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Vol 4, No 10 (2013)

Special Issue - October 2013

Table of Contents


Recent Studies on Byzantine Sigillography in TurkeyRecent Studies on Byzantine Sigillography in Turkey PDF
Esra Guzel Erdogan 13
The Dimensions of a Conflict: the Case of Macedonia. PDF
Aida Goga 16
Theories of Roma Origins and the Bengal Linkage PDF
Harish K. Thakur 22
The Tension of the Social Relations between the Colonizer and the Colonized in Forster’s a Passage to India PDF
Abdulhafeth Ali Khrisat 27
Albanian Public Policies, Financing Reforms and the Importance of Decentralization Process in Partnership with Foreign Direct Investments. Decentralization Process in Partnership with Foreign Direct Investments in Balcan Region. PDF
Hava Mucollari, Alba Robert Dumi, Zaim Korsi, Elisabeta Duçellari 34
The Concept of Brand Culture: A Qualitative Analysis Directed to Turkish Airlines PDF
Deniz Maden 42
Development of a Simple Version of the 27-item Version of an Instrument to Measure Self-Efficacy for Social Participation of People with Mental Illness PDF
Mayo Hiroshima, Manami Amagai 50
Comparing and Contrasting First and Second Language Acquisition PDF
Ilda Poshi, Fjona Çukani 56
The Impact of Company Characteristics on Derivatives Usage: Survey Study of Large Croatian Companies PDF
Ivana Štulec, Tomislav Baković, Ines Dužević 59
Music and Dance as Learning Interventions for Children with Intellectual Disabilities PDF
Jhalukpreya Surujlal 68
The Family “Diverse” but not Natural: The Case of Albania PDF
Arjan Vasjari, Juelda Lamçe 76
Research on Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer in Mentoring Process PDF
Li Nan, Guo Hui, Shi Yang, Lv Lizhi 80
An English Reconquista: The Impact of the Enhanced Language Proficiency Requirements on Canada’s Multicultural Immigration Model PDF
Anna Schemmel, Patricia B. Strait 87
Sustainable Economic Development, a Necessity of the 21st Century PDF
Alba Kruja 93
Testing Rybczynski Theorem: An Evidence from The Selected European Transition Countries PDF
Ljubo Jurcic, Hrvoje Josic, Mislav Josic 99
The Right not to be Subjected to Enforced Disappearance: Finding Nemo in the International Human Rights Regime PDF
Ioanna Pervou 106
Syntactical Phenomena Observed in Bringing Swift's Style into Albanian: Case Study "A Tale of a Tub'' and Its Variant in Albanian PDF
Alma Karasaliu 114
Mediterraneanisms and Colloquial Maritime Terminology in Croatia PDF
Jasenka Maslek, Ariana Violić-Koprivec 119
The Usage of Morbid Themes and Imageries in Contemporary Art: A Case Study of “12: A Group Exhibition in Anticipation of the 2012 Apocalypse” PDF
Kanwal Syed, Sarena Abdullah 128
Fiscal Policies as a Main Pillar of Macroeconomic Policies and Their Impact on Economic Development. Study Model – Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) PDF
Armend Aliu, Aulent Guri, Donjeta Abazi, Jasmina Lumani 137
Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Albanian Legal Reality PDF
Artan Spahiu 146
The Extent of the Application of Community Service Order as an Alternative Punishment in Malaysia PDF
Anita Abdul Rahim, Tengku Noor Azira Tengku Zainudin, Mohamad Afiq Taqiudin Roslan 154
Study of the Legend of Holy Grail's Knight and Emperor Friedrich II by the European House of Andechs Meranien. From the Viewpoint Their Aim for Ending of International Religious War "the Crusades" in 12-13th Century PDF
Takao Kawanishi 160
Albanian Parliament and Economic Concessions to Italy (1925-1928) PDF
Bashkim Boseta 169
Status of North Kosovo from a Legal and Economic Perspective PDF
Attila Nagy 175
Exploring the Interaction of Self Narratives with Other Perception - Relevance for Managerial Anthropology and Business Ethics PDF
Kemi Ogunyemi, Omowumi Ogunyemi 179
Gender and Age Group Differences in Stereotypes about Mental Health Care Providers PDF
Lasma Katsena, Girts Dimdins 185
Unemployment in Kosovo in the Last Ten Years 2002-2012 PDF
Besnik Desku, Behrije Ramaj 191
An Empirical Analysis of US Interest Rate Swap Spreads during the Sovereign Crisis of the Euro Zone PDF
Takayasu Ito 198
Political System Discussions in Turkish Media PDF
Vildan Iyigüngör 204
The Audit of the Financial System, Development and the Gaps in Albanian Businesses An over-view of PIFC Principles and Financial Management PDF
Zaim Korsi, Alba Robert Dumi, Hava Mucollari 209
External Debt Management Techniques: An Evaluation Of The Debt Conversion Programme On Nigeria Economy PDF
Odunayo Adewale Henry 216
The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Justice and Cyberloafing: Evidence from a Public Hospital in Turkey PDF
Emine Öğüt, Mehmet Şahin, M. Tahir Demirsel 226
Faceless and Forgotten Victims PDF
Besim Kusari, Benina Rizvanolli-Kusari, Eliza Thana 234
The Influence of the Political Regime on Property Rights in Post-Soviet Russia PDF
Andrey Marin-Ostrovskiy 241
Women Blogs and Aestheticised Consumption PDF
Bİlge Gürsoy 249
The Role of the Woman in the Albanian Family PDF
Brikena (Buda) Dhuli 255
Difficulties in Transition among Livelihoods under Agricultural Land Conversion for Industrialization: Perspective of Human Development PDF
Duong Duc Dai, Le Thi Ngan, Nguyen Thi Dien 259
Free and Open Borders and Their Role in Security Matters PDF
Blerta Derhemi (Bitri) 268
Publishing Leaked Information as News: Sabotage or Journalistic Success? PDF
Banu Baybars Hawks, Ayten Gorgun Smith 271
Will Peace Flourish in the End? The History of Suffering: Terrorism in Turkey PDF
Banu Baybars Hawks 278
Kosovo Nationalism and the NATO Involvement in Managing a New Crisis PDF
Indrit Shtupi, Arjan Vasjari, Xhabir Zejnuni 283
State-NGO Relations in Africa PDF
Miriam Hofisi, Costa Hofisi 291
Complaint Handling in the Airline Industry: The Way to Enhance Customer Loyalty PDF
Dina Metwally 299
Problems Involved in Improving the Quality of Life in Albania in the Years 2000 - 2012 PDF
Enriko Ceko 312
Modernisation, Urban Renewal and the Social Cost of Development PDF
E.B.A. Agbaje 318
Marketing Health and Social Marketing the Importance of Public Health Campaigns to Create Public Awareness in Turkey PDF
Emrah Cengiz, Esma Gültüvin Gür Omay 325
Public Debt in Albania and Some Ideas on the Good Management of Public Finances PDF
Dorina Leka (Klosi) 332
Ethnic Conflicts and the Role of the Media: The Case of Turkish Media PDF
H. Esra Arcan 338
From “Contrarevolucionarios” to “Economic Migrants”: Portraits, Perspectives and Meanings of Cuban Emigration Phenomenon PDF
Francesca Piffer 347
Economic and Political Strengthening of Women and Their Position of Decision Making: Case of Kosovo PDF
Fëllanze Pula 354
Migration of Youths in Russia: Impact on Sex-age Structures PDF
Ilya Kashnitsky 358
A Research to Determine the Effects of Emotıonal Labour on Emotional Exhaustion and Job Satisfaction: The Case of Health Insiıtutions PDF
Adem Öğüt, Vural Çağlıyan, Mehtap Fındık 366
NATO’s Current Policies on War Against Terrorism PDF
Eljona Plaku, Eliana Ibrahimi (Tafa) 374
Mathematical Model of Opinion Dynamics in Social Groups PDF
Evgeny Gorbatikov, Elena Kornilina, Alexander Mikhailov, Alexandr Petrov 380
The Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among 7-8 Years Old Children of Tirana City PDF
Elvira Baze 388
Factors Affecting University Students in Shoes Selection: Turkey Example PDF
Hatice Harmankaya, Selda Guzel, Asuman Yilmaz Filiz 394
Harmonization of Kosovo’s Legislation with EU’s Legislation in the Field of Security PDF
Basri Shabani 399
Religiosity and Political Participation of University Students in Turkey PDF
Özlem Altunsu Sönmez 403
The Debate of Environmental Impact and Tourism Development: Perspective from Local Resident and Businessman PDF
Chen-Wei Chao, Oliver F. Shyr, Ching-Sung Lee, Chen-Huang Chao, Li Tsai, Chih-Sheng Kang 410
The Effect Remittances Have on the Living Standards of Albanians and on Country’s GDP PDF
Filloreta Madani, Oltiana Muharremi, Erald Pelari 415
Health Tourism in Turkey: Opportunities and Threats PDF
Esma Gültüvin Gür Omay, Emrah Cengiz 424
Antecedents and Outcomes of Brand Management from the Perspective of Resource Based View (RBV) Theory PDF
Imelda Albert Gisip, Amran Harun 432
Liability for Environmental Damage in Portugal – A Short Overview PDF
Jorge Barros Mendes 439
The Arising Uncertainties from Democratization Process in Arab Spring Countries PDF
Khemis Mohamed 443
The Curative Tourism in Elbasan ( Albania), Challenges for the Future PDF
Albana Zejnelhoxha 450
Paradoxes of Contemporary Anthropology PDF
Martin Soukup, Michaela Konopíková 457
Preserving Minangkabau Traditional Building In West Sumatera, Indonesia: Toward Sustainable Community PDF
Noviarti Noviarti, Ranti Irsa, Andi Putra, Astuti Masdar 465
Quality Management Systems in Meat Processing Industry in Albania - Quantifying Factors that Influence its Implementation PDF
Ilir Kapaj, Ana Mane Kapaj, Etleva Dashi Muca 470
A Legal-Psychological Approach to Understanding Online Attitudes and Behaviours PDF
Eoin Carolan, M. Rosario Castillo-Mayén 473
Measuring the Immeasurable! An Overview of Stress & Strain Measuring Instruments PDF
Syed Gohar Abbas, Asmaa Farah, Cansu Apkinar-Sposito 480
Bank’s Rating a Need or Necessity in Albanian Banking System PDF
Ada Aliaj, Ilir Hoti 490
The Mediating Effects of Feedback and Procedural Justice on the Relationship between Formal Performance Evaluation System and Trust between Superior and Subordinate Managers PDF
Ria Nelly Sari, Rita Anugerah, Yusralaini Yusralaini, Herra Gusrifan 497
Entitlement to Health Insurance in the Republic of Albania and the Europian Code of Social Defence PDF
Fjoralba Memia 505
Flooding Vulnerability Assessment – A Case Study of Hou-Jing Stream in Taiwan PDF
Meng-Ru Tsay, Han-Liang Lin 513
Doris Lessing’s Attitude to Marriage as Seen through the Albanian Binoculars PDF
Erinda Papa, Benita Stavre 520
Decentralization Reform, Case of Albania PDF
Fran Brahimi, Fiqiri Baholli, Nezir Haldeda, Ines Dika 524
A Consideration on Emotional Labour, Burnout Syndrome and Job Performance: The Case of Health Institutions PDF
Vural Çağlıyan, Mehtap Fındık, Burcu Doğanalp 532
An Empirical Assessment on the Relations Between the Euro Exchange Rate, Trade Balance and the Consumer Price Index: Case of Albania PDF
Ilir Hoti, Fiqiri Baholli, Ines Dika 541
The Current Status and Challenges of the Human Resource Developments in Kosovo PDF
Naim Ismajli, Donat Rexha, Fidan Qerimi 548
The Development of the Service Sector in Albania and Its Future PDF
Oltiana Muharremi, Filloreta Madani, Erald Pelari 556
Abroad or Back Home? Reflecting on Foreignizing and Domesticating Tendencies Observed in Children’s Literature Translated into Albanian PDF
Eriola Qafzezi 564
A Look at the Public Sphere in Talk Show Programs in Albania PDF
Elvin Luku 574
The Power of Women in the Armed Forces PDF
Valbona Medani 580
A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model Proposal for Network Design of a Multi-Phase, Environmental and Flexible Closed Loop Supply Chain PDF
Hasan Kürşat Güleş, Zeynep Ergen, Kazım Karaboğa 586
Risky and Protective Factors of Bullying’s Acts PDF
Fitnet Hasekiu 594
The Legal and Political System of the Republic of Macedonia between the Rule of Ethnos and Demos PDF
Jeton Shasivari, Ismail Zejneli 598
Urban Planning Challenges in the Peripheral Areas of Durres City (Porto Romano) PDF
Sonila Xhafa, Blerina Hasani 605
Cyber Security and National Security Awareness Initiatives in Albania: A Synergy Approach PDF
Hergis Jica 614
Modalities of Western Enlightenment Text Translation in the 18th Century Romanian Culture PDF
Gabriela E. Dima 623
A Relationship Expressed in a Stamp PDF
Ilira Sulo (Çaushi) 630
Strategic Culture of the Western Balkans States PDF
Granit Zela 636
Segregation of Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Potential for Residential Hostel UiTM Sarawak PDF
J. Kinti, L.D. Francis, N.D. Wakimin 640
Climate Changing Impact on Water Resources PDF
Rudina Uruci 644
The Right to Privacy of Personal Information and Private Life (Privacy): The Issues Nowadays PDF
Irisi Topalli 648
The Difference between Albanian and Italian Tax Systems and the Challenges of Albanian Tax System Against the Advantages of Italian Tax System. The Investment Climate in Albania for Italian Businesses PDF
Jonada Mamo, Ina Shehu 653
Ancient Routes, New Destinations: Roman Road Via Sebaste as a Thematic Cultural Route PDF
Mustafa Arslan 660
Albanian “Bologna” How close/far is Albanian Higher Education to European standards? PDF
Tomi Treska, Erjona Canaj 666
System and Form of Kosovo Pension Fund PDF
Vjosa Hajdari 676
Cooperative Governance: What Impact on the Marketing of Saffron? Case of Saffron’s Cooperatives in the Area of Taliouine in Morocco PDF
Zineb Merouah, Abdelaziz Bendou, Allal Achaba 681
Anglicisms in Italian and Albanian Language in the Field of Telecommunication and Informatics PDF
Isida Shehu 689
Migration, Youth and Social Issues in Albania: Kukes Region Case PDF
Enkelejda Cenaj 693
Territory and Sustainable Economic Development in Morocco PDF
Mina Elgraini 699
Students' Perceptions and Attitudes toward Sustainable Tourism Development in Albania PDF
Mirjam Dibra, Ted Oelfke 706
Wilhem Wied and the Movement of Northern Epirus: The Protocol of Corfu PDF
Xhoana Faja 715
Criticizing the Present through the Future or How Kurt Vonnegut Turned Science Fiction into an Art PDF
Sidita (Hoxhiq) Dano 722
The Effect of Variations in Gold and Oil Prices on BIST 100 Index PDF
Ali Akgün, İ. Erem Şahin, Baki Yilmaz 726
Customer Relationship Management as a Tool for Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Exemplar Companies with Worldwide Success PDF
Emel Celep, Muammer Zerenler, Esen Şahin 731
Women’s Entrepreneurship and Their Organization in the Context of Gender Factor: A Case Study in the Konya City PDF
Esen Şahin, Muammer Zerenler, Vasviye Özlem Akgün 737
Measurement of Efficiency in The Turkish Banking Sector in the 2009-2011 Period: A DEA Approach PDF
İbrahim Erem Şahin, Baki Yılmaz, Ali Akgün 744
Critical Success Factors for a Customer Relationship Management Strategy PDF
Mahmut Tekin 753
Green Marketing Perception: A Study on Konya Automotıve Supplier Industry PDF
V. Özlem Akgün, Muammer Zerenler, Esen Şahin 758
The Albanian Historical Novel's Hundred Years Journey PDF
Valbona Kalo (Shengjergji) 772
Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Reintegration of Discharged Prisoners in Anambra State, South East, Nigeria PDF
Kelechi K. Osayi 775
The Relation Between Organizational Health and Organizational Commitment PDF
Aydan Yüceler, Burcu Doğanalp, Ş. Didem Kaya 781
Assessing Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting in Protection of Forests (Case study: Sari, Iran) PDF
Mohammad Abedi 789

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