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Vol 9, No 1 (2018): January 2018 Learning Styles and the Hybrid Learning: An Empirical Study about the Impact of Learning Styles on the Perception of the Hybrid Learning Abstract   PDF
Ariel Ora, Roland Sahatcija, Anxhela Ferhataj
Vol 5, No 15 (2014): July 2014 Lecturers’ Role in Tutor Development from an Activity Theory Perspective Abstract   PDF
Salochana Lorraine Hassan
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Legacy of the ad hoc International Criminal Tribunals in Implementing International Humanitarian Law Abstract   PDF
Agnieszka Szpak
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Legal Aspects of Living Arrangement Responsive and Sustainable Abstract   PDF
. Ashari, . Muhaimin, GDH Wibowo, H. Adolf
Vol 6, No 1 S3 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue Legal Definition of the Decision of General Meeting in the Russian Law Abstract   PDF
L.Z. Gazizullina
Vol 6, No 2 S2 (2015): March 2015 - Special Issue Legal Elaboration, Principles and the Process of Integrated Border Management. Observation of the Legal Framework of Kosovo Abstract   PDF
Armend Podvorica
Vol 4, No 6 (2013): Special Issue - July 2013 Legal Innovations to the Strasbourg Court and the Decision Qama versus Albania Abstract   PDF
Darjel Sina, Arjan Vasjari
Vol 6, No 5: September 2015 Legal Issues of Developing Countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement System Abstract   PDF
Amirbekova Alua Sharipbekkyzy
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Legal Mechanisms on Waste Control and Responsibility to Protect: A Comparative Perspective Abstract   PDF
Kola O. Odeku
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Legal Mindset as a Factor in the Study of National Law and the State in the XXI Century Abstract   PDF
Arthur Karlenovich Agamirov, Andrey Yurievich Mordovtsev, Alexey Yurievich Mamychev, Igor Alekseevich Sarychev
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Legal Nature and Legal Personality of the Self-regulatory Organizations (SRO) Abstract   PDF
Lubov Sitdikova, Maria Volkova, Svetlana Kuzahmetova, Olga Efimova, Olga Gridneva
Vol 8, No 3 (2017): May 2017 Legal Position of Family Members in the Context of Family Reunion: Albania Case Abstract   PDF
Ariana Fullani
Vol 6, No 3 S3 (2015): May 2015 - Special Issue Legal Procedure for Separation of the Child from his or her Parents: Inconsistency of Provisions of Russian Legislation with International Conventions Abstract   PDF
Olga Yuryevna Ilyina
Vol 5, No 1 (2014): January 2014 Legal Proceedure in Cases of Detention and Arrest Authors Involved in Offenses Abstract   PDF
Myzafer Elezi, Kasem Cenaj
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Legal Protection for Prisoners for a Conditional Exemption in the Perspective of Human Rights Abstract   PDF
Lalu Jumaidi, . Rodliyah, I. Nyoman Nurjaya, Zainal Asikin
Vol 8, No 3 (2017): May 2017 Legal Protection Setting of Post-Divorce Women’s Rights: Case Study of Siri Marriage in Lombok Abstract   PDF
Idrus Abdullah, . Djumardin
Vol 6, No 3 (2015): May 2015 Legal Reality as a Jural Category Abstract   PDF
A.V. Skorobogatov, I.S. Bulnina, A.V. Krasnov, D. V. Tyabina
Vol 6, No 3 S5 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Legal Reflection during the Crisis of the New European Worldview Paradigm: Problem Statement Abstract   PDF
Pavel S. Zhdanov, Vera B. Romanovskaya, Victor I. Tsyganov
Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015 Legal Regulation and Copyright Protection in Internet in Russia and Abroad Abstract   PDF
Lubov Borisovna Sitdikova, Anna Leonidovna Shilovskaya, Maria Alexandrovna Volkova, Renata Romanovna Lenkovskaya, Natalya Alexandrovna Stepanova
Vol 6, No 3 S1 (2015): May 2015 Legal Regulation of the Subsoil Use in Arctic Region Abstract   PDF
Rashad A. Kurbanov
Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015 Legal Regulation Systems of Deposit Insurance: International Practice and Local Expertise Abstract   PDF
Yuri Alexeyevich Kolesnikov, Igor Petrovich Zinoviev, Alla Vasiliyevna Kiseleva
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Legal Status of an Appraiser in the Russian Federation under Globalization Abstract   PDF
T.I. Abdreev, A.M. Tufetulov
Vol 6, No 6 S6 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Legal Status of Embryo Transfer Abstract   PDF
Hiva Mohammad AliPourn, Mohammadreza Sharafatpeima
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Legal Status of the Embryo in Legislation of the Republic of Yemen: Comparative Research on Provisions of the Islamic and International Law Abstract   PDF
Tarhanov Ildar Abdulhakovich, Fadhl Enghadh Ahmed
Vol 4, No 6 (2013): Special Issue - July 2013 Legislative Constituency Project in Nigeria: Implication for National Development Abstract   PDF
Patrick Nnadozie Udefuna, Fadila Jumare, Francis Ojo Adebayo
Vol 4, No 11 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Legislative Weaknesses for the Foundation and the Function of the Public Enterprises and Trade Companies in Economy Development in Kosova Abstract   PDF
Armand Krasniqi
Vol 4, No 14 (2013): November 2013 Legitimacy and Competence of Students’ Assessment in Higher Education: Quality Assurance Query Abstract   PDF
Jacob M Selesho
Vol 5, No 4 (2014): March 2014 Length of Stay Abroad and Cultural Influences on Food Choice: A Study of Nigerians in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Abosede Ijabadeniyi, Oluwatosin A Ijabadeniyi
Vol 6, No 5 S4 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue Leo Tolstoy in Mikhail Prishvin’s Diary Discourse Abstract   PDF
Natalia Valerievna Borisova
Vol 4, No 14 (2013): November 2013 Lesson Learned from Institutional Self-Evaluation: Infusing Pockets of Excellence from the Reviews Experiences Abstract   PDF
Jacob M Selesho
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Lessons from an Evaluation Experience: The School Wide Improvement Model (SWIM) Abstract   PDF
Vuyisile Msila, Angeline Setlhako
Vol 4, No 14 (2013): November 2013 Lessons Learned and Experiences of Master’s Students Abstract   PDF
Gaqo Tanku
Vol 6, No 3 S1 (2015): May 2015 Level and Criteria of Students’ Foreign-Language Communicative Competence Abstract   PDF
Elmira Galiullina, Irina Kondrateva, Natali Madyakina
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 1, July 2015 Level of Acceptance among Public Institution of Higher Learning towards the Institution of Malay Rulers According to Federal Constitution of Malaysia Abstract   PDF
Nazri Muslim
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Level of Economic Prosperity, Social Status and Comfortable Living of Migrant Workers in Tulungagung District, Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Budijanto Budijanto, Wan Ibrahim Wan Ahmad, I Komang Astina
Vol 4, No 2 (2013): May 2013 Leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation for National Development in the Light of the Emerging Universities of Science and Technology in Kenya Abstract   PDF
Amukowa Wycliffe, Vihenda Caroline Ayuya
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Lexical Ambiguity in Algebra, Method of Instruction as Determinant of Grade 9 Students’ Academic Performance in East London District Abstract   PDF
Olabisi Olaoye, Emmanuel O. Adu, George Moyo
Vol 8, No 2 (2017): March 2017 Lexical Borrowings in Our Press and the Possibility of Their Replacement with Albanian Words Abstract   PDF
Albulena Lala Zeqiri, Veneranda Xhelili Kryeziu
Vol 5, No 14 (2014): July 2014 Lexical Cohesion, Word Choice and Synonymy in Academic Writing Abstract   PDF
Leonard Danglli, Griselda Abazaj
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Lexical Expansion in Marginal Aids: A Study on Translating Cultural Loaded Implicit Meaning Abstract   PDF
Seyed Alireza Shirinzadeh, Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Lexico-Grammatical Analysis of Yellow-Yellow by Kaine Agary with a Focus on Experiential and Textual Meanings Abstract   PDF
Leonard A. Koussouhon, Ashani M. Dossoumou
Vol 4, No 10 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Liability for Environmental Damage in Portugal – A Short Overview Abstract   PDF
Jorge Barros Mendes
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Liberal Humanism in a Transforming Post-Apartheid Curriculum of South Africa: An Introspection Abstract   PDF
Christopher Rwodzi
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 Liberalism vs. Marxism-Leninism and the Future of Education in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Moeketsi Letseka
Vol 4, No 4 (2013): Special Issue - March 2013 Life Events and Postpartum Depression in Tirana, Albania Abstract   PDF
Daniela Meçe
Vol 5, No 2 (2014): January 2014 Life Insurance Contract: Similarities and Differences between Albanian Civil Code and Italian Civil Code Provisions Abstract   PDF
Ersida Teliti, Romina Damini
Vol 6, No 2 S1 (2015): March 2015 Life Skills Training and Its Effectiveness: A Systematic Review Abstract   PDF
Sima Gerami, Sahar Ahmadi, Mohamad Bagher Safat, Fatemeh Farsi
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Life-Centred Learning in the Context of HIV and AIDS: Monitoring and Evaluation of Home-Based Caregiver Training Abstract   PDF
Vaughn M. John
Vol 5, No 15 (2014): July 2014 Limitations of State Police in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Eme Okechukwu Innocent, Andrew N. Ogbochie
Vol 9, No 6 (2018): November 2018 Linear Structural Analysis of Media Management Administration, Innovation and Early Childhood Creative Technology Under the Office of the Basic Education Commission in Thailand Abstract   PDF
Luckana Pengruck, Kanchana Boonphak, Boonchan Sisan
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 4, August 2015 - Special Issue Linguistic Analysis of High-Tech Production Complex Abstract   PDF
Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Batkovskiy, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Batkovskiy, Elena Georgievna Semenova, Alena Vladimirovna Fomina, Еvgenii Iurʹevich Khrustalev
Vol 6, No 1 S2 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue Linguistic and Cultural Geography of Limitrophe Zones with Russian Language Functioning1 Abstract   PDF
Viktor Mikhailovich Shaklein
Vol 6, No 1 S1 (2015): January 2015 Linguistic Diversity and National Unity: Sustainable Demographic Development of Multi-Ethnic Population in Russia Abstract   PDF
Yagfar Zakirovich Garipov, Marina Ivanovna Solnyshkina
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Linguistic Features of Internally-Focalised Discourse in Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Matigari Abstract   PDF
Yémalo C. Amoussou
Vol 6, No 6 S2 (2015): November 2015 Linguistic Features of Political Discourse Abstract   PDF
Kuralay Kenzhekankyzy Kenzhekanova
Vol 6, No 5: September 2015 Linguistic View of the World and Peculiar Features of Its Reflection in Newspaper Headlines Abstract   PDF
Kuanysh Sovetuly Yergaliyev, Yeldana Bakhytovna Asanbayeva, Adilbek Dautbekovich Amrenov, Gulzhiyan Shaharman
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Linguocultural Analysis of Nominations of Fingers in the Selkup Language1 Abstract   PDF
Anastasia Persidskaya, Natalia Polyakova
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Linguoculturological Analysis of the Concept of «Health» Abstract   PDF
Liudmila Kiseleva
Vol 7, No 4 (2016): July 2016 Linking Attachment Avoidance and Attachment Anxiety with Eating Disorder Attitudes and Behaviours in a Sample of Nonclinical Albanian Female College Students Abstract   PDF
Ermira Hoxha
Vol 5, No 3 (2014): March 2014 Linking Entrepreneurial Activity to Economic Meltdown in Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
Sophia Mukorera, Darma Mahadea
Vol 5, No 1 (2014): January 2014 Linking Human Rights and Development: Is there Value Gained or Lost? Abstract   PDF
Divane Nzima, Vusumzi Duma
Vol 6, No 1 S1 (2015): January 2015 Liquid Love in Iran: A Mixed Method Approach Abstract   PDF
Ehsan Shahghasemi, Hosna Masoumi, Manijeh Akhavan, Bijan Tafazzoli
Vol 6, No 6 S1 (2015): November 2015 Literary Education in Russia: Problems and Trends Abstract   PDF
Elena Valentinovna Getmanskaya, Natalia Alexandrovna Mironova, Natalia Alexeevna Popova
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Literature and Politics: A Semantic Analysis of Wale Okediran's Tenants of the House Abstract   PDF
Juliet Nkane Ekpang
Vol 5, No 7 (2014): May 2014 Lithuania‘s Export Diversification According to Technological Classification Abstract   PDF
Daiva Laskiene, Vitalija Venckuviene
Vol 4, No 11 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Lithuania’s Export Specialization According to Technological Classification Abstract   PDF
Asta Saboniene, Ruta Masteikiene, Vitalija Venckuviene
Vol 5, No 8 (2014): May 2014 Livelihood and Conflict Dimension among Crop Farmers and Fulani Herdsmen in Yakurr Region of Cross River State Abstract   PDF
O Ofem Ofem, Bassey Inyang
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Livelihood Vulnerability Assessment to Climate Change at Community Level Using Household Survey: A Case Study from Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Phan The Cong, Dang Huu Manh, Hoang Anh Huy, Tran Thi Ly Phuong, Luong Thi Tuyen
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Living in Contaminated Sites: Which Cost for Psychic Health? Abstract   PDF
Fanny Guglielmucci, Isabella G. Franzoi, Marco Zuffranieri, Antonella Granieri
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Living Like Nikanor The ‘Paradox of Transition’ in Contemporary Cuba Abstract   PDF
Concetta Russo
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 Living Strategies of Dead Identities: Ideological and Psychological Motivation Behind the Expression and Transformation of Identity in the So-Called (Yugo)nostalgic Genre Abstract   PDF
Igor Gajin
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 lmpact of Exchange Rate Volatility on Unemployment in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Olivia Nyahokwe, R. Ncwadi
Vol 6, No 5: Supplement 2, September 2015 Loan Interest as an Ideological Intention of the Capitalism Abstract   PDF
Asfar Askerovich Shaov, Vyacheslav Nurbievich Nekhay, Sergey Anatolyevich Titarenko, Zaur Makhmudovich Khachetsukov
Vol 5, No 17 (2014): July 2014 - Special Issue Loan Loss Provision and Earnings Management in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks Abstract   PDF
Abubakar Ahmed, Abdu Y. Mohammed, Abdulmarooph O. Adisa
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): March 2015 Loan Loss Provisioning, Income Smoothing, Signaling, Capital Management and Procyclicality: Does IFRS Matter? Empirical Evidence from Nigeria. Abstract   PDF
Peterson K Ozili
Vol 6, No 2 S2 (2015): March 2015 - Special Issue Lobbying in the United States of America and European Union: A Comparative Approach Abstract   PDF
Gerti Sqapi
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Local Community Development through Community-Based Tourism Management: A Case Study of Mae Kampong Village Abstract   PDF
Pit Jitpakdee, Azhar Harun, Zawiyah Binti Mohd. Zain
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Local Community Economic Wellbeing through CSR Project Abstract   PDF
M.S. Sarmila, R. Zaimah, Novel Lyndon, Mohd Yusuf Hussain, Abdul Hair Awang
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Local Community Participation in the Conservation of the Naga Fireball Festival Abstract   PDF
Thirachaya Maneenetr, Thanh Ha Tran
Vol 7, No 1 S1 (2016): January 2016 Local Community´ Perceptions on Tourist Impacts and Associated Development: A Case Study on Sal and Boa Vista Islands Abstract   PDF
Ana María Castillo Canalejo, Julia M Núñez Tabales, Sandra María Sánchez Cañizares
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Local Company Contribution within Global Value Chain: A Case Study in the Indonesian Footwear Industry Abstract   PDF
Joklan Goni, Yohanes Kadarusman
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 2, July 2015 Local Dialect Radio Programmes, Rural Development and Social Integration: The Case of Nsukka Alua, Radio Nigeria, Enugu Programme Abstract   PDF
Dominic O. Anyadike, Charity N. Olemadi, Chinedu C. Odoemelam
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Local Economic Development and Urban Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality Abstract   PDF
Roland Darlington Mbeba
Vol 5, No 16 (2014): July 2014 Local Economic Development (LED), Challenges and Solutions: The Case of the Northern Free State Region, South Africa Abstract   PDF
Daniel Francois Meyer
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Local Economic Development: Linking Theory and Practice in South Africa’s Local Municipalities Abstract   PDF
Caswell M. Maloka, Kgalema A. Mashamaite, Matshidisho D. Ledwaba
Vol 6, No 3 S1 (2015): May 2015 Local Economic Impacts of Human Capital Migration Abstract   PDF
A. S. A. Ferdous Alam, Chamhuri Siwar, Halima Begum, A C Er, Basri Talib, Rahmah Elfithri
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Local Governance Units as a Public Manager in Albania Abstract   PDF
Aurora Ndreu
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 Local Governing Under New Circumstances and Aspects of the Experience of the Transition Period in Countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe Abstract   PDF
Teki Kurti
Vol 5, No 16 (2014): July 2014 Local Government and Youth Employment: A case of Nkonkobe Local Municipality in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Skhanyiso Ndhlovu, Costa Hofisi, Nicco Schutte
Vol 4, No 6 (2013): Special Issue - July 2013 Local Government Service Delivery in Nigeria: An Empirical Comparison of Government Efforts and the People’s Expectations Abstract   PDF
Hassan Achimugu, Makoji Roberts Stephen, Uyo Joy Agboni
Vol 4, No 16 (2013): Special Issue - December 2013 Local Governmnt Administration and Opposition Parties in Nigeria: 1999-2011 Abstract   PDF
Desmond Okechukwu Nnamani, Anikwe Sunday Obinna
Vol 4, No 7 (2013): Special Issue - August 2013 Local Utilization of NGO Presence in Changing Discources of Education in Rural Malawi Abstract   PDF
Thomas McNamara
Vol 5, No 27 P3 (2014): December 2014 Locating the Niche of the Informal Sector as a Driver of Social and Economic Development in Selected African Countries Abstract   PDF
S.M. Kang’ethe, Joseph Serima
Vol 5, No 21 (2014): Generation Y Special Issue-September 2014 Logistical Hubs as a Means of Regional Growth: The Case of the Vaal Logistical Hub Abstract   PDF
Wynand Grobler, Diana Viljoen
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Logistics Implications in the South African Coal Mining Industry Supply Chain Abstract   PDF
Ken Mathu
Vol 6, No 5 S5 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue Logit Analysis in Exporting Decision of Fisheries Company Abstract   PDF
Popy Novita Pasaribu, Hendri Tanjung
Vol 5, No 10 (2014): Special Issue - June 2014 Long and Short Term Effect of China’s Non Oil Import Dominance in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Oseni Michael
Vol 6, No 3 S5 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Long Distance Commuting in Oil and Gas Production Industry in the Northwestern Siberia: Sociological Analysis of Change Abstract   PDF
Anatoly N. Silin
Vol 5, No 17 (2014): July 2014 - Special Issue Long Term Cost Implication of Insurgency to the Economic Development: A Study of Zaria Metropolis Abstract   PDF
Garba Abdullahi
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): March 2015 Long-run and Short-run Relationship between Macroeconomic Factors and Returns on Sectoral Indices in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Lakshmi Kalyanaraman
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