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Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015

Table of Contents


An Evaluation of the Administrative Reform Efforts in Turkey PDF
Zuhal Önez Çetin 11
The Impact of Financial Liberalization on the Stability of the Financial System in Emerging Markets PDF
Fouzi Abderzag, Balbal Hasnaoui 22
Towards the Usefulness and Implications of Segment Reporting Standards PDF
J.O. Odia, V.U Imagbe 30
The Effect of European Convention and the European Court of Human Rights within Constitutional Order of Kosovo and their Relationship PDF
Arbëresha Raça Shala, Musa I. Bajraktari 41
Analysis of Contract Law in Iran PDF
Mehdi Pirhaji, Rasul Mazaheri Kuhanestani, Mohammad Reza Eskandari Pudeh 49
Concept of Creation of E-Platforms as Part of Support for Small Innovational Business PDF
Svetlana S. Morkovina, Marianna S. Santalova, Michael V. Drapalyuk, Ekaterina A. Panyavina 57
Studying Effective Factors on Employees Empowerment of Headquarters of Islamshahr Municipality PDF
Mohamad Reza Zereshki, Azita Zand, Masoumeh Arfaee 67
The Interdisciplinary Methodology in the Postnonclassical Theory Conception PDF
Marina Yurievna Andreeva, Liudmila Ivanovna Votintseva, Chen Lei 72
Information Technology and the Digital Economy PDF
Afërdita Berisha-Shaqiri, Mihane Berisha-Namani 78
Law and Justice in the Discussion of Military Conflicts in Russian Secondary School World History Textbooks PDF
Tatyana Kudryavtseva, Vladimir Zemlyanicyn 84
About Problems of Interrelation of Regional, Economic and Bank Policy PDF
Olga Nikolaevna Vladimirova, Aida Talyatovna Petrova, Gregory Semenovich Gavrilchenko 91
Legal Regulation Systems of Deposit Insurance: International Practice and Local Expertise PDF
Yuri Alexeyevich Kolesnikov, Igor Petrovich Zinoviev, Alla Vasiliyevna Kiseleva 101
High Aiming in Public Sector Marketing: A Way Forward to Boost China’s Economy PDF
Ahmad Nawaz Zaheer, Song Wei, Ren Chong, Muhammad Abdullah, Kashif Ullah Khan 107
Variety of Options for the Economic Analysis of Law as a Prerequisite for the Integration of the Methodology of Economic Theory and Jurisprudence PDF
S.V. Ostroumov, N.V. Ostroumov, V.B. Romanovskaya, E.A. Timofeev 115
Electronic Signature Incentive for EU Integration PDF
Dorina Asllani Ndreka 121
State Policy in Trading Alcoholic Drinks in the Partnership with the Board of Guardians on Public Temperance (The Historic Aspect of the End of XIX – Beginning of XX Centuries) PDF
Svetlana Dmitrievna Galiullina, Lidiya Vasilievna Okhotnikova, Yuliya Vladimirovna Erkeeva, Elena Aleksandrovna Safina 127
E-Banking Functionality as a Measure of Customer Satisfaction PDF
Kombo Felix, Paulík Jiří, Kwarteng Michael 133
Application of Operational Analysis for Evaluation of the Impact of Different Factors on Performance Efficiency of the Enterprises Forming the Regional Industrial Cluster PDF
Alexander Nikolayevich Melnik, Alena Nikolayevna Dyrdonova 141
Inviolability of the Home: Problems and Prospects of Legal Regulation PDF
Gulnar Aytzhanovna Alibayeva, Amanzhol Meldahanovich Akayev, Marat Imangalievich Zhumagulov, Myra Halelkyzy Zhumanova 147
An Integrative Environmental Framework for a Better Enterprise Resource Planning Post-Implementation Success PDF
Ehsan Kish Hazrat Soltan, Ahmad Jusoh, Mahdi Mohammad Bagheri 153
Legal Regulation and Copyright Protection in Internet in Russia and Abroad PDF
Lubov Borisovna Sitdikova, Anna Leonidovna Shilovskaya, Maria Alexandrovna Volkova, Renata Romanovna Lenkovskaya, Natalya Alexandrovna Stepanova 163
Social Investment of Pension Funds Perspective: The Case of Russia PDF
Alena Smelova 170
Social and Economic Consequences of Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosures in Nigeria PDF
J.O. Odia, V.U. Imagbe 177
The Feasibility of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Welfare – The Case of Kosovo PDF
Musa I. Bajraktari 187
Self-Inflicted Death in Criminal Law of Iran PDF
Mehdi Pirhaji, Mohsen Shekarchizadeh 194
Principles of Innovational Startup Selection for E-Platforms Placement PDF
Svetlana S. Morkovina, Elena A. Kolesnichenko, Valeriy A. Spesivtsev, Anna V. Ivanova 201
Financial Inclusion Index: A Customized Regional Model with Reference to Economically Most Backward Districts of Tamil Nadu, India PDF
M. Sriram, N. Sundaram 209
Prosecutor’s Supervision of Human Rights Observance in the Republic of Kazakhstan PDF
Bainur Baigeldi 217
National Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Outer Space Law PDF
Abaideldinov Yerbol Musinovich, Kulikpayeva Mira Zhumagaziyevna, Shakhmova Aigul Anuarbekovna 227
Company Performance in Nigerian Listed Companies: Do Large Shareholders Expropriate Minority Shareholders? PDF
Robert W. Odewale, Hasnah Kamardin 236
A Dynamic Analysis of The Relationship Between Monetary Policies and Loan Risk Exposures in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks PDF
Omankhanlen Alex Ehimare, Okorie Uchechukwu Emena, Taiwo J. Niyan 247
Several Issues of Realisation of the Assumption of Innocence Principle in the Criminal Proceeding PDF
Alimkulov Erbol Temirkhanovich, Bayandina Mainur Okanovna, Bersugurova Lyaziza Shaltaevna, Zhanibekov Akynkozha Kalenovich, Mukhamadieva Gul'zhan Nusupzhanovna 256
Impact of Cyber Atmospherics on Buyers of Different E-retailing Sites: Literature Review and Conceptual Model Proposal PDF
Sourabh Bhattacharya, Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra, Uma Sankar Mishra 260
Clustering Within the Economy of Rostov Region (Russia): The Factor of Large Business PDF
Vasilisa V. Gorochnaya, Alexander G. Druzhinin 267
On Guarantees of Realisation of Personal Inviolability Principle at Detention of Suspect PDF
Alimkulov Erbol Temirkhanovich, Bayandina Mainur Okanovna, Bersugurova Lyaziza Shaltaevna, Zhanibekov Akynkozha Kalenovich, Mukhamadieva Gul'zhan Nusupzhanovna 273
Examining the Dimensions of Corporate Entrepreneurship Construct: A Validation Study in the Pakistani Banking Context PDF
Waheed Ali Umrani, Rosli Mahmood 278
New Approach to the Ramsey Model PDF
Sergei Aliukov, Vladimir Gorshenin 284
The Financial System and Its Impact on the Albanian Economy PDF
Orion Garo 291
Mediation in Russia: Coming to Terms with Mediation Terminology PDF
Alina Gennagyevna Chernyshenko, Elena Ivanovna Kobysheva 302
Financing Models for Sago Cake Makers in Supporting the Acceleration of Family Economic Improvement PDF
Henny Indrawati, . Caska 310
The Fight Against Illegal Booty (Catch) Fish PDF
Vasily Yarovenko, Oksana Poleshchuk 319
The Significance of Theoretical Knowledge for Business Innovation PDF
Petra Koudelková 325
Does Financial Reporting Disclosures Enhance Firm Financial Performance in the Nigerian Manufacturing Companies? PDF
Stephen Aanu Ojeka, Dick Oluku Mukoro, Clementina Kanu 332
Which Clients Use More Banks and Banking Products? PDF
Jaroslav Belás, Anna Chochoľáková, Aleksandr Ključnikov, Zuzana Vincúrová 339
Investment Processes as the Foundation of Economic Growth PDF
Arsen Azidovich Tatuev, Violetta Valerievna Rokotyanskaya, Alim Beslanovich Nagoev, Svetlana Anatolevna Nefedkina, Galina Vladimirovna Sarkisyants 348
The Determination of the Factors Affecting Pharmaceutical Consumption in Respect to Provinces in Turkey PDF
Ömer Alkan, Kübra Elmali 356
The Evolution of Views on Instruments of Budget-Fiscal Regulation PDF
Tatyana Yurievna Tkacheva, Liubov Victorovna Afanaseva, Svetlana Nikolaevna Belousova, Larisa Victorovna Sevrukova 364
The Main Directions of Reallocation of Industrial Enterprises Manufacturing Resources PDF
Babenko Inna Viktorovna 369
The Effect of Economic Resilience on Private Investment in Selected Malaysian Economic Sectors PDF
Sallahuddin Hassan, Zalila Othman 374
Evaluation Criterion for the Quality of Government Services PDF
Aleksandr Yurevich Pavlov, Vera Nikolaevna Batova, Alexander Yurevich Sokolov, Natalia Nikolaevna Kovalyova, Andrey Vladimirovich Kolesnikov 381
Forecast Indicators and Priorities of the Tourism Industry: A Study of Akmola Region, Kazakhstan PDF
Zhanarys Raimbekov, Bakyt Syzdykbayeva, Nurgul Esmagulova, Assel Baimbetova, Bibikhazhar Salimova 386
Assessing the Impact of ASEAN+3 Free Trade Agreements on ASEAN’s Trade Flows: A Gravity Model Approach1 PDF
Nguyen Anh Thu, Vu Van Trung, Le Thi Thanh Xuan 394
Social Bases of Positive Responsibility PDF
Dmitry A. Lipinsky 402
The Malaysian Disclosure Framework on Executive Directors’ Remuneration: A Critical Review and Closing Its Loops PDF
Siti Seri Delima Abdul Malak 410
Promoting of CSR Principles in the Conditions of Unstable Development of the Russian Economy PDF
Nadezhda N. Bakhtina 416
Jus Cogens Norms in International Space Law PDF
Yevgeniya Oralova 421
Reviewing Specific Oversights in Civil Litigation Reforms in Malaysia PDF
Norman Zakiyy, Kamal Halili Hassan 428
Regional State Fiscal Policy: Russian and Foreign Experience PDF
Pavel Alexeevich Klimenko, Natalia Sergeevna Trusova, Olga Sergeevna Prikhodchenko 436
Assessment of Competitiveness of Kazakhstan's Product Exports PDF
Amirbekova Ainur, Madiyarova Diana 443
E-Money and E-Finance as Economic Category PDF
Vladimir V. Glukhov, Vladimir A. Ostanin, Yuriy V. Rozhkov 448
Using Active, Creative, Effective and Joyful (ACEJ) Learning Strategies toward English Achievement and their Behavioural Changes among Primary School Students PDF
Abdullah Hasan, Zarina Othman, Rohaty Mohd Majzub 455
The Impact of Teaching Critical Thinking Tasks on Coherence in Argumentative Essay Writing among EFL Learners PDF
Danial Mehdipour Kolour, Ahmad Yaghoubi 460
Examination of Stakeholders’ Awareness and Preparedness for On-Line Learning in Ghana PDF
Osman Mustapha Opoku, Alfred Kuranchie 469
The Effects of Using Management Information Systems (MIS) on Organizational Structure of the Municipalities in the Province of Khuzestan, Iran PDF
Sirus Aalipoor, Majid Nili Ahmadabadi 477
Primary Outcome of Emotional Burnout Studies of Siberian Railway Locomotive Engineers PDF
Natalia Alexeevna Goncharevich, Elena Yurievna Cherkashina, Natalia Vitalievna Visotskaya, Olga Nikiforovna Moskovchenko, Larisa Georgievna Lisina 485
History of Origin of Tutoring in Global Educational Practice PDF
Chelnokova Elena Alesksandrovna, Agayev Natig Farman, Kaznacheeva Svetlana Nikolaevna, Yudakova Olga Vladimirovna, Blagodinova Veronika Valerievna, Spiridonova Marina Ivanovna 492
Foundations Enabling Leadership Potential’s Development in Sports Higher Educational Institutions’ Students PDF
Vyacheslav G. Tyutyukov, Galina V. Safonova, Olga V. Prilepko 498
Development of the Activity of Learning Geometric Concepts in Younger Adolescents: Social and Cultural Communication PDF
Nataliya Georgievna Podaeva, Mihail Valer'evich Podaev 503
Business, Industry and Higher Education Collaboration: A Panacea in Developing Professional Work-Ready Graduates PDF
Ahmed Umar Rufai, Ab Rahim Bin Bakar, Abdullah Mat Rashid 512
Preliminary Analysis of Business Learners’ Needs PDF
Awicha Benabdallah 519
Formation of Common Cultural Competencies in the Educational Space of the University (Through the Example of Physical Culture) PDF
Daniel Paskalyevich Adeyemi, Lyudmila Mikhailovna Mitskevich 525
Integrated and Network Systems of Research Education in the Knowledge Society (By Example of the Russian Educational System) PDF
Karpov Alexander 529
Efficiency of Future Engineers' Professional Independence Formation Under the Conditions of Educational Environment Profiling PDF
Elena Mikhaylovna Kargina 541
Measuring the Effect of Equality Matching Relationships on Lecturers’ Knowledge Sharing Behavior PDF
Fibria Indriati, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmaja, Bambang Rudito, Nurianna Thoha 546
The Model of Two-Degree Education Based on Various Master’s Programs PDF
Mikhail Lapchik, Zhanat Nurbekova, Marina Ragulina, Bakyt Nurbekov, Gulzhan Jarassova 559

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