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Vol 6, No 5: September 2015

Table of Contents


Space as Interactive Resource PDF
A.A. Petrova, N.L. Shamne, L.N. Rebrina, E.A. Eltanskaya, M.W. Milovanova 11
The Relation of Corruption Perceptions, Conformity and Traditionalism: Macroeconomic Study of 52 Countries PDF
Kamila Mestická, Inna Čábelková 15
Challenges of Core Banking Systems PDF
N.P Hariharan, K.J Reeshma 24
David vs. Goliath: Uncovering The Future of Traditional Markets in Indonesia PDF
Fajar S. A. Prabowo, Raden Aswin Rahadi 28
E-Commerce Adoption among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Northern State of Malaysia PDF
S. Kit Yeng, A. Osman, Yusuf Haji-Othman, M. Safizal 37
The Legal Analyze of the Embezzlement in the Punitive System of Iran PDF
Amir Kondori, Mohammad Mahdipour, Davood Seify, Hamid Mirzaee 44
Legal Issues of Developing Countries in the WTO Dispute Settlement System PDF
Amirbekova Alua Sharipbekkyzy 50
Study of the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of the Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Market PDF
Roghayeh Manafi, Amir Mahmoudian, Ali Zabihi 56
Analysis of Campus Recruitment Parameters in an Indian Context PDF
V.Samuel Rajkumar, R. Prabhakara Raya, P. Ganesan, S.K.V. Jayakumar 62
Family Firm and Social Capital: A Brief Literature Review PDF
Valeriano Sanchez-Famoso 67
Some Issues about the Decisions of the Courts for Divorce in Albania PDF
Denada Shpuza 76
Analysis of the Concept of "Natural Person" in Public Law and Private Law Relations PDF
Lyazzat Begimjanovna Nyssanbekova, Gulmira Amangeldievna Mashimbaeva, Zhuldyz Talgatovna Sairambaeva, Kamilya Zhakipbekovna Altayeva, Moldir Abaevna Rahmetova 83
Investigation of the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Financial Management Decisions in Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange Market PDF
Roghayeh Manafi, Amir Mahmoudian, Ali Zabihi 88
Stake Holders’ Perceptions in a Campus Recruitment Process PDF
R. Prabhakara Raya, V.Samuel Rajkumar, P. Ganesan, S.K.V. Jayakumar 96
The Idea of Progress in Kazakh Philosophy PDF
R.K. Doszhan 102
Reassessment of Fixed Assets PDF
Shqipe Xhaferri, Albana Demi 107
Challenges of Russian Fuel and Energy Complex PDF
Natalia Victorovna Kuznetsova, Ekaterina Vasilievna Kuznetsova 112
Functioning of Autobiographical Memory as a Discursive Phenomenon PDF
Larisa N. Rebrina, Anna A. Petrova, Nikolai L. Shamne, Elena Yu. Ladonina, Marina V. Milovanova 122
The Application of Third Party Guarantee in Structuring Ṣukūk in the Islamic Capital Market: A Preliminary Literature Survey PDF
Chaibou Issoufou, Umar A. Oseni 130
Juvenile Justice in Central Asia: Current Status and the Possibility of Using the European Model PDF
G.A. Alibayeva, N. Razzak 139
Productivity Change in the Turkish Banking Industry PDF
Hüseyin Daştan, Gürkan Çalmaşur 148
Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation PDF
Natalia Victorovna Kuznetsova, Ekaterina Vasilievna Kuznetsova 160
The Constitutional Principle of Government by People: Stability and Dynamism PDF
Sergey Sergeyevich Zenin 169
The Relationship between Brand Personality and Consumers’ Personality among Students PDF
Roya Anvari, Sobia Irum 175
Foreign Students’ Social Adaptation to the Education Environment of a Higher Educational Institution: By the Example of S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University PDF
Ainur Kanapiyanovna Abdina, Horlan Saduakasovna Abdildina, Aiman Galimjanovna Gappasova, Margarita Kabdulayevna Kakimzhanova, Dmitriy Ni Valerievich, Torgyn Meyrhanovna Sadykova 184
Penal Policies Pursued Toward Juveniles in Albania PDF
Antoneta Gjolena 195
Government Control of Regional Agricultural Economic Systems under Institutional Transformations PDF
Alexey N. Gerasimov, Yevgeny I. Gromov, Alexey V. Nesterenko, Tatiana Y. Bezdolnaya, Juliya E. Klishina 200
The Mediating Role of Intellectual Capital in Corporate Governance and the Corporate Performance Relationship PDF
Sohail Saeed, Siti Zaleha Abdul Rasid, Rohaida Basiruddin 209
Insurance as a Tool for Managing Risks in Agriculture PDF
Tatyana N. Kostyuchenko, Darya V. Sidorova, Nikolay V. Eremenko, Lyudmila I. Chernikova 220
An Empirical Study on DBT Awareness PDF
V. Selvam, G. Velmurugan 229
Structural Convergence of Economies of Slovak Republic and Czech Republic PDF
Slávka Klasová, Viliam Kováč, František Lipták 235
Some Problems of Introducing European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) into Non-State Higher Institutions PDF
Stepanov Victor Ivanovich 243
Sources of Fiscal Risks and their Role in Shaping the Debt Load of the Russian Regions PDF
D.A. Edelev, A.A. Tatuev, E.V. Lyapuntsova, V.V. Rokotyanskaya, N.V. Valuiskov 249
Methodical Tools of Philological Urbanistics PDF
Gulnara Sejlbekovna Suyunova, Olga Konstantinovna Adryuchshenko, Lyudmila Erbulatovna Tokatova, Ekaterina Petrovna Garanina 258
Linguistic View of the World and Peculiar Features of Its Reflection in Newspaper Headlines PDF
Kuanysh Sovetuly Yergaliyev, Yeldana Bakhytovna Asanbayeva, Adilbek Dautbekovich Amrenov, Gulzhiyan Shaharman 264
Awareness of the Regulations and Industry Codes of Practice Vis-a-Vis the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994: A Study among the Masters and Crews Working in Vessels of Commercial Fishing Industry PDF
Azuddin bin Bahari, Hanum binti Hassan, Abdullah Osman 269
Corporate Staff Identity as a Factor of Increasing Labor Productivity PDF
Lyutsiya Mugtabarovna Gaisina, Еduard Sagidullovich Gareev, Nika Eduardovna Valitova, Nursafa Gafurovna Khairullina, Oksana Vyacheslavovna Ustinova 274
Marketing Information System in Citrus Fruit Pricing: A Case Study of Lattakia, Syria PDF
Haiyan Sulaiman, Tomas Hes, Alexander Kandakov 286
Participants in Constitutional Process Before the Albanian Constitutional Court PDF
Erind Merkuri 298
Traditional Values and Human Rights of LGBT under the Contemporary International Law PDF
Nataliya S. Semenova, Ekaterina V. Kiseleva, Marianna V. Ilyashevich, Ekaterina S. Alisievich 305
Investor’s Disposition Error at Emerging Market: Evidence for Experiential and Rational Thinking Styles PDF
Perminas Pangeran 313
Problems and Prospects of Internet Marketing in Russia PDF
Elena Gennadievna Gushchina, Lidiia Aleksandrovna Sizeneva, Natalia Vasilievna Orlova, Likhovidova Elena Petrovna 322
Correlates of Employee Compensation and Commitment PDF
R. Alamelu, S.T. Surulivel, L.Cresenta Shakila Motha, R. Amudha, S. Selvabaskar 335
The Effects of Organizational Justice on Workplace Deviance and Job Satisfaction of Employees: Evidence from a Public Sector Hospital of Pakistan PDF
Muhammad Asim Faheem, Norashikin Mahmud 342
Models of Optimizing the Information Security Industry Infrastructure PDF
Lilia Aubakirovna Enikeeva, Elena Victorovna Stelmashonok, Vitali Leonidovich Stelmashonok 353
Studying the Relationship between Financial Structure and Amount of Investment in Anzali Free Zone PDF
Seyede Fateme Fazeli, Mahbube Esmaili, Rahim Abedi 360
Modern Approaches to Consumer Markets Segmenting PDF
Jury Davydovich Schmidt, Natalya Stepanovna Martyshenko 367
Modern Russian Approaches to Correlation of International and Domestic Law PDF
Viatcheslav Gavrilov 375
Informal Team Learning: A Case Study in Knowledge-Intensive Settings PDF
Roza Marsaulina Sibarani, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, Utomo Sarjono Putro, Ningky Sasanti Munir 381
Trends in the Development of Legislation on Innovation Procurement PDF
Anastasia Astashkevich, Lyubov Andreeva 391
Principle of Legality and Its Relation with Customary Law in International Criminal Law PDF
Abbas Barzegarzadeh, Mahmuod Jalali Karveh, Leila Raisi 398
Attitudinal Impact of Institutional Mechanisms of Public Accountability and Performance among Local Government Workers in Nigeria: A Study of Enugu State Local Governments PDF
Agu Sylvia Uche, Okeke Remi Chukwudi, Idike Adeline Nnenna 403
System of Family Budgeting as a Methodological Basis for Personal Accounting and Guarantee for Growth of Financial Literacy of the Russians PDF
N.V. Gorshkova, L.A. Mytareva, L.V. Perekrestova, A.V. Glushchenko, O.V. Fisher 413
Structural Changes in the Maltese Economy PDF
Aaron George Grech 423
Franchising as a Tool for Small and Medium Business Development PDF
Zhaniya Jumadildayeva, Maira Uspanova 429
Gender Stereotyping through Textbook Illustrations: A Case Study of Algerian Middle School Textbook- Spotlight on English PDF
Bakhta Abdelhay, Wassila Benhaddouche 435
Islamic Education Teachers’ Content Knowledge of Islamic Law Matters: A Study in Yogyakarta City PDF
Ahmad Darmadji, Syarief Zubaidah, M. Roem Sibly, Yuli Andriansyah 441
Epochs and Evolution of Consciousness by Gebser and Barfield PDF
Sayyed Ali Mirenayat, Elaheh Soofastaei, Hardev Kaur A/P Jujar Singh 450
Vocational Education in Higher Secondary Schools PDF
Shireesh Pal Singh, Sumita Grover, Jubilee Padmanabhan, Sarita Chaudhary 455
Multi-Paradigmatic Model of Educational System for Development of Civil Values of Learning Youth in a Multi-ethnical Educational Environment PDF
Kazbek Dovletmizovich Chermit, Asiet Nurbievna Autleva, Fatimet Pshimafovna Khakunova, Lyana Levovna Bagova, Evgeniya Vladimirovna Gorskaya 467
Virtual Learning Space in the System of E-Learning PDF
Zhaidary Abeldina, Zhibek Moldumarova, Rauza Abeldina, Zhuldyz Ilibaevna Moldumarova 478
Current Trends in E-Learning and Future Scenario PDF
B. Naresh, D. Bhanu Sree Reddy 484
Teaching Modern Standard Arabic for Non-Native Speakers as a Lingua Franca PDF
Abdullah A. Jaradat, Nisreen Naji Akeel Al-Khawaldeh 490
Usage of EduBlogs Among Malaysian Secondary School Students PDF
Arumugam Raman, Yahya Don, Yaakob Daud 500
Quality Assessment of Curriculum for Bu-Ali Sina Higher Education Department of Literature and Human Sciences PDF
Ehsan Parvin, Esmaeil Aslani, Mehdi Babakhani, Mohammadrasoul Parvin 507
Education Model "Bandongan" for Farmers Society of Agricultural Skills Training in the Background of Sosioculture "Pesantren" in East Java* PDF
Ach. Fatchan, Ach. Amirudin, Hadi Soekamto 515
The Impacts of Integrated Youth Training Farm as a Capacity Building Center for Youth Agricultural Empowerment in Kwara State, Nigeria PDF
Abdul-Lateef Ayinde Latopa, Sharifah Norazizan Syed Abd Rashid 524
Gerard Genette and the Categorization of Textual Transcendence PDF
Sayyed Ali Mirenayat, Elaheh Soofastaei 533
Sensitising the Disadvantaged Groups through Participatory Approaches: IGNOU’s Experiences in Madhya Pradesh (India) PDF
Umesh Chandra Pandey, Sarita Chaudhary, Shireesh Pal Singh 538
Intellectual Development of Primary School-Aged Bilingual Learners PDF
Mira Bechmizovna Bogus 548
Implication of Interdisciplinary Team Teaching of an ESP Course PDF
Larisa Maletina, Yuliya Karmanova, Valeriya Kashpur 556
An Exploratory Study on Learner’s Perception Towards E-Learning Courses PDF
B. Naresh, D. Bhanu Sree Reddy 562
Teachers’ Perception of the Role of School Administrators in Motivating High School Teachers PDF
Jafar Paramboor, Mohd. Burhan Ibrahim, Mohammed Borhandden Musah, Shafeeq Hussain Vazhathodi Al-Hudawi 569
Keeping Students Engaged: A Prerequisite for Learning PDF
Nazmi Al-Shalabi 576
The Investigation of Students’ Attitudes toward Project Work in Enhancing Independent Learning in English I at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok PDF
Raveewan Wanchid, Karnchanoke Wattanasin 581
Self-Concept and Stress among Junior and Senior School Counselors: A Comparison Case Study in Secondary Schools in Malacca PDF
Roslee Ahmad, Aqeel Khan, Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa 593

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