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Vol 6, No 1 S3 (2015)

February 2015 - Special Issue

Table of Contents


Legal Definition of the Decision of General Meeting in the Russian Law PDF
L.Z. Gazizullina 11
Estimation of the Quality of Tax Administration in the Russian Federation PDF
V. Nasyrova 16
Development of the Oil Companies Taxation System PDF
A. R. Khafizova, I.A. Fassakhov 20
The Problem of Social-Psychological Maladjustment of People in Today's Economic Conditions PDF
A.A. Artamonova, A.A. Ajupov 24
Energy Roadmap: Techno-Economic Content and Implementation Issues PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, Iu.A. Anisimova 30
Setting the Minimum Wage in the Russian Federation Regions PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, E.A. Efimova 35
Formation of Financial Planning for the Automotive Industry PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, D.U. Ivanov 40
Hedging as an Important Component of the Financial Mechanism of Enterprise Management in the Automotive Cycles PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, D.U. Ivanov 45
Investment Mechanisms of Pension Insurance and their Role in Development of National Economy PDF
V.Y. Kalmykov 50
Tactics of Forming a System of Financial Indicators of the Enterprises in the Operational Aspects PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.A. Kurilova, O.A. Evstigneeva 55
New Start of Nokia PDF
E.V. Fakhrutdinova, R.M. Fakhrutdinov, J.S. Kolesnikova, O.V.d Yurieva 61
Shadow Economy in Russia PDF
E.V. Fakhrutdinova, R.M. Fakhrutdinov, J.S. Kolesnikova, R.H. Yagudin 67
Institutional Features of Interaction of the State and of Natural Monopolies PDF
A.S. Grunichev, L.A. Mierin, R.Kh. Yagudin, R.M. Fakhrutdinov 73
Usage of Gamification Theory for Increase Motivation of Employees PDF
A.V. Kamasheva, E.R. Valeev, R.Kh. Yagudin, K.R. Maksimova 77
Forming an Effective Team in Venture Business PDF
O.V. Kiselkina, O.V. Yurieva, R.Kh. Yagudin, E.R. Valeev 81
Work Optimization of the Production Staff when Implementing Technical Innovations PDF
F.B. Mikhailov, E.V. Fakhrutdinova, R.Kh. Yagudin, M.A. Mefodeva 86
Testing the Model of Information System of Innovative Management in Education PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, L.N. Safiullin, M.V. Kramin, R.A. Grigoryev 91
Forming a Model of Cost Management in the Regional Scientific-Educational Cluster PDF
A.V. Timiryasova, L.N. Safiullin, T.V. Kramin, R.A. Grigoriev 96
Estimation of the Impact of Large Regional Investment Projects on the Regional Development on the Example of Universiade-2013 PDF
M.V. Kramin, A.M. Fatkhiev, V.A. Leonov, R.A. Grigoryev 101
Developing the Corporate Management Model on the Basis of State-Private Partnership in Energy Supply to the State and Municipal Budget Organizations1 PDF
T.V. Kramin, A.M. Fatkheiv, M.V. Kramin, R.A. Grigoryev 105
Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Regional Economy in Conditions of Russia's Accession to the WTO PDF
D.S. Khairullov, I.G. Garaev, U.A. Saypullaev 111
Structured Financial Products as the Instrument of Financial Credit Assurance for the Companies Involved into Foreign Economic Activities PDF
A.A. Ajupov, I.V. Ponomareva 117
Actual Demographic Processes in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
S.R. Khusnutdinova, I.T. Gaisin, N.M. Biktimirov, R.I. Gaisin, M.V. Safonovа 122
Formation of Ecological Culture in the Aspect of Ethno Pedagogy PDF
Z.A. Khusainov, R.I. Gaisin, N.M. Biktimirov, M.R. Valiev, I.R. Gilemhanov 126
Humanitarization Geographic Education in Universities PDF
R.I. Gaisin, S.V. Beketova, E.I. Vlasova, G.F. Sharapova 131
Elaboration of the Model of Evaluating the Transactional Costs Management Efficiency in the Educational Sphere PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, G.N. Ismagilova, T.V. Kramin, A.V. Timiryasova 136
Design of a Marketing Information System PDF
E.N. Novikova 141
Marketing Strategy of Higher Education Institutions PDF
N.V. Kalenskaya 146
Government Regulation of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship under the Influence of Value-Time Benchmarks PDF
R.M. Akhmetshin, A.V. Shafigullina 151
Development Typology for Retail Networks in the Russian Federation PDF
O.V. Martynova, Yu.S. Valeeva 155
Assessment of Socioeconomic Rating Indicators of the Republic of Tatarstan Municipalities PDF
N.M. Sabitova, R.M. Tukhbatullin 159
The Guarantee Mechanism of Small Business Lending PDF
N.M. Sabitova, A.I. Khayrullova 164
Information Technologies as a Factor of Evolution of Tax Administration PDF
N.M. Sabitova, A.R. Khafizova 169
Income Taxation as a Tool of Income Redistribution PDF
N.M. Sabitova, M.P. Dyudina 174
Elaborating an Innovative Model of Educational Process Management, Designed for Adaptation to the Changes in External Institutional Environment PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, G.N. Ismagilova, T.V. Kramin, A.V. Timiryasova 179
Innovation Economics Development of the Region within the Frames of Cluster PDF
J.S. Tsertseil 183
Revealing Prerequisites and Factors of Transactional Costs Formation in the Activity of Educational Establishments through Process Approach PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, G.N. Ismagilova, T.V. Kramin, R.A. Grigoryev 188
Factor Analysis of Occurring Transactional Costs in an Educational Establishment PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, N.Z. Safiullin, T.V Kramin, A.V. Timiryasova 193
Numerical Methods of the Decision Differential the Equations for Continuous Models Of Economy PDF
V.L. Vorontsova, T.Uy. Gorskaya 198
Building a Model of the Modern Innovative Management System of an Educational Establishment PDF
L.V. Vorontsova, N.Z. Safiullin, I.A. Fukin, A.V. Timiryasova 204
Some Aspects of Ecological and Economic Education in the Process of Studying Geography in Pedagogical University PDF
E.E. Ivanova, E.I. Veselova, L.R. Mukharlyamova 208
Institutional Challenges and Economic Agents Forming a Competitive Market Environment PDF
A. Kireeva-Karimova 211
Accounting and Analysis in Managing the Cost Of Innovation PDF
V.N. Nesterov, A.Sh. Akhtyamova, E.S. Domracheva 217
Influence of Interaction between Higher Education Institutions and Audit Organizations on Graduates Training In Management, Economics and Finance Institute Kfu PDF
S.S. Meleschenko, A.Sh. Akhtyamova, E.F. Gabidullina, L.R. Ismagilova 222
Remote Employment as a Form of Labor Mobility of Today’s Youth PDF
S.G. Absalyamova, T.B. Absalyamov 227
Systemic Approach in the Study of Problems of Territories’s Sustainable Ecological and Economic Development PDF
T.N. Gubaidullina 232
Creep and Floodplain Defluxion Study in the East of the Russian Plain PDF
S.G. Kurbanova, I. M. Gasanov, R.R. Denmukhametov 237
The Role of Vegetation in Conservation of Small Rivers in the Middle Volga PDF
S.G. Кurbanova, N.B. Prokhorenko 242
Structure of the Chemical Denudation and Methods of Its Determination PDF
R.R. Denmukhametov, A.N. Sharifullin 247
Analysis of Human Capital Level and Inequality Interrelation PDF
N.I. Larionova, J.A. Varlamova 252
The Comparison of the Interaction of Regional Industrial Clusters with the Financial Sector of the Economy PDF
K.A. Grigoryan, A.V. Ramazanov 256
Economic Development and Migration PDF
I.K. Nizamutdinov, V.V. Malaev 261
Coaching as an Innovative form of Staff Development in Organisations PDF
L.I. Askhatova, I.S. Bulnina, I.A. Rudaleva, I.A. Kabasheva 266
The Controlling Process of the Human Capital through the Effective Redistribution of the General Welfare PDF
V.M. Zubakov, A.N. Mustafin 270
Improving Assessment of Enterprise Economic Efficiency in the Current Market Conditions PDF
L.F. Zulfakarova, R.M. Kundakchyan 274
Labor Opportunism of the Personnel of Medical Institution PDF
O. G. Bodrov 277
Correlation of Balanced Socio-Economic Development of the City and Its Attractiveness (in the Case of Russian Cities with Population over a Million Citizens) PDF
I.S. Glebova, A.M. Khamidullina, E.A. Anisimova 284
The Analysis of Indicators of Information Illumination of Capital Cities in Mass Media as a Factor of their Appeal PDF
I.S. Glebova, A.A. Mirsaitova 289
Analysis and Possibilities of Increasing of Labor Potential in the Regions of the Volga Federal District (Russian Federation) PDF
I.S. Glebova, A.A. Vorobyev, G.N. Garipova 294
Role of Russia in the International Integration of the Financial Capital PDF
S. N. Kotenkova, V. A. Efremov 299
Comparative Analysis of FDI Determinants in Russia and Brics Countries PDF
S. N. Kotenkova, E. A. Davletshin, N. V. Volkova 304
Innovation Potential of the Economy of the Region, the System of Indicators PDF
I.M. Ablaev 309
Forecasting the Export Energy Policy of Russia in Terms of Volatility of World Prices on Resources PDF
D.V. Rodnyansky, Y.S Yasnitskaya 313
Regional Innovation System Development: Comparative Analysis of the Republic of Tatarstan and Volga Federal District Regions PDF
R.R. Sadyrtdinov, M.M Korablev, S.A. Vladimirova 317
Investment Potential of Subjects of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation as a Factor of the Territorial Development PDF
I.S. Glebova, D.V. Rodnyansky 322
Model of Forming Socio-Cultural Identity of University Students VIA Learning a Foreign Language PDF
A.A. Khusainova, M.G. Kudryavtseva 327
Color Palette of Emily Dickinson Worldview: Linguistic and Literary Approach PDF
M.G. Mosolkova, R.M. Mardanshina, G.F. Kalganova 331
The Effects of Education on Tolerance: Research of Students’ Social and Ethnic Attitudes PDF
T.A. Baklashova, E.M. Galishnikova, L.V. Khafizova 335
Teaching English for Undergraduate Students: Motivational Aspect PDF
E.V. Grigoreva, I.M. Solodkova 341
The Role of Course Evaluation and Needs Analyses for Syllabus Design: An Application to “English Language” Course for Master-Degree Students in Economics PDF
L.R. Ismagilova, O.V. Polyakova 346
Building Research Competence of Graduate Students by Means of Teaching English for Academic Purposes PDF
Y.N. Gorelova, E.O. Zalyaeva, D.D. Sungatullina 352
The Resposibility for the Faithfulness of the Accounting Statements of Enterprises PDF
V.B. Ivashkevich, N.S. Spiryagina 357
Classification of the Innovation Clusters in the Regional Economy PDF
I.M. Ablaev 361
Practical Application the Theory of Constraints: Experience and Challenges of Russian companies PDF
R. G. Kaspina 365
Methodological Issues of Economic Analysis at Various Stages of Reorganisation of Legal Entities PDF
O.S. Bezvidnaya, N.V. Lopukhova 370
Purpose and Application Peculiarities of Management Accounting in Insurance Companies PDF
S.E. Markaryan, T.A. Snetkova 375
Features of the Internal Control of Foreign Trade Transactions PDF
L.A. Plotnikova 379
Problems of Implementation of Management Accounting Automation in Russia PDF
R.R. Azmitov, L.L. Korabelnikova 384
The System of Social Support and Social Services in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
D.S. Maksimov, M.N. Maximova, T.S. Mishakin 386
Contemporary Issues of Russian Population’s Health Economics PDF
E.V. Egorov, V.V. Tsalikova, E.M. Razumovskaya 391
Effect of Environmental-Economic Imbalances at Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation PDF
R.M. Nurtdinov, A.R. Nurtdinov, N.G. Kucevol 396
Investment Property Measurement at Fair Value in the Financial Statements PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.R. Samitova, P.A. Aletkin 401
Lowest Value Principle Implementation in Inventory Measurement of Financial Statements of the Enterprises PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Ivanovskaya, F.N. Akhmedzyanova 406
Approaches to Operations Accounting Regarding Mortgage of the Enterprise as a Property Complex PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Ivanovskaya, F.N. Akhmedzyanova 411
Approaches to Tariffs Formation for Ethylene by Pipelines Transportation PDF
L.I.a Kulikova, A.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Ivanovskaya 416
The Revision of Approaches to Innovative Analysis PDF
L.I. Kulikova, V.N. Nesterov, D.A. Vakhotina, I.I. Yakhin 421
National Innovation System and Its Structure PDF
I.N. Garifullin, I.M. Ablaev 426
Management Accounting and Costs Controlling in Oil Producing Companies: Historical Perspectives PDF
A.Y. Sokolov, Y.M. Giniatullin 430
Organizational Factors Affecting Employee Innovative Behavior PDF
I.A. Kabasheva, I.A. Rudaleva, I.S. Bulnina, L.I. Askhatova 435
Economic Efficiency Estimation of Intangible Assets Use PDF
E.Yu. Vetoshkina, R.Sh. Tukhvatullin 440
Internal Enterprise Development Strategy PDF
V.P. Kuznetsov, E.V. Romanovskaya, A.M. Vazyansky, G.S. Klychova 444
Doubtful Debts Allowance Develoment: Stages and Methods of Calculation PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.G. Garyncev, A.V. Goshunova 448
Public and Private Partnership as a Mechanism of Government and Business Cooperation PDF
I.S. Bulnina, L.I. Askhatova, I.A. Kabasheva, I.A. Rudaleva 453
Industrial Introduction of High Technologies to Engineering Industry Plants of Republic of Tatarstan PDF
I.S. Bulnina, L.I. Askhatova, I.A. Kabasheva, I.A. Rudaleva 456
Biodiversity Assessment AND Quality of a Vital State of Trees, Shrubs and Herbaceous Vegetation in Vicinity of Sport Objects of the Universiade (Kazan CITY, Russia) PDF
O.V. Palagushkina, N.R. Zaripova, N.M. Mingazova, G.R. Gataullina, D.N. Ihsanova 460
Condition of Water Bodies in the Kazan City Due to the Organization of the Summer World Universiade 2013 PDF
O. Yu. Derevenskaya, N.N. Mingazova, R.I. Zamaletdinov, L.R. Pavlova, I.S. Schigapov 465
The Impact of XXVII Summer Universiade on the Environment in Kazan PDF
N.M. Mingazova, R.I. Zamaletdinov, O.Yu. Derevenskaya, O.V. Palagushkina, E.G. Nabeeva, L.R. Pavlova, I.S. Shigapov, R.R. Mingaliev, N.G. Nazarov, N.R. Zaripova 470
Implementation of the Strategy: Problems and Solutions PDF
N.S. Yashin, T.A. Andreeva, A.V. Serebrjakov, N.G. Bagautdinova 475
Professionalism of Civil Servants as the Factor of Public Administration Efficiency Growth PDF
O.V. Yuryeva, G.N. Butov, I.G. Malganova, O.V. Pratchenko 481
Civil Public Service: Human Resources Aspect PDF
O.V. Yuryeva, G.N. Butov, I.G. Malganova, O.V. Pratchenko 486
Efficiency Estimation for Activities for Multi-Industry Holdings as Forms of Business Associations PDF
A.L. Beloborodova 491
Development Trends of Entrepreneurial Activity in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
A.V. Shafigullina, R.M. Akhmetshin 495
Quality Management System as a Tool for Intensive Development of Trade Organizations PDF
N. Sharafutdinova, J. Valeeva 498
Analysis of the Impact of Special Tax Regimes for Small Business Financial Results PDF
A.M. Tufetulov, T.G. Davletshin, S.V. Salmina 503
Development of Current Financial Derivative Markets PDF
F.F. Adigamova, Yu.M. Galimardanova 507
Economic Depreciation in the Property Objects Valuation PDF
I.A. Ivanovskiy, R.R. Azmitov 512

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