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Vol 5, No 24 (2014)

Special Issue - November 2014

Table of Contents


Risk-Oriented Technique of Real Investments Management: Consepts PDF
I.A. Filippova, I.G. Khairullin, D.S. Usanova 11
Relationship between Financial Indicators of a Company and the ERP-System Implementation Costs PDF
E.U. Strelnik, D.S. Usanova, T.V. Ushakova 15
Organization of Innovative Project Management on the Base of Multimode Modeling of Probabilities Mixture of Labor Processes PDF
A.I. Usanov, D.S. Usanova 20
Regional Aspect of Value Added Use in Assessing Competitiveness of Economic Districts PDF
A.A Kamalova, E.A. Polovkina 24
Some Aspects of the Formation a Financial Strategy in Emerging Markets PDF
A.Y. Pochitaev, M.S. Yarovinskaya, I.A. Filippova 28
International Financial Reporting Standards Implementation into the Russian Accounting System PDF
P.A. Aletkin 33
Development of Financial Reporting Principles PDF
L.I. Kulikova, G.M. Gafieva 38
Falsification of Financial Statements: Historical and Evolutionary Aspect PDF
L.I. Kulikova, G.M. Gafieva 41
Human Capital Accounting in Professional Sport: Evidence from Youth Professional Football PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.V. Goshunova 44
Science of Balance Preparation: Substance and Stages of Development in Russia PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.V. Goshunova 49
The Problem of Accounting for the Costs Incurred after the Initial Recognition of an Intangible Asset PDF
E.Yu. Vetoshkina, R.Sh. Tukhvatullin 52
Budgeting System in Construction Organizations in Conditions of Process-Oriented Normative Model of Cost Accounting PDF
R.S. Tukhvatullin, O.V. Pratchenko 56
The Interrelation between the Professional Judgment of the Accountant and the Quality of Financial Reporting PDF
L.I. Kulikova, L.L. Grigoryeva, A.R. Gubaidullina 61
The Need of Professional Judgement of the Accountant in Accounting Assets of Exploration and Evaluation of Mineral Resources PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.R. Gubaidullina, N.V. Arzhantseva 65
Efficiency Analysis of Taking out Real Estate Loans for Profit-Making Organizations PDF
L.I. Kulikova, A.V. Ivanovskaya, N.V. Antonova 70
Accounting of Reserves for Impairment of Inventory PDF
G.I. Khamidullina, N.V. Arzhantseva 75
Budget Efficiency for Cost Control Purposes in Management Accounting System PDF
G.S. Klychova, М.S. Faskhutdinova, E.R. Sadrieva 79
Organization of Accounting in Fur Farming according to IAS PDF
G.S. Klychova, L.I. Kulikova, L.M. Mavlieva, A.S. Klychova 84
Special Aspects of Horse Husbandry Production Costs Calculation PDF
G.S. Klychova, A.R. Zakirova, M.V. Khametova, E.R. Sadrieva 91
Functions Accounting at the Enterprises of Dairy Cattle Breeding in the Context of Cost Pool According to Physiological Groups PDF
G.S. Klychova, A.T. Iskhakov, G.R. Valieva, A.S. Klychova 98
Management Reporting and Its Use for Information Ensuring of Agriculture Organization Management PDF
G.S Klychova, A.R. Zakirova, K.Z. Mukhamedzyanov, М.S. Faskhutdinova 104
Accountancy in Horsebreeding Organization in Compliance with International Accountancy Standards PDF
Dz. I. Faizrakhmanov, G.S. Klychova, М.V. Khametova 111
The Influence of Forms of Insurance Coverage Organization on Population's Life Quality PDF
G.N. Kaigorodova, A.A. Mustafina 118
Peculiarities of Organization of the Foreign Mortgages and Mortgage-Backed Securities Market PDF
G. Bazhanova, A. Shakiryanova 124
Institutional Traps of Human Capital Consumption: Public Goods Production Problems PDF
L.V. Alekseeva, T.V. Nikonova, L.M. Yusupova 131
Methodology for Rating of Insurance Portfolio PDF
D.P. Alyakina, G.F. Khisamova 137
Russia's Anti-Offshore Policy in the Global Economic System PDF
L.V. Alekseeva, T.V. Nikonova, L.M. Yusupova 141
Economic Bases of Formation and Development of Financial Engineering in Financial Innovation PDF
A.A. Ajupov, A.B Artamonov, K.U Kurilov, A.A. Kurilova 148
Method of Valuation of Financial Factors Influencing the Implementation of Liquidity Risk for Leasing Companies PDF
A.A. Ajupov, M.S. Mishina, M.E. Ivanov 154
Application of Optimization Models in Prediction of Inland Water Transport Organizations' Profit PDF
V.N. Nesterov, D.V. Neizvestnaya 160
Small and Medium Businesses Informatization Managment: Main Trends of Development in Russia PDF
T.V. Ushakova, A.R. Safiullin, E.U. Strelnik 165
Effective Internal Audit Service Organisation in Health Clinics PDF
N.A. Naumova, F.I. Kharisova 170
Methodological Approaches to the Assessing of the Quality of Audit Sampling PDF
S.S. Meleshenko, D.S. Usanova 176
Applying the Category of «Assertions (or Preconditions)» In Audit of Financial Statement PDF
F.I. Kharisova, N.N. Kozlova 180
Income Distribution and Market Demand: The Case of Heterogeneous Preferences PDF
M. Ibragimov, A.M. Tufetulov 185
Legal Status of an Appraiser in the Russian Federation under Globalization PDF
T.I. Abdreev, A.M. Tufetulov 188
Mechanism of State Tax Regulation in the Global Economy PDF
Farida F. Adigamova, Marat A. Safiullin, Aidar M. Tufetulov 193
Assessment of Pension Coverage in the Russian Federation PDF
N.M. Sabitova, N.S. Jourkina 200
Issue Activity of Subjects of the Russian Federation and Municipalities: Tendencies of the Beginning of the XXI Century PDF
I.R. Sharafutdinova, S. A. Kulakova, E. N. Nikonova 204
Financial Risks of Constituents of the Russian Federation PDF
Sabitova Nadia, Shavaleyeva Chulpan 209
Debt Burden of Constituents of the Russian Federation and Its Determinant Factors PDF
Sabitova Nadia, Nikonova Elena 216
Assesment of the Impact of Assets Value on Financial Statuses of Regions PDF
M.J. Efremova, N.M. Sabitova 222
Small Business Innovation in Russian Universities PDF
R.G. Kaspina, T.V. Yerina 227
Revisiting the Application of the Abc System in the Packaging Industry Companies PDF
I.F. Nurmuhametov, R.G. Kaspina, N.N. Davletshina 231
Fuzzy Forecasting of the Сash Flow Statement Based on Accounting Data PDF
R.G. Kaspina, L.A. Molotov 237
Features of Russian Companies Real Estate Appraisal in the Accounting System PDF
R.R. Azmitov, I.A. Ivanovskiy, L.L. Korabelnikova 242
Analysis of Using Capital Asset Pricing Model for Assessing Companies Return PDF
R. A. Burganova, V. V. Novak, M. F. Salahieva 246
Methodological Approaches of Formation of Evaluative Indicators of Quality of Life PDF
L.R. Fakhrutdinova, B.M. Eidelman, M.V. Rozhko, O.V. Pratchenko 251
The Role of Meteorological Factor in Long-Term Variability of the River Streamflow of the Territory of North of the Russian (East European) Plain PDF
I.A. Rysaeva, A.P. Dvinskikh, O.V. Pratchenko 256
Positioning of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Volga Federal District PDF
M.V. Rozhko, N.V. Maklakova 263
Peculiar Features of the Tatar People Migration on the Territory of Tatarstan PDF
N. Biktimirov, N. Gabdrakhmanov, V. Rubtsov, M. Mustaphin, N. Arzhantseva 267
Analysis of Life Expectancy Rate at Birth in the Republic of Tatarstan PDF
N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, V.A. Rubtzov, M.R. Mustafin, N.V. Antonova 272
Geodemographic Potential of the Republic of Tatarstan: Analysis, Evaluation, Territorial Differences PDF
N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, V.A. Rubtzov, M.R. Mustafin, O.V. Pratchenko 278
Modern Principles of Financial Services Markets Regulation as a Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis of 2008 PDF
S.M. Valitov, A.A. Nigmetzyanov 285
New Requirements of the Basel Committeee on Banking Supervision to Capital as a Measure to Ensure the Stability of the Banking Sector PDF
S.M. Valitov, A.A. Nigmetzyanov 294
Structural Analysis of the Dynamics of Petrochemical Cluster of Republic Tatarstan PDF
M.R. Safiullin, A.R. Safiullin 300
Multisectoral Integrated Structures Key Competences. Regional Aspect PDF
Khairullin Algis 307
Directions of the Region Transport Infrastructure Development in the Context of Its Competitiveness PDF
T.M. Vakhitova, L.A. Gadelshina 313
Factor Analysis of the Interest in the Work of Socially Important Institution PDF
I.A. Rudaleva, I.A. Kabasheva 317
Government Regulation of the Financial Market in Russia PDF
A.V. Ramazanov, K.A. Grigoryan 321
Methodology of Innovative Economics PDF
R.M. Kundakchyan, S.D. Mokichev 327
Socioeconomic Processes in the Cis Countries PDF
A.R Battalova, I.A. Abdullin 331
Tendencies of Small Business Development in the Russian Information Economy PDF
L.F. Garifova 336
Theoretical Aspects of Public Goods Guardianship PDF
I.F. Gotsulyak, O.A. Ignatjeva 341
Inequality and Economic Growth in the Russian Economy PDF
V.V. Malaev, I.K. Nizamutdinov 346
Integrated Eco-Economic Evaluation of Factors in the Regional Model "Environment-Human Health-Quality of Life" PDF
R.M. Kundakchyan, L.F. Zulfakarova 351
Sustainable Urban Development: Urban Green Spaces and Water Bodies in the City of Kazan, Russia PDF
Asiya Galeeva, Nafisa Mingazova, Iskander Gilmanshin 356
Assessing Economic Losses of Lake Kaban (Kazan, Russia) Ecosystem and Developing of Compensation Measures within the Framework of Sports Facilities Construction PDF
O. Yu. Derevenskaya, N.M. Mingazova, R.R. Mingaliev, L.R. Pavlova 361
Labor Productivity as a Factor for Increasing Public Production Efficiency PDF
E. A. Polovkina, L. D. Badrieva 366
Ensuring Environmental Safety Based on the Modeling of Biological Process of Oily Sewage PDF
Yu. I. Azimov, S.N. Savdur, E.L. Fesina 372
Measurement of Cognitive Growth Factors of Regional Economy Based on Panel Data PDF
Е. I. Kadochnikova, I.I. Ismigilov 377
The Use of Regional Accounts System when Analyzing Economic Development of the Region PDF
E.I. Kadochnikova, E.D. Khisamova 383
Application of Linear Programming in Budgeting Costs for the Compensation of Employees PDF
L.B. Sungatullina 388
Model of Sustainable Development of the Region PDF
N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, V.A. Rubtzov, M.R. Mustafin, O.V. Pratchenko 393
Differentiation of the Territory of Tatarstan Republic into Zones Due to their Significance for Domestic and National and International Tourism PDF
S.A. Shabalina, V.A. Rubtzov, O.V. Pratchenko 398
Calculation of Product Costs of Dairy Cattle Breeding in Russia PDF
M.F. Musallyamova, N.V. Antonova 403
The Necessity for Taxable Capacity Assessment for the Segments of the Insurance Market PDF
Y. M. Galimardanova, A.R. Khafizova, S.V. Salmina 407
Tax Debt Individual Customers in the Russian Federation PDF
S.V. Salmina, Y.M. Galimardanova, A.R. Khafizova 412
Effect of License Holder’s Cost-Flow on Long-Term Development of Oil Industry PDF
A.F. Yartiev, A.M. Tufetulov 417
Tax Regulation of Activity of Agricultural Commodity Producers PDF
A.R. Khafizova, Yu.M. Galimardanova, S.V. Salmina 421
Ecological Damage at Pollution by Oil Products on the Example of R. Shava, Nizhny Novgorod Region PDF
E.G. Nabeeva, N.M. Mingazova, R.R. Mingaliyev 426
Banking Capital in Russia: Sufficiency, Adequacy of Market Value Evaluation PDF
V.D. Bondarenko 432
Special Role of Credit Institutions in the Russian National AML/CFT System PDF
M.E. Lebedeva, L.A. Molova 438
Standard Regulation of Corporate Management PDF
A.N. Bushuyev, A.V. Gugelev, N. S. Yashin 442
Experience of Field Geomorphological Research Study on the Territory of the Volzhsko-Kamsky Natural Reserve PDF
I.M. Gasanov, S.G. Kurbanova, O.V. Pratchenko 448
Typology of Export Specialization of the Russian Regions PDF
R.V. Kashbrasiev, A.G. Stepin, M.R. Shtanchaeva, N.V. Maklakova 453
Modelling of Economic Growth in Russian Agriculture PDF
M.N. Tolmachev, N.S. Yashin, L.L. Grigoryeva 458
Trends in the Development of Labour Rights in the Beginning of the XXI Century PDF
Bikeev Askhat Ahatovich, Lushnikov Andrey Mikhailovich 463
Human Rights in a Globalized Modern World PDF
Golubev Stanislav Igorevich 468
Violated Copyright Protection in the Russian Federation PDF
Roza Iosifovna Sitdikova, Ruslan Borisovich Sitdikov 471
“The Roman Spirit” of the Code of Napoleon PDF
Liliya T. Bakulina 477
Unity and Differentiation of Legal Regulation of Entrepreneurial Relations in the Civil Law PDF
Ainur G. Demieva 480
Gender in Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations: Sexual Violence in Conflict PDF
Kayumova Alfiya Revolevna 483
Genesis of Competences of Local Government of Federal Subjects in Russia PDF
Igor G. Nikitenko 488
Legal Status of the Embryo in Legislation of the Republic of Yemen: Comparative Research on Provisions of the Islamic and International Law PDF
Tarhanov Ildar Abdulhakovich, Fadhl Enghadh Ahmed 492

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