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Vol 4, No 9 (2013)

Special Issue - October 2013

Table of Contents


Enterprise Performance and Assessment Policy in Albania, Needs Social Development Strategies as an Important Key PDF
Alba Dumi, Emine Emurllai 13
To a Question of New Strategies of Ethnocultural Policy of Modern States PDF
Helen Karsanova 23
Employment Status, Income Equality, and Poverty in Egypt PDF
Hoda Abd El Hamid Ali 27
Albanians Have always Respected the Rules PDF
Indrit Shtupi, Arjan Vasjari, Xhabir Zenuni 36
Did Foreign Direct Investment contribute to the Libyan Economic Growth in Transition Period? PDF
Abderahman Efhialelbum, Paul Flatau 46
Governing the Street Space Contestation and Conflict Through the Empowerment of Indigenous Community in Bali- Indonesia PDF
Antonius Karel Muktiwibowo 56
A New Institutional Economics Approach to Contracts and Cooperatives PDF
Dudi Suli, Florjan Bombaj, Nevin Aliaj, Hergys Suli 64
Images of Needlework: The Category of Memory in Aurora Levins Morales’s Remedios PDF
Elena Nakaznaya 69
The Tribal Philosophical Thoughts of the Higaunon of Iligan City, Philippines PDF
Artchil C. Daug, Ashera Dyan T. Neri 74
The Role of Administrative and Implementing Law Reforms in Public Administration and Cultural Heritage in Albania PDF
Alba Dumi, Borana Koçiu 82
School Violence: A Cross Cultural Analysis PDF
Camélia Dumitriu 89
Daylight Design Strategies: A Lesson from Iranian Traditional Houses PDF
Faezeh Nabavi, Yahaya Ahmad, Ai Tee Goh 97
Household Consumption of Dairy Products - An Analysis of Consumer Behavior in Albania PDF
Ilir Kapaj, Ana Mane Kapaj 104
Paradigm Shift in UN Peacekeeping in the Post Cold War Era PDF
Amit Mishra 109
The Causes of the Balkan Wars 1912-1913 and their Impact on the International Relations on the Eve of the First World War PDF
Edit Bregu 115
African American's Struggle for Equality and African American Literature PDF
Ivana Nakić Lučić 123
The Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution & Peace Building in Darfur; From an Anthropological Perspective PDF
Isam Mohamed Ibrahim 132
Gender Policy and European Integration PDF
Rediana Bajrami, Eneida Capo 141
The Polarization of the Political System in Albania and the Problems it has Caused PDF
Adelina Nexhipi 151
Metaphor and Materiality PDF
Aleksandra V. Jovanović, Nina Sirković 158
Le Droit à L’environnement, Nouveau Fondement à la Réparation du Dommage Ecologique en Droit Positif Marocain PDF
Bouchra Nadir 164
Culture - Specific Items And Literary Translation
Ilda Poshi 171
The Observance of the International Acts from the Albanian Penal and Procedurial Penal Legislation in Consideration to the Juvenile Protection PDF
Bledar Mustafaraj 175
Cosmology and World-View among the Bajau: The Supernatural Beliefs and Cultural Evolution PDF
Halina Sendera Mohd. Yakin 184
Incomprehensible Men and Invisible Mothers Gendered Visions of a Fascist Future in Sweden 1933–1939 PDF
Beatrice Sjöström 195
Importance of Tourism in Community Development PDF
Irida Nikolla, David Miko 205
The Perception of the Relationship between Trade Unions and Politics in Turkey: A Tracking on the Related Acts PDF
Fuat Man 212
Age’s Differences at Bullying’s Acts in School Age PDF
Fitnet Hasekiu 220
Toward a Protected Maritime Environment of Adriatic Region PDF
Elson Thana, Dorina Patuzi 223
Biomonitoring of Di-(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP) Exposure in Human PDF
I. Petrovičová, B. Kolena, T. Pilka 230
The Role of Libyan Resisters in the War of Palestine 1948 PDF
Jamal Hashim Ahmad Dhuwaib, Barakat Mohammed Suleiman 237
Albanian Legal Reforms in Administrative Justice and European Integration PDF
Aida Hoxha 245
Areas Affected Most by the Students from the ICT Focused Technological Transformations and Its Effects on Education PDF
Ahmet Naci Çoklar 249
The Diverse Implications of EU Instruments for Legal Criminality of Political Reforms in Macedonia and Albania PDF
Ismail Zejneli, Alba Robert Dumi 253
Inés y la Alegría: Women in the Resistance against Franco PDF
Ana Pociello Sampériz 262
Application the Statistical Methods for Estimating of Innovation Level PDF
Turcan Aurelia, Bujor Tatiana, Bahneanu Vitalina 271
Technology and Privacy, Internet Effects on Privacy PDF
Eriola Cakrani 279
Interpreters of Nineteenth Century Viewed by Anthropologists PDF
Christina Lachat Leal 284
The Lognormal Distribution of the Age gaining Great Achievement of the Talents in Humanities & Social Sciences PDF
Lu Cui, Shuhua Zhong 293
Does Objective Well-Being Cause Subjective Well-Being? (1998-2012 Albanian Voter Analyze) PDF
Dorina Bërdufi 306
The Conflict between the Spiritual and the Sensual Dimension in Kate Chopin’s Short Stories PDF
Florinda Boriçi 314
Processi Dinamici nella Cultura Postmoderna: Interpenetrazione tra Pubblicità e Cultura PDF
Ananyeva Evgenia Viktorovna 318
Empirical Research on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in Jiangsu Province PDF
Geng Chengxuan 322
Cybercrime in the Perspective of the European Legal Framework PDF
Aldo Shkëmbi, Darjel Sina 327
A System-Social Approach to the Modeling of Corruption. PDF
Alexander P. Mikhailov, Evgeny A. Gorbatikov, Elena D. Kornilina 332
Total Privatization of Banks – Is it the Right or the Wrong Choice? PDF
Alqi Naqellari 343
Social Capital in Europe. A Three-Step Analysis. Its Structure, Levels, Individual and Contextual Determinants PDF
Conceição Pequito Teixeira 356
The Literary Dimension of the Absurd and Black Humour in Catch-22 PDF
Anita Neziri 376
Research on China’s Total Energy Consumption and Energy Structure PDF
Guan Yeqing, Liu Hua 381
The Unforeseen Ethical Issues and Respective Consequences in Lending Process: Albanian Banking System Case PDF
Ardita Todri 387
International Arbitration in Albania. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Decision PDF
Arsim Berisha 395
William Shakespeare in the Croatian Drama until the Postmodern Period PDF
Helena Brautović 399
Intertextual Review of a Once-Banned Author’s Dramatical Work PDF
Besa Shingjergji 405
Success and Mobility of Generation Y: A Comparative Study on the Example of Poland And Austria PDF
Izabela Bednarska-Wnuk, Katarzyna Januszkiewicz 410
Quality of Service in the Banking Sector PDF
Jasmina Lumanaj, Aulent Guri, Armend Aliu, Otjela Lubonja 418
Regional Variations of Infant Mortality in Kenya: Evidence from 2009 KDHS Data PDF
Joseph Misati Akuma 425
Eavesdropping and the Rule of Law. Constitutional and Criminal Aspect of this Phenomenon PDF
Indrit Shtupi, Arjan Vasjari, Xhabir Zejnuni 434
Pregnancy Discrimination in the European Union Law Its Legal Character and the Scope of Pregnant Women Protection PDF
Justyna Maliszewska-Nienartowicz 441
Remembering the Victims: The Sarajevo Red Line Memorial and the Trauma Art Paradox PDF
Katelyn E. Giovannucci 449
Teaching Business Ethics to Nigerian Senior Managers: Meeting the ‘How’ Expectations PDF
Kemi Ogunyemi 453
Forced Execution of Judicial Decisions as the Right to Fair Trial Applicability of this Principle in the Albanian Practice Cases that are handled by the Constitutional Court PDF
Ina Foto Barjamaj, Alba Robert Dumi 458
The Challenges for the European Tourism Sustainable PDF
Denada Olli 464
Decentralization and Regional Development in Albania PDF
Dorina Klosi (Leka) 469
In Perfect Shape Media Representations of Women’s Health in Brazil PDF
Everardo Rocha, Marina Frid 474
Communicating with Voters in Social Networks: The Case of 2011 Presidential Elections in Kyrgyzstan PDF
Elira Turdubaeva 482
South East Europe: Trade Liberalization, Economic Integration, Quality, Security and Guarantee of Products and Services PDF
Enriko Ceko 494
Prospective and Retrospective Recurrence Impact on Text Coherence PDF
Svetlana Sorokina, Olga Musorina 503
The Metaphysics of Possible Worlds in the Narrative of Fatos Kongoli Time and Symmetric Space in the Comparison between Kongoli – Buzzati PDF
Eris Rusi 512
Learning of Bullying’s Acts Throught Operant Conditioning PDF
Fitnet Hasekiu 519
On the Organization Forms and Structures of Local Government in European Countries PDF
Teki Kurti 521
Legacy of the ad hoc International Criminal Tribunals in Implementing International Humanitarian Law PDF
Agnieszka Szpak 525
Cooperation between Cyber Criminals and Terrorist Organizations PDF
Hergis Jica 532
Crises of Bosnia PDF
Aleksandar Savanović 539
E-loyalty Model in e-Commerce PDF
Amir Afsar, Zeinab Nasiri, Mahboubeh Ostad Zadeh 547
Butchers Willingness to Pay for Packed Lamb Meat: Case of Tirana Butcher Shops PDF
Etleva Muca (Dashi), Ledia Thoma, Ana Kapaj, Fatmir Guri 554
Organizational Contexts of Professional Work in Third Sector PDF
Ana Paula Marques, Telmo H. Caria 558
Development of a Physical Activity Program for Delinquent Out-of-School-Youth: Intervention for Violence PDF
Leonard Sydrick H. Pajo, Corazon T. Biong 566
Utilization of LABAs versus SABAs in Albanian Insured Outpatients with COPD during 2008-2012 PDF
Alida Sina, Zamira Shabani 573
From Concealment to Différance. Upon a Hidden Foundation of Being from the View-Point of Jan Patočka and Jacques Derrida PDF
Anna Maria Skibska 579
Vegetarianism and Health Status among the Senior Citizens of Iligan City PDF
Cherlita C. Cudal, Corazon T. Biong 586
New Approach to Analysis Public Preferences for Local Financial Reforms: Greater Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area as a Case Study PDF
Asher Vaturi 595
Pro-Cyclical Regulation and its Consequences in the Credit Crisis PDF
Vytautas Snieska, Ruta Masteikiene, Vitalija Venckuviene, Gitana Valodkiene 602
Evaluation of Sustainability of the General Government Debt in a Small Open Economy PDF
Vytautas Snieska, Aura Draksaite 610
Modelling the Outcome of Credit Shocks in Small Open Economy PDF
Vytautas Snieška, Vitalija Venckuvienė, Gitana Valodkienė, Rūta Masteikienė 619
Hactivism in Turkey: The Case of Redhack PDF
Burak Polat, Cemile Tokgöz Bakıroğlu, Mira Elif Demirhan Sayın 628
The Analytical end Practical Aspects of Doing Marketing In Russia PDF
Sergey Shkarovskiy 637
The European Union Legislation in the Fields of Environmental Crime: The Protection of the Victims from such Crimes PDF
Andi Dura, Admir Belishta 645
Onomastics of Pirandello’s Novels and their Translation into Albanian PDF
Mirela Papa, Alva Dani 650
Trends of the Nanomaterial Market PDF
Anatoliy Kovalev 655
Use of the Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation in the Analysis of Milk Production and Average Weight at Birth Calves Depending on the Volume Food and the concentrate PDF
Majlinda Belegu, Parashqevi Rrapo, Mariana Nikolla, Edmond Kadiu, Irma Qinami, Xhevahire Dulja 660
Effects of the Albanian Forestry Project on Poverty Reduction PDF
Dudi Suli, Nevin Alija, Hergys Suli 668
La Stratégie CRM (Customer Relationship Management) dans les Banques de Détail : Les Facteurs-Clés de Succès PDF
Camélia Dumitriu, Cristina Butnaru 674
Monolinguism of Other as a Limit of a Narrative Identity. Retelling the University Today PDF
César Correa Arias 682
The Process of Albania Enlargement of the European Union, the Transition, Reforms and Changes in Public and Private Sector of Economy PDF
Alba Dumi, Arlinda Velaj, Estela Çobo 689
Empirical Research on the Affecting Factors of Knowledge Transfer Efficiency in CoPS R&D Project PDF
Chu Yan-Feng, Huang Xiao-Qiong 696
Factors Affecting the Growth and Development of SMEs: Experiences from Kosovo PDF
Arbiana Govori 701
New Paradigms in the Exercise of Universal Rights and Freedoms PDF
Milan Palević, Dejan Matić 709
Understanding Leadership: Biographic, Gender and Social Aspects PDF
Evgeny Rudnev 714
Women and Glass Ceiling in Albania PDF
Elda Dollija, Manjola Çollaku 720
Living Like Nikanor The ‘Paradox of Transition’ in Contemporary Cuba PDF
Concetta Russo 727
The Role of Public Menagmentit, in the Interest of Increasing the Efficiency of Governance, (with Special Focus on Kosovo) PDF
Driton Fetahu 735
Economic Challenges of Brain Circulation: The Small Country Case PDF
Gindra Kasnauskiene, Agne Budvytyte 740
The Resources and Problems of Theater in Turkey: Review on the Theatre Literature During ‘Single Party’ Period PDF
Gülay Yurt 748
The Effects on Competition of Market Dominance, the Case of T-Bills in Albania PDF
Pajtim Melani, Rezana Konomi 754
New Possibilities of Supporting Polish SMEs within the Jeremie Initiative Managed by BGK PDF
Damian Walczak, Grazyna Voss 759
Criminal Justice Treatment Rights of the Defendant during the Criminal Process. Implementation of Legal Norms in Favor of the Defendant PDF
Elena Xhina, Erjola Aliaj 766
The Concept of Emotional Labor in Health Sector PDF
Didem Kaya, Aydan Yüceler 775
Civil Society, Referendums and the Media in Turkey: A Comparative Analysis of the Representation of the Referendum Rallies Relating the Constitutional Amendment in 1982 and the Constitutional Amendment Package in 2010 PDF
Erdal Dağtaş, Fırat Adiyaman 780

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