, Eunice M. Atsu 210
A Critical Review on Role of Prison Environment on Stress and Psychiatric Problems among Prisoners PDF
Mohammed Mansoor, Syed Khalid Perwez, T.N.V.R Swamy, H Ramaseshan 218
An Empirical Investigation of Customer Loyalty in Telecommunication Industry in Albania PDF
Elvira Tabaku, Shpëtim Çerri 224
Social Support for the HIV/AIDS Community: A Case Study of Komuniti Cakna Terengganu (KCT), Malaysia PDF
Norizan Abdul Ghani, Wan Mohd. Yusof Wan Chik, Berhanundin Abdullah, Farah Syazrah Mohd. Ghazalli 232
The Prognoses of the 2011 Electoral Violence in Nigeria and the Lessons for the Future PDF
Timothy Onimisi 242
Perception about God and Religion within the Malaysian Society PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Abur Hamdi Usman, Zulkifli Mohamad, Nasruddin Yunos, Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan 246
An Assessment of the Level of Occupational Stress among Police Officers in the Sebokeng Cluster PDF
R.K. Mashego, P.Q. Radebe 253
The Approach of Knowledge Transfer in Deriving Shafi‘ite Hukum PDF
Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan, Jamsari Alias, Ezad Azraai Jamsari, Luqman Abdullah, Sidek Abdullah 260
Foreign Election Observers in Africa: Towards an Obligations-Based Approach PDF
Daniel Chigudu 272
The Emergence of Civil Disobedience: A Comparison during Dr. Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi’s Era PDF
Zawiyah Mohd Zain, Mohammad Agus Yusoff 279
Using Facebook as a Collaborative and Communicative Tool PDF
Arumugam Raman, Habibah Lateh 286
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Socio-Demographic Constraints of Employment Distribution in the Federal Civil Service, Nigeria PDF
U.W. Ibor, Z.B. Peterside, F. Egolikuma 293
An Assessment of Reliability and Validity of the Attitudinal and Behavioural Typology of Customer Loyalty in a Developing Country: Evidence from Zimbabwe PDF
Charles Makanyeza 310
A Strategic Analysis of the Greek Leisure Tourism: Competitive Position, Issues and Challenges PDF
Marios D. Sotiriadis, Stelios Varvaressos 319
The Role of Scandal in the Political Life of Italy during the Period 1976-2011 PDF
Elena Proskurina 333
The Perception on the Theory of Evolution, Man from Ape: A Cross Ethnic, Education and Religious Backgrounds Study PDF
Mohd Arip Kasmo, Abur Hamdi Usman, Wan Zulkifli Wan Hassan, Nasruddin Yunos, Zulkifli Mohamad 338
The Case of Job Satisfaction of Previously Disadvantaged Secondary School Principals PDF
PT Maforah 345
Political Ecology of the Small-scale Gold Mining in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines PDF
Catherine Roween C. Almaden 351
Comparative Study of Applying Methods of Measuring Development in Regional Studies: A Case Study of 15 Regions in Isfahan PDF
Mehdi Momeni, Asma Jafari 363
Speculation: The Islamic Perspective; A Study on Al-Maisir (Gambling) PDF
Hussin Bin Salamon, Mansoureh Ebrahimi, Kamaruzaman Yusoff 371
The Cooperation and Its Forms in Offenses Concerning with Narcotics Trafficking PDF
Agron Bajri 379
Policy, Youth Recruitment and Empowerment in Nigeria: A Case Study of Osun State Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) PDF
B.T. Badejo, S. C. Agunyai, O. O. Adeyemi 384
Comparison of Conceptual Awareness of Urban and Rural Primary Teachers about Solo Taxonomy PDF
Muhammad Qasim Ali, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Mehmood Ul Hassan, Saeed Ahmad, Zafar Masaud, Muhammad Akram 394
Effect of the Role of Family Function on the Resiliency of Women with Addicted Husband in Tehran PDF
Reza Shahmahmoudi, Mohammad Javad Zahedi Mazandarani 400
Explication of Peculiarities of the Hypergenre in the Text Production of Russian German of Siberia PDF
Kostomarov Peter, Alexander Ptashkin 407
State Policing and National Security in Nigeria PDF
Odeh Adiza Mercy, Umoh Nanji 412
The Role of the Bank of Albania as a Supervisor of the Banking Market: Legal Perspective PDF
Arber Gjeta 423
To the Question on Research of Craftsmanship Traditions of Ganja of XIX – First Half of XX Centuries PDF
Hasanov Elnur Latif 433
Administrative Procedure in Albania PDF
Pranvera Xhafaj 438
Measuring Presidential Power in Post-Communist Countries: Rectification of Mistakes1 PDF
Oleg Zaznaev 443
Domestic Violence, Institutional Response and challenges in Addressing Domestic Violence in Albania PDF
Aurela Bozo 450
Speech and Thought Representation in Hemingway: The Case of Free Indirect Discourse PDF
Olga A. Blinova 458
Enhancing Idiom Competence of Iranian EFL Learners: Idiom Etymology and Short Story in Focus PDF
Omid Tabatabaei, Parisa Hajizadeh 465
Procedures of Translating Culture-Specific Concepts PDF
Morena Braçaj 476
Oscillating between Madness and Badness: The Untenable Situation in A Streetcar Named Desire PDF
Samira Sasani 481
The Role of Five-Letter Words in Literature: An X-Area in New Translation Studies PDF
Alireza Akbari, Masoud Shahnazari, Neda Aghaei Khorasgani 490
Polyglossia through the Prism of Exoglossic Nature of the German Literary Language Development PDF
Yuriy V. Kobenko, Irina V. Sharapova 500
The Process of Exchange, Solidarity and Sustainable Development in Building a Community of Responsibility PDF
Damian Walczak 506
Automatic Navigation in 3D Geological Virtual Environments PDF
Oltion Fociro, Jeton Pekmezi 513
Should PLCs Diversify into Related or Unrelated Industries? Evidence from Malaysia PDF
Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Haim Hilman 517
The Ozonation as Competitive Advantage in Post-Harvest Treatment of Tomato PDF
Rogério Simão, Diogo Gonzaga Torres Neto, Cleberson Eller Loose 529
Linguistic Diversity and National Unity: Sustainable Demographic Development of Multi-Ethnic Population in Russia PDF
Yagfar Zakirovich Garipov, Marina Ivanovna Solnyshkina 540
Knowledge Management: The Key to Sustainability of Economic Crisis PDF
Luftim Cania, Bajram Korsita 548
Rating Assessment System for Development Effectiveness of Social Entrepreneurship in Agrarian Sector PDF
Guzal Rinatovna Tsareva, Vladimir Ivanovich Shulepov 554
Impact of Fuel Price Increaseon the Nigerian Economy PDF
Stephen Ikani Ocheni 560
Economic Efficiency of Cocoa Production in Gashaka Local Government Area, Taraba State, Nigeria PDF
B. G. Taphee, Y. H. Musa, I. P. Vosanka 570
A Causality Analysis between Tax Compliance Behaviour and Nigerian Economic Growth PDF
Stephen Ocheni 577
Role of Epithet in Heroic Epic PDF
Aytbayeva Bakyt Manatovna, Maulenova Bayan Manatovna, Zhunusova Marina Kabdukalimovna, Azhunusova Naserke Bokenovna, Misanbaeva Gulbeibit Shahmanovna, Balapanova Kundus Zharilgasinovna, Kadina Zhambi Sekenovna, Maulenova Asemgul Manatovna 583
Process of Gate Keeping in Media: From Old Trend to New PDF
Ghulam Shabir, Ghulam Safdar, Muhammad Imran, Asad Mumtaz, Ashraf Ali Anjum 588
State as an Institute of Research on the Personal Political Culture Determinant: Concept of Personal Political Culture, History, and Research PDF
Lyazzat Ilimkhanova, Mukhan Perlenbetov, Mukhametkaliyeva Gulnar, Suranshiyeva Meiramgul Kadyrovna, Mukanova Roza, Aliyasova Valentina, Asylbekova Gulmira, Shaimardanova Botagoz, Berikkhanova Aiman 594
Prediction of Depression through Early Maladaptive Schemas PDF
Mahdie Fouladi 602
Ethnic Pedagogy as an Integrative, Developing Branch of Pedagogy PDF
Kozhakhmetova Klara, Ortayev Baktiyar, Kaliyeva Sandygul, Utaliyeva Raikhan, Jonissova Gulzhiyan 612
Comparative Study of the Attitudes of Rural and Urban Punjabi Society towards Caste Stereotypes in Punjabi Language PDF
Mehmood Ul Hassan, Muhammad Qasim Ali, Abdul Hameed Zahid, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Zafar Masaud 620
Intelligent and Hybrid Systems of Process Control: Theory, Methods, Applications PDF
Suleimenov Batyrbek Aitbayevich, Sugurova Laura Alkhaidarovna, Suleimenov Alibek Batyrbekovich 627
Peaceful Utilization of Nuclear Energy in Iran: Detection of Sentinel Node in Breast Cancer Patients using Technetium Element PDF
Masoud Moslehi, Ahmad Shanei, Golshan Mahmoudi 643
Gnoseological Aspect of Cross-Cultural Communication PDF
Kulzhabayava Lyazzat, Bultabayeva Kulzhanat, Tanibergenova Anar, Shonayeva Aizhan, Rakhmetulina Maiken, Amrina Minar, Konkina Gulbarshin Spanovna 648
Multiple Realities, Multiple Representations, Multiple Selves: Re-Conceptualizing Authenticity in Designing Language Tasks as Deictic Practice PDF
Razieh Rabbani Yekta 653
Cultural Phenomenon of Aesthetic Minimalism in Copyright Tapestries Alibi and Saule Bapanova PDF
Mukanov Malik Floberovich, Baydilda Baurzhan Nurbekuly, Turgynbai Bolat Syrlash-uly, Isabek Nurdaulet Erkinuly, Orazkulova Kaldygul Serikbaevna, Suleimenov Mukhammedzhan Shydyhanuly, Doszhanov Bauirzhan Tattibekovich 658
A Micro-level Analysis of the Effect of Remittances on Health Expenditures: Evidence from Albania PDF
Ermira H. Kalaj 665

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