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Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Observing the Job Satisfaction of Employees of SGS Automotive Albania Abstract   PDF
Gaqo Tanku, Piro Tanku
Vol 5, No 7 (2014): May 2014 Obstacles for Innovative Activities in Lithuanian Low-tech Sector’s Companies Abstract   PDF
Vitalija Venckuviene
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Obstacles in Women Education: A Study of Societal Structure of Pakhtun Society Abstract   PDF
Muhammad Ijaz Khan, Nabeela Malik, Nighat Nazir, Shahzad Khaver Mushtaq, Sohail Mujahid
Vol 4, No 6 (2013): Special Issue - July 2013 Obstacles to the Development of Critical Thinking Dispositions Among Student Teachers at Morgenster Teachers’ College, Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
Davison Zireva, Moeketsi Letseka
Vol 6, No 5: Supplement 2, September 2015 Occupational Hazards and Health Status of Trash Picker Children in Faisalabad City, Punjab, Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Zahira Batool, Madieha Akram, Faiza Anjum, Sadaf Faiz, Muhammad Ibrahim
Vol 7, No 3 S3 (2016): June 2016 - Special Issue Occupational Safety with an Inclination towards Security and Health and Its Role in Retaining the Employees of the Regional Electrical Company of Sistan and Baluchistan Abstract   PDF
Fatemeh Khoshhal, Mohammad Ghasemi
Vol 5, No 19 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue Occurrence and Causes of Obesity in Albanian Young People Abstract   PDF
Eftiola Pojani
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 Off and On: China’s Principle of Non-Interference in Africa Abstract   PDF
Adaora Osondu
Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Oil Palm Smallholders and Its Sustainability Practices in Malaysia Abstract   PDF
C. M Abazue, A. C Er, A. S. A. Ferdous Alam, Halima Begum
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Old Threats, New Approach and National Security in Malaysia: Issues and Challenges in Dealing With Cross-border Crime in East Coast of Sabah Abstract   PDF
Ramli Dollah, Wan Shawaluddin Wan Hassan, Diana Peters, Zaini Othman
Vol 5, No 13 (2014): Special Issue - June 2014 Older People Quality of Life Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Eris Dhamo, Nevila Koҫollari (Furxhiu)
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Omani Young Children’s Language Proficiencies: The Outcomes of a Bilingual Education Program Abstract   PDF
Ali Kemal Tekin
Vol 8, No 5 S1 (2017): September 2017 On a Better Understanding of the Threat Posed by Terrorism in Albania Abstract   PDF
Ruzhdi Kuçi
Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015 On Guarantees of Realisation of Personal Inviolability Principle at Detention of Suspect Abstract   PDF
Alimkulov Erbol Temirkhanovich, Bayandina Mainur Okanovna, Bersugurova Lyaziza Shaltaevna, Zhanibekov Akynkozha Kalenovich, Mukhamadieva Gul'zhan Nusupzhanovna
Vol 6, No 5 S4 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue On Interaction of Educational Environments of Different Levels Abstract   PDF
Boris Evgenievich Starichenko, Alexander Vladimirovich Slepukhin, Liubov Vladimirovna Sardak
Vol 6, No 6 S7 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue On Methodological Issues in Allocating Cross-border Clusters Abstract   PDF
Andrey S. Mikhaylov
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue On Peculiarities of the Virtual Economy of Modern Russia: Category, Virtual Relationships, Educational Constructs Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Sergeevich Novikov, Elena Nikolaevna Klochko, Elena Anatolievna Yarushkina, Boris Mihailovich Zhukov, Veronika Aleksandrovna Dianova
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue On the Essence of History Abstract   PDF
Alexey Malinov
Vol 6, No 6 S2 (2015): November 2015 On the Formation of the Culture of Intellectual Work of the Future Specialist on the Basis of Activity Approach Abstract   PDF
Yerlan Telmanovich Yerzhanov, Valentina Khamitovna Adilova, Nurgali Rakhimgaliyevich Arshabekov, Rafis Khasanovich Shaimardanov
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 On the Investigation of Taste Adjectives in Linguistics Abstract   PDF
Laman Maharram Gasimli
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 On the Issue of Optimization of the Russian Language Study in a Foreign Audience Abstract   PDF
Natalya Nikolaevna Romanova, Magomed Gazilovich Gazilov, Marina Robertovna Gozalova, Elena Sergeevna Loseva, Natalya Valerievna Mishina
Vol 6, No 5 S3 (2015): September 2015 - Special Issue On the Legal Status of Members of Parliaments of Countries of the Asian-Pacific Region Abstract   PDF
Victor Afanasevich Shekhovtcov, Iana Vladimirovna Polivoda
Vol 6, No 5 S3 (2015): September 2015 - Special Issue On the Linguistic Situation of the Tatar Diaspora in the USA Abstract   PDF
Guzel Amirovna Nabiullina, Alfiya Shavketovna Yusupova
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 On the Organization Forms and Structures of Local Government in European Countries Abstract   PDF
Teki Kurti
Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue On the Practice of Developing Vision-centered Tasks for the Local Materials for Learning English: A Case of Iranian Secondary Schools English Language Coursebooks Abstract   PDF
Majid Elahi Shirvan, Negin Maddah
Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue On the Problem of "Illiteracy" in the Contemporary Knowledge Society Abstract   PDF
Slavomír Gálik, Sabína Gáliková Tolnaiová
Vol 6, No 5 S3 (2015): September 2015 - Special Issue On the Question of the Possibility of Using the Elements of the Knowledge Management Methodology in Modern Historiographical Research (Based on the Studies of Political Education of the Red / Soviet Army Personnel in 1918 - 1991) Abstract   PDF
Elena Yu. Bobkova
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 1, July 2015 On the Relationship between Biographical Variables and Iranian EFL Teachers’ Burnout and Stressors Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud Mehrabi, Nafise Radi
Vol 6, No 6 S1 (2015): November 2015 On the Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers' Cognitive Flexibility and Iranian EFL Learners' Attitudes towards English Language Learning Abstract   PDF
Marhamat Saffarin, Mohammad Ali Fatemi
Vol 6, No 5: Supplement 1, September 2015 On the Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers’ Commitment to Professional Ethics and their Students’ Self-Esteem Abstract   PDF
Nooshin Salehnia, Hamid Ashraf
Vol 6, No 6 S6 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue On the Relationship between Organizational Trust and Change and the Mediating Role of the Commitment to Change in Sanandaj Insurance Companies Abstract   PDF
Heidar Golisyvanani, Parastoo Sedaghat
Vol 10, No 3 (2019): May 2019 On the Solutions of Games in Normal Forms: Particular Models based on Nash Equilibrium Theory Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Turbay, Giovanni E. Reyes
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue On the Uniqueness and Non-Commutative Nature of Coefficients of Variables and Interactions in Hierarchical Moderated Multiple Regression of Masked Survey Data Abstract   PDF
H. I. Okagbue, M. O. Adamu, S. A. Iyase, S. O. Edeki, A. A. Opanuga, P. O. Ugwoke
Vol 6, No 6 S2 (2015): November 2015 On the Use of L1 in English Language Classes in Light of Vygotsky’s Genotypic Approach: A Case of Persian Language Abstract   PDF
Majid Elahi Shirvan, Samira Rahmani, Laleh Sorayyaee, Mehran Baradaran Kashi
Vol 6, No 5 S4 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue On Variability of Authors’ Style under the Influence of the Socio-Cultural Environment in the Context of Dialogue of Natural Scientific and Humanitarian Cultures Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Nikolaevna Dvoryatkina, Anjelica Aleksandrovna Dyakina
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Ondo in the History of Aso-Òkè Weaving in Southwestern Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Babasehinde Augustine Ademuleya
Vol 6, No 2 S1 (2015): March 2015 Online – Survey in Order to Estimate the Degree of Satisfaction and Loyalty among Computer Technology Users Abstract   PDF
Irina Anatoleevna Skrinnikova, Diana Vladimerovna Shamrai, Ramila Ramisovna Cadukova
Vol 5, No 2 (2014): January 2014 Online Booking of Collective Accommodation Establishments in Malta Abstract   PDF
John Baptist Gauci, Sue Micallef
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Online Political Participation: A Study of Youth Usage of New Media Abstract   PDF
Ali Salman, Suhana Saad
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 Online Retailing: Purchasing Behaviour of Croatian Consumers Abstract   PDF
Matea Matic, Katija Vojvodic
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Onomastics of Pirandello’s Novels and their Translation into Albanian Abstract   PDF
Mirela Papa, Alva Dani
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Open Price for Iran: The Bases for Reform Abstract   PDF
Farzaneh Akrami, Sakina Shaik Ahmad Yusoff, Suzanna Mohamed Isa
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): March 2015 Open Source Intelligence’s Methodology Applied to Organizational Communication Abstract   PDF
Stefania Fantinelli, Domenico Franco Sivilli
Vol 6, No 2 S1 (2015): March 2015 Opinions of Undergraduates on the Use of Electronic Examination in a Nigerian University Abstract   PDF
Samuel Oye Bandele, James Ayodele Oluwatayo, Michael Femi Omodara
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Opportunities and Challenges in Open, Distance and E Learning Education through the Lens of the Capability Approach Theory Abstract   PDF
Thulani Zengele
Vol 7, No 3 (2016): May 2016 Opportunities for Foreign Investments in the Economy of Kosovo Abstract   PDF
Rifat Hoxha, Hamdi Hoti, Edisona G. Kurhasku
Vol 6, No 3 S1 (2015): May 2015 Opportunities of Higher School in Students’ Leadership Development Abstract   PDF
Marfuga Absatova, Nesibeli Kalkayeva, Магаt Ushatov, Gulmera Saudabaeva, Diana Tektibayeva
Vol 7, No 2 S1 (2016): March 2016 Oppositional Politics and the Internet in Iran: A Visual Semiotic Analysis of the Iranian Green Path Movement’s Website Abstract   PDF
Yousef Mostafalou, M. Adnan Hamedi
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Optimal Design of Leading Kinematical Chain of Eight Linked Planar Load Lifting Linkage Abstract   PDF
Serikbay Kosbolov, Ayaulym Rakhmatulina, Nurbibi Imanbaeva, Algazy Zhauyt
Vol 6, No 3 S3 (2015): May 2015 - Special Issue Optimisations of the Cost and Structure of Created Investment Resources of an Entity Based on Financial Leverage Elements Abstract   PDF
Larisa Ivanovna Yuzvovich, Elena Anatolyevna Smorodina, Natalya Yurievna Isakova, Yulia Vladimirovna Istomina, Elena Aleksandrovna Yudina
Vol 5, No 27 P2 (2014): December 2014 Optimising Student Learning Outcomes: For Agricultural Management at the University of South Africa Abstract   PDF
Mosima Makola
Vol 6, No 3 (2015): May 2015 Optimization Model of Making a Decision in the Conditions of Uncertainty (Correlation Of Interests and Preferences in Regional Systems) Abstract   PDF
V.A. Rubtsov, N.K. Gabdrakhmanov, M.R. Mustafin, N.V. Arzhantseva
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Optimization of Approaches to the Management of Investment Projects in Regions of Russia Abstract   PDF
Olesya A. Stroeva, Lyudmila I. Shinkareva, Innara R. Lyapina, Elena V. Petruchina
Vol 5, No 27 P1 (2014): December 2014 Optimization of Knowledge Management Processes through Benchmarking in Organizations Abstract   PDF
Irena Figurska, Aneta Sokół
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Orang Asli Semelai: Conflict of Defending Land Ownership Rights Abstract   PDF
A.M. Azima, Novel Lyndon, S.A Sharifah Mastura, Suhana Saad, Abdul Hair Awang
Vol 9, No 4 (2018): July 2018 Orí (Head) as an Expression of Yorùbá Aesthetic Philosophy Abstract   PDF
Olusegun Ajíbóyè, Stephen Fọlárànmí, Nanashaitu Umoru-Ọ̀kẹ
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue Order as Stable Sociocultural Code of Governmental Organization: Formation History and Modern Interpretations Abstract   PDF
Valentin Y. Lyubashits, Alexei Y. Mamychev, Maria V. Vronskaya, Alla A. Timofeeva
Vol 4, No 11 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Organic Food Consumers Purchase Patterns – Insights from Croatian Market Abstract   PDF
Vesna Brčić-Stipčević, Kristina Petljak, Irena Guszak
Vol 6, No 6 S1 (2015): November 2015 Organisation of Independent Work of Students of a Technical University in Field-Specific Disciplines: Instructional Commitment of a Lecturer Abstract   PDF
Lyudmila A. Redko, Lyudmila A. Sivitskaya, Evgeniya O. Frantsuzskaya, Marina N. Yanushevskaya
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Organisational Culture and Occupational Health a Possible Relationship? Abstract   PDF
Nel Mari-Lize, N Martins
Vol 5, No 2 (2014): January 2014 Organisational Factors Affecting Learning Transfer In The South African Public Service Abstract   PDF
Nditsheni Raliphada, Jos Coetzee, Wilfred I. Ukpere
Vol 5, No 3 (2014): March 2014 Organisational Identity: Another Key Consideration for Facilitating Effective and Efficient Transformational Change – Lessons from the South African Department of Correctional Services Abstract   PDF
Mbongeni A. Mdletye, Jos Coetzee, Wilfred I. Ukpere
Vol 5, No 9 (2014): May 2014 Organisational Support and Its Influence on Teachers Job Satisfaction and Job Performance in Limpopo Province of South Africa Abstract   PDF
Richard Chinomona, Maxwell Sandada
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Organization and Activity Patterns of a Psychology Department within the University. Psychology Services’ Organization Models and Analysis of their Modernization Opportunities by the Example of Russia and Kazakhstan. Demand for the Psychology Services’ Ne Abstract   PDF
Lyazzat Ilimkhanova, Mukhan Perlenbetov, Baimoldayev Tursynbek, Zhanatbek Ishpekbayev, Medet Syrlybayev, Erzhan Kystaubayev, Aktoty Akzholova, L. Alzhanova
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Organization of Accounting in Fur Farming according to IAS Abstract   PDF
G.S. Klychova, L.I. Kulikova, L.M. Mavlieva, A.S. Klychova
Vol 5, No 18 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue Organization of Cost Accounting of Fur Farming in Controlling Concept Abstract   PDF
G.S Klychova, N.Z. Safiullin, A.R. Zakirova
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Organization of Favorable Investment Climate in the Market of Development and Implementation of Investment Projects Abstract   PDF
Elena Sibirskaya, Anatoly Egorov, Anastasia Safronova, Lilia Mikheykina, Tatyana Ivashkova
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Organization of Innovative Project Management on the Base of Multimode Modeling of Probabilities Mixture of Labor Processes Abstract   PDF
A.I. Usanov, D.S. Usanova
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue Organizational and Economic Problems of Technical Development of the Russian Engineering Abstract   PDF
A. V. Streltsov, B. Y. Tatarskih, G. I. Yakovlev
Vol 6, No 3 S7 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Organizational and Managerial Mechanisms for Resolving Social Conflicts: Legal Aspect Abstract   PDF
Leonid A. Garanin, Polina S. Starygina, Svetlana A. Utrosina, Olga V. Glushkova
Vol 7, No 3 (2016): May 2016 Organizational Climate as Determinant of Sustainable Peace Culture in Higher Institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
C. P. Akpan, S. Ekere
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Organizational Contexts of Professional Work in Third Sector Abstract   PDF
Ana Paula Marques, Telmo H. Caria
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): March 2015 Organizational Culture Mediate Between E-Commerce Adoption and Hotel Performance Abstract   PDF
A.H. Mutia Sobihah, Z.M. Lukman
Vol 6, No 5 S5 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue Organizational Culture Values Influences to Lecturer’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior at Economics and Business Faculty Abstract   PDF
Wimby Wandary, Hastin Umi Anisah
Serap Alkaya, Şevket YİRİK
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Organizational Effectiveness of Training Prospective Specialists in Student Extracurricular Activitiesat the University Level Abstract   PDF
S. Tazhbayeva, M. Assilkhanova, L. Ilimkhanova
Vol 6, No 1 S3 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue Organizational Factors Affecting Employee Innovative Behavior Abstract   PDF
I.A. Kabasheva, I.A. Rudaleva, I.S. Bulnina, L.I. Askhatova
Vol 6, No 3 (2015): May 2015 Organizational Forms and Methods of Production Management Control Abstract   PDF
L.R. Fakhrutdinova, D.V. Syradoev, T.A. Terehova, N.V. Antonova
Vol 9, No 2 (2018): March 2018 Organizational Justice and Turnover Intention among Medical and Non-Medical Workers in University Teaching Hospitals Abstract   PDF
Court Ogele Timinepere, Emmanuel K. Agbaeze, Ann Ogbo, Uche C. Nwadukwe
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Organizational Justice as a Predictor of Self-Perveived Work Performance: A Perspective from the Malaysian Higher Educational Institution Abstract   PDF
Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf, Latifah Abdul Latif, Juhary Ali
Vol 6, No 5 S5 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management Abstract   PDF
Koernia Purwihartuti, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, . Hilmiana, Wa Ode Zusnita Muizu
Vol 4, No 2 (2013): May 2013 Organizational Learning: As an Approach for Transforming to the Learning Organization Concept in Saudi Universities Abstract   PDF
Fatimah Mohammed Sabiq AL-Qahtani, Salah El Din Abd El Aziz Ghoneim
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 2, July 2015 Organizational Pedagogical Bases for Solution to Preservation Problem of Endangered Minority Languages Abstract   PDF
Arkady Borisovich Pankin
Vol 7, No 1 (2016): January 2016 Organizational-economic Mechanism of Formation and Realization of the Industrial Policy within the Framework of the CMEA and the EU: Experience and Prospects for Russia Abstract   PDF
Mikhail V Khachaturyan
Vol 6, No 2 S5 (2015): April 2015 - Special Issue Organized Crime and the Prevention Thereof Abstract   PDF
Elena Xhina
Vol 6, No 3 S3 (2015): May 2015 - Special Issue Organized Crime in Kazakhstan: State and Solutions Abstract   PDF
Kuandyk Zairullaevich Tokubayev
Vol 5, No 19 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue Organized crime in the field of narco-criminality as a challenge of Western Balkans Countries: a special overview of Montenegro Abstract   PDF
Ridvan Kajtazi
Vol 6, No 1 S2 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue Organizing the Activities of Management Companies on the Principles of Social Partnership Abstract   PDF
Alexandr Nikolaievich Gritcenko, Sergei Aleksandrovich Novosadov, Maria Alekseevna Aseeva, Olga Vladimirovna Gleba
Vol 5, No 7 (2014): May 2014 Origin of Foreign Direct Investments Abstract   PDF
Aida Saraçi
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Origins of Lead Glaze Technology of the Ceramics of Kazan Kremlin Abstract   PDF
Rezida Khramchenkova, Аirat Sitdikov, Polina Кaplan, Azgar Mukhamadiev, Juriy Zeleneev, Evgenij Kazakov
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Orthographic Errors Committed by Sophomore Students: A Linguistic Analysis Abstract   PDF
Franklin .S ThambiJose
Vol 6, No 1 S1 (2015): January 2015 Oscillating between Madness and Badness: The Untenable Situation in A Streetcar Named Desire Abstract   PDF
Samira Sasani
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 3, August 2015 - Special Issue Ostentation or Visibility: A Cultural Study of Consumption of Cosmetics by Iranian Young Women Abstract   PDF
Hossein Hassani, Manijeh Akhavan, Ahmad Khakiyan, Ehsan Shahghasemi, Zohreh Faghani
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue Outsourcing Model Evaluation for Business Process Management in Digital Economy Abstract   PDF
Lilyana Alekseevna Sosunova, Irina Valeryevna Yakhneeva, Anna Nikolaevna Agafonova
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Overcoming Personal Challenges that Rural Teachers Encounter Abstract   PDF
PJH Heeralal
Vol 5, No 27 P1 (2014): December 2014 Overview and Challenges of Albanian Legislation under the New York Convenction (for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards) Abstract   PDF
Rakel Muçaj
Vol 4, No 14 (2013): November 2013 Overview and Performance of the SMMEs Sector in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Tendai Chimucheka
Vol 8, No 2 (2017): March 2017 Overview of Italian Government’s Stance on Albania’s Withdrawal from Warsaw Treaty de Facto in 1961 and de Jure in 1968 Abstract   PDF
Etleva Smaçi
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Overview of Entertainment Management of Tourism Destinations: A Case Study of the Ladyboy Cabaret Show market in Phuket, Thailand Abstract   PDF
Thirachaya Maneenetr, Thanh Ha Tran, Phatrada Sangsrirueng
Vol 5, No 4 (2014): March 2014 Overview of Problems Associated with Ineffective Enforcement of Market Abuse Provisions in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Howard Chitimira
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