ISSN 2039-9340 (print) ISSN 2039-2117 (online)

Vol 6, No 4

Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue

Table of Contents


Cultural and Language Identity of the Thesaban Takbai Malay Ethnic, Southern Thailand: A Phenomenological Analysis PDF
Novel Lyndon, Hasni Zakaria, A.M. Azima, Aznie C.R. Rosniza, M.S. Sarmila 11
Boundry and Customary Land Ownership Dispute in Sarawak PDF
A.M. Azima, S. Sivapalan, R. Zaimah, S. Suhana, H. Mohd Yusof 17
Cultural Construct of Customary Land from the Perspective of Bidayuh Community PDF
R. Zaimah, A.M. Azima, Novel Lyndon, M.S. Sarmila, S. Sivapalan 26
Meanings of Old Age to the Elderly in Pondok Living Arrangement in Malaysia PDF
Nor Aisah Areff, Novel Lyndon 32
Marketing Mix of Ecotourism Product in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia PDF
A.C. Er, Sherly Simon 39
Managing Political Behavior of University Students PDF
Junaidi Awang Besar, Mohd Fuad Mat Jali, Novel Lyndon, Sivapalan Selvadurai 48
Empowerment of the Bidayuh Rural Community Oil Palm Smallholders: A Case Study in Serian District, Sarawak, Malaysia PDF
Novel Lyndon, Nurmahfuzah Razak, A.M. Azima, A.B. Junaidi, S. Sivapalan 55
Orang Asli Semelai: Conflict of Defending Land Ownership Rights PDF
A.M. Azima, Novel Lyndon, S.A Sharifah Mastura, Suhana Saad, Abdul Hair Awang 63
Financial Decision Making among the Dual-Income Families in Malaysia PDF
R. Zaimah, Jariah Masud, Sharifah Azizah Haron, M.S. Sarmila, Abd Hair Awang 70
Local Community Economic Wellbeing through CSR Project PDF
M.S. Sarmila, R. Zaimah, Novel Lyndon, Mohd Yusuf Hussain, Abdul Hair Awang 79
Online Political Participation: A Study of Youth Usage of New Media PDF
Ali Salman, Suhana Saad 88
Customary Land Ownership Rights Need: Land Change Model Application PDF
A. K. Syafiq, A. M. Azima, Abd. Hair Awang, M. S. Sarmila, Mohd Fuad Mat Jali 94
Communists as Saviors - Reading from Real Teenage Community Generation PDF
Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali, Novel Lyndon 102
Application of Spatial Interpolation Method for Estimating the Spatial Variability of Rainfall in Semiarid New Mexico, USA PDF
K.C. Lam, R.G. Bryant, J. Wainright 108
Chinese Community and Social Network in the Marketing of Agricultural Products: A Phenomenological Study PDF
Novel Lyndon, Lim Jie Wei, Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali 117
Learning and Technology Adoption Impacts on Farmer’s Productivity PDF
Muhammad Sjakir, Abd Hair Awang, Abdul Manaf Azima, Mohd Yusuf Hussain, Ramli Zaimah 126
Task Division amongst the Iban Farming Community within Men and Women in Kuala Tatau, Sarawak, Malaysia PDF
Ugeh U. Daniel, Abdul Gapor Salfarina, Novel Lyndon, Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali, S. Selvadurai Sivapalan 136
Recognizing Invisible Structural Violence on Juveniles: A Case of Pakistan PDF
Abdullah Khoso, Vivien W.C. Yew 141
Learning Potential in Mathematics through Imagination and Manipulation of Building Blocks PDF
Concetta Pirrone, Antonio Nicolosi, Alessia Passanisi, Santo Di Nuovo 152
Creating Optimal Mechanism for Competitive Recovery of Russia in the International Environment PDF
Lidiya A. Pankova, Mikhail A. Surzhikov 160
Open Price for Iran: The Bases for Reform PDF
Farzaneh Akrami, Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff, Suzanna Mohamed Isa 166
Perceived Readiness to Practice (PRTP): A Study among Physiotherapy Students in Abha, Saudi Arabia PDF
S Paul Silvian, Khalid Alahmari, Faisal Asiri, Jaya Shankar Tedla, Irshad Ahmad Abdul Hameed, Ravishankar Reddy 175
Ostentation or Visibility: A Cultural Study of Consumption of Cosmetics by Iranian Young Women PDF
Hossein Hassani, Manijeh Akhavan, Ahmad Khakiyan, Ehsan Shahghasemi, Zohreh Faghani 182
The Influence of Emotional Progression Factors on Adjustment to Loss and Grief on Kenyan Orphaned Secondary School Students PDF
Judith Anyango Owaa, Peter J.O. Aloka, Pamela Raburu 190
Empirical Analysis of Tourism as a Tool to Increase Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Country: Evidence from Malaysia PDF
Aftab Alam, Omair Mujahid Malik, Manzoor Ahmed, Kamisan Gaadar 201
Living in Contaminated Sites: Which Cost for Psychic Health? PDF
Fanny Guglielmucci, Isabella G. Franzoi, Marco Zuffranieri, Antonella Granieri 207
The Relationship of Family Function with Internet Addiction among Girl High School Students in Malard PDF
Azam Habibi, Parvaneh Danesh, Mohammad Javad Zahedi Mazandarani 215
Thai Pre-service Chemistry Teachers’ Constructivist Teaching Performances PDF
Watinee Udomkan, Paisan Suwannoi, Patcharee Chanpeng, Chokchai Yuenyong 223
Harmonization and Comparison with EU Law of Corporate Governance in Albania PDF
Aurora Ndreu 233
Discovering the Link between Algerian Inflation and Inflation Uncertainty Using Markov Switching Model PDF
Kamel Si Mohammed, Abderrezzak Benhabib, Sidahmed Zenagui, Morad Smail 241
Postcolonial Approach to Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines PDF
Hamid Reza Kasikhan, Naghmeh Kasikhan 247
A Critical Review on Breast Cancer Literature: Screening, Awareness and Preventive Measures PDF
M. Swapana, C. Padmavathy 256
Study of Hereditary Transmission of Papillary Patterns PDF
Vasily Yarovenko 264
Improving Internet Communication Efficiency Using Ranking Promotion Tools PDF
Valeriy Nikishkin, Tatyana Voronova, Maria Tverdokhlebova 271
Characterisation, Authority and Ideology in Ngũgĩ’s Devil on the Cross PDF
Léonard A. Koussouhon, Yémalo C. Amoussou 279
Cyberspace Identity Theft: An Overview PDF
Nazura Abdul Manap, Anita Abdul Rahim, Hossein Taji 290
An Analysis on the Relationship between Parenting Styles and Self Esteem of Students of a University in Malaysia: A Case Study PDF
Ooi Shok Hong, Choi Sang Long, Rabeatul Husna Abdull Rahman 300
Albania vs. Balkan's Countries as Comparative Analysis of the Human Development Index PDF
Dorina Ciko 311
Educational Aspects of Interactive Foreign Language Learning in High Schools PDF
Alexander V. Obskov, Svetlana I. Pozdeeva, Dmitry L. Matukhin, Gavriil A. Nizkodubov 319
An Analysis of the Potential Target Market through the Application of the STP Principle/Model PDF
Johnson Kampamba 324
Globalization and Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Model PDF
Africa Makasi, Krishna Govender 341
An Evaluation of the Management of Office Buildings in the Public Sector of Botswana PDF
Johnson Kampamba 350
The Importance of Freedom of Religion as a Foundamental Human Right PDF
Evalda Jera 357
Social Networks and Women Micro-Enterprise Performance: A Conceptual Framework PDF
Isidore Ekpe, Norsiah Mat, Margaret Isidore Ekpe 360
Development and Validation of a Cultural Dimensions Scale (CDS) and Its Application in an Iranian Context PDF
Fahime Saboori, Reza Pishghadam, Azar Hosseini Fatemi, Behzad Ghonsooli 367
The Scope of Values and Limits of the Personal Psychological Space of Students-Emigrants PDF
A.K. Belousova, N.N. Mozgovaya, O.V. Barsukova, M.A. Vyshkvyrkina, E.P. Kryschenko, Yu.A. Mochalova, T.V. Pavlova, Yu.A. Tushnova 379
Home Culture Attachment and Comprehending L2 Written Texts: A Study on EFL learners in Iran PDF
Mahshid Hejazi, Behzad Ghonsooly, Reza Pishghadam, Hesamoddin Shahriari Ahmadi 383
Conceptual Challenges of Observability for Transaction Sector in Economy PDF
Evgeny A. Kuzmin, Oksana N. Berdyugina, Dmitri A. Karkh 391
The Involvement of School Students in Criminal Activities and Its Position in the Malaysian Law PDF
Anita Abdul Rahim, Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin, Ramalinggam Rajamanickam 403
On the Uniqueness and Non-Commutative Nature of Coefficients of Variables and Interactions in Hierarchical Moderated Multiple Regression of Masked Survey Data PDF
H. I. Okagbue, M. O. Adamu, S. A. Iyase, S. O. Edeki, A. A. Opanuga, P. O. Ugwoke 408
Consent to Medical Treatment and the Autonomous Power of Adult Patients: The Malaysian Legal Position PDF
Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin, Anita Abdul Rahim, Ramalinggam Rajamanickam 418
Individual Access to Implementing Foreign Policy: A Perspective from Russian Constitutional Law PDF
Gennady Chebotaryov, Mariya Riekkinen, Pekka Riekkinen 424
The Demand for an Administrative District for the Coastal Belt of Amparai District in Sri Lanka: An Assessment of Its Root Causes PDF
Athambawa Sarjoon, Mohammad Agus Yusoff, Nordin Hussin, Azmi Awang 434
Government Capital Expenditure, Foreign Direct Investment, and Economic Growth Relationship in Nigeria PDF
Bashir Olayinka Kolawole, Sunkanmi Ayoola Odubunmi 444
Short and Long Term Relationship between Economic Growth and Unemployment in Egypt: An Empirical Analysis PDF
Fouzeia Mohmed Alhdiy, Fuadah Johari, Siti Nurazira Mohd Daud, Asma Abdul Rahman 454
Perceptions on Project-Based Assessment Rubrics: A Rubric Design for Indonesian School Contexts PDF
Fadly Azhar 463
Improving Students’ Achievement in Biology using 7E Instructional Model: An Experimental Study PDF
Muhammad Naqeeb Ul Khalil Shaheen, Muhammad Munir Kayani 471
Does Credit Play a Role in Increasing the Yields of Wheat and Cotton: A Case Study of District Sahiwal PDF
Muhammad Asim, Maqsood Hussain, Nasir Nadeem, Asghar Ali, Muhammad Ali Imran, Mehran Hussain, Ihsan Jamil, Imran Ghaffar, Muhammad Rashid 482
Semiotic and Symbolic Aspects of Language in John Donne's Selected Poems PDF
Kamelia Talebian Sedehi, Omar Mohammed Abdullah 487
Information and Communication Technology and Students with Disabilities PDF
Luan Bekteshi 494
Symbolic Meanings of Keo Traditional House in Flores, Indonesia PDF
Klemens Mere, Bonaventura Ngarawula 500
The Moderating Effects of Basic Needs Satisfaction at Work on the Relationships Between Burnout, Work-Family Conflict and Organizational Commitment: Relevance of the Conservation of Resources (COR) Theory PDF
Suzalina Mohd Shuhaimi, Najib Ahmad Marzuki 506
The Socio-cultural Behaviours of Women’s Health Facilities Utilisation in Northern Nigeria PDF
Muazu Alhaji Shamaki, Amriah Buang 517
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business Performance: The Role of External Environment and Organizational Culture: A Proposed Framework PDF
Innocent Otache, Rosli Mahmood 524
Strategies for Adjustment to Loss and Grief among Selected Kenyan Orphaned Secondary School Students PDF
Judith Anyango Owaa, Pamela Raburu, Peter J.O. Aloka 532
Methodological Provision of Technical Students’ Vocational Education when Studying Humanities PDF
A.M. Gazaliyev, V.V. Yegorov, Ye.G. Ogoltsova, I.I. Yerakhtina 542
Principles of Mercy and Peace in Islam PDF
Youssef Mezrigui 547
Effect of Accounting Communities on the Improvement of Knowledge and Profession of Accounting in Iran PDF
Zahra Feghhi, Seyed Mohammad Javadi 555
Problems Faced by Novice Principals in Malaysia: An Exploration Study PDF
Ramnan Saidun, Lokman Mohd Tahir, Mohammed Borhandden Musah 562
Institutional Ownerships and Market Performance PDF
Sami R. M. Musallam 570
Analysis of Socioeconomic Factors that Dampen the Flow of Foreign Direct Investment PDF
Khawaja Asif Mehmood, Sallahuddin Hassan 578
Cultural Angle and Degrees of Transculturation in Multicultural Societies PDF
David Caballero Mariscal, Agar Marín Morales 590
Cyberspace Identity Theft: The Conceptual Framework PDF
Nazura Abdul Manap, Anita Abdul Rahim, Hossein Taji 595
Factors of Interacting with the Quran in Religious Life Appreciation Process among UKM Students PDF
Siti Sarah Haimi, Muhd Najib Abdul Kadir, Hasnan Kasan, Umar Faruk 606
Personality and Clinical Dimensions of Pathological Gamblers. A Pilot Study PDF
Giuseppe Craparo, Alessio Gori, Giuseppe Iraci Sareri, Ugo Pace 612
Institutionalization and Globalization in Arab Countries PDF
Asim Alaraji 617
Civil Liability Arising from Damage Caused by Products PDF
Velisjana Sherifi 623
Categorization, Characterisation, Management and Future Trends of Solid Wastes in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria PDF
Ibimilua Adewale Festus, Ibimilua Foyeke Omoboye 628
Formulating Strategies Towards Economic and Technological Retrofitting of Macrosocial Systems PDF
Lilia Aubakirovna Enikeeva, Elena Konstantinovna Torosyan 637
A Study on Classroom Spatial Performance: Its Impacts on Students’ Satisfaction and Study Achievement PDF
Sri Astuti Indriyati 642
The Relationship between Stress and Job Satisfaction: An Evidence from Malaysian Peacekeeping Mission PDF
Azman Ismail, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Muhammad Subhan, Mohd Hasanur Raihan Joarder, Ahmad Azan Ridzuan 647
Metacognitive and Self Regulated Learning Strategies Profiles: An Exploratory Survey of a Group of High School Students PDF
Simona De Stasio, Carlo Di Chiacchio 656
The Eurasian Economic Union: Realities and Challenges PDF
Seilbek Mussatayev, Assem Kaidarova, Maigul Mekebaeva 664
A Study on Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Process among Manufacturing Companies Registered with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) at Bayan Lepas Area, Penang, Malaysia PDF
Mohd. Anuar bin Arshad, Ahmad Nasir bin Mohamad Yusof, Arshad Mahmood, Adeel Ahmed, Sohail Akhtar 670

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