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Vol 5, No 4 (2014): March 2014 Motivation as a Factor Responsible for Entrepreneurial Growth in Nigeria: A Case Study of Export Logistics Limited, Akure, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Zacheus O. Opafunso, Omonigho T. Okhankhuele
Vol 4, No 2 (2013): May 2013 Motivation as Pedagogical Technique for Teachers: A Cross Comparison Between Public and Private Sector Abstract   PDF
Tariq Mahmood, Mukhtar Ahmed, Haleema Shoaib, Muhammad Amin Ghuman
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Motivational and Сognitive Сharacteristics of Secondary School Teachers in the Process of Professional Development Abstract   PDF
Tatyana Ventsova
Vol 7, No 3 (2016): May 2016 Motivations and Valued Attributes of Ecotourism in a Natural Protected Area: Santay Island (Ecuador) Abstract   PDF
Suleen Diaz-Christiansen, Tomás López-Guzmán, Jesús C. Pérez-Gálvez
Vol 7, No 2 (2016): March 2016 Motives and Motivation for Implementation of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Housing Provision in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Paschal Onyemaechi, Martin Samy
Vol 5, No 15 (2014): July 2014 Motor Control and Learning Skills According to Cognitive and Ecological Dynamic Approach in a Vision on Behaviorism, Cognitive, Gestalt and Phenomenology Theories Abstract   PDF
Gaetano Raiola
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Motorcyclist – Tourist’s Corporeal and Spiritual Experiences Abstract   PDF
Lea-Marija Colarič-Jakše, Milan Ambrož
Vol 4, No 13 (2013): November 2013 Much Cry and Little Wool: Judicial Mediation Policy in Action in W Court Abstract   PDF
Xin Xin
Vol 5, No 14 (2014): July 2014 Multi-Campus Colleges in South Africa: Challenging Capabilities of Principals in Managing Institutional Transformation Abstract   PDF
Miranda N. Mgijima
Vol 4, No 14 (2013): November 2013 Multicultural Competence Level of University Instructors: A Perspective from a Turkish Context Abstract   PDF
Aylin Yavas-Bozkurt, Gul Eksi, Bulent Alci
Vol 6, No 6 S1 (2015): November 2015 Multicultural Education as a Risk Space Abstract   PDF
Sergey I. Chernykh, Vladimir I. Parshikov
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 MULTICULTURALISM IN INDONESIAN NOVELS AS A CULTURE-UNITING DEVICE Abstract   PDF
Suroso Suroso
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Multidimensional Poverty in Côte d'Ivoire: A Measure by the Fuzzy Set Theory Abstract   PDF
Patrick Franklin Kouassi, Anderson Stéphane Seka
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 Multi-layer Aspects of Information Manipulation in the Intercultural Area Abstract   PDF
Justyna Pilarska, Arkadiusz Urbanek
Vol 6, No 3 S3 (2015): May 2015 - Special Issue Multiobjective Approach in Developing Oil Production Enterprise’s Production Strategy Abstract   PDF
Irina Vladimirovna Osinovskaya, Olga Gennadyevna Yakunina, Olga Viktorovna Lenkova
Vol 6, No 5: September 2015 Multi-Paradigmatic Model of Educational System for Development of Civil Values of Learning Youth in a Multi-ethnical Educational Environment Abstract   PDF
Kazbek Dovletmizovich Chermit, Asiet Nurbievna Autleva, Fatimet Pshimafovna Khakunova, Lyana Levovna Bagova, Evgeniya Vladimirovna Gorskaya
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 Multiple Citizenship at Stake: a Critical Assessment of the Croatian Citizenship Policy Towards National Minorities Abstract   PDF
Nives Mazur-Kumrić
Vol 6, No 1 S1 (2015): January 2015 Multiple Realities, Multiple Representations, Multiple Selves: Re-Conceptualizing Authenticity in Designing Language Tasks as Deictic Practice Abstract   PDF
Razieh Rabbani Yekta
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue Multipurpose Management in the Tasks of Strategic Planning Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Tsybatov
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Multisectoral Integrated Structures Key Competences. Regional Aspect Abstract   PDF
Khairullin Algis
Vol 5, No 28 (2014): Special Issue - December 2014 Multivariate Statistic Analysis of the World Population Ageing Abstract   PDF
N.G. Bagautdinova, M.V. Panasyuk, E.M. Pudovik, A.A. Gilmanova
Vol 5, No 14 (2014): July 2014 Musharraf’s Democracy and 2008 Elections in Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Zahoor Ahmed, Manzoor Khan Afridi
Vol 4, No 10 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Music and Dance as Learning Interventions for Children with Intellectual Disabilities Abstract   PDF
Jhalukpreya Surujlal
Vol 7, No 3 S1 (2016): May 2016 Music and Music Ethnography as Reflexivity Tools in Adult Learning Abstract   PDF
Irene Theodosopoulou
Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Mutcah and Ciddah Maintenance: A Critical Analysis on the Implementation in the Context of the Family Law of Thailand and the Islamic Family Law of the Southern of Thailand Abstract   PDF
Rohanee Machae, Abdul Basir Mohamad, Mutsalim Khareng
Vol 5, No 17 (2014): July 2014 - Special Issue Naming in Igbo Land: A Linguistic and Cultural Study Abstract   PDF
Ngozi Anyachonkeya
Vol 5, No 19 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue Narratives of the Portuguese Diaspora: Life, Literature, Cinema Abstract   PDF
Maria Helena Padrão, Isabel Rio Novo, Célia Vieira
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Nash’s Virus-infected Narrative: The Hermeneutic and Metaphoric Narrative Drives in The Unfortunate Traveller Abstract   PDF
Bahee Hadaegh, Elmira Molaii
Vol 4, No 13 (2013): November 2013 Nation Branding as a Strategic Marketing Approach to Foreign Direct Investment Promotion: The Case of Zimbabwe Abstract   PDF
Tafadzwa Matiza, Olabanji. A. Oni
Vol 6, No 5: Supplement 1, September 2015 National and Cultural Specific Character of Veterinary Terms Motivation in Russian and Kazakh Languages Abstract   PDF
Beisenova Zhainagul, Aisada K. Utanova, Gulnaz S. Imangalieva
Vol 6, No 1 S3 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue National Innovation System and Its Structure Abstract   PDF
I.N. Garifullin, I.M. Ablaev
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue National Innovation System: Experience of Formation, Revealing Patterns of Development, Regulation Abstract   PDF
Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Kornev, Olga Vyacheslavovna Bakanach, Yuri Vladimirovich Sazhin, Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Kornev, Irina Anatolievna Ivanova
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 National Interest and Foreign Policy: The Case of Kosovo Abstract   PDF
Alfred Marleku
Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015 National Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Outer Space Law Abstract   PDF
Abaideldinov Yerbol Musinovich, Kulikpayeva Mira Zhumagaziyevna, Shakhmova Aigul Anuarbekovna
Vol 6, No 5 S4 (2015): October 2015 - Special Issue National Security: Paradigmatic Fundamentals of Research Practices Abstract   PDF
Alexander Viktorovich Dyatlov, Aues Mukhamedovich Kumykov, Anatoly Vladimirovich Lubsky, Anton Vladimirovich Serikov, Oxana Yuryevna Posukhova
Vol 5, No 20 (2014): September 2014 Nationalism Based on Western Education in the Characters in “Child of All Nations” Abstract   PDF
Hamid Farahmadnian, Sokol Pacukaj
Vol 5, No 8 (2014): May 2014 Nationalist Action Party and the Politics of Dissent Abstract   PDF
Derya Kömürcü, Gökhan Demir
Vol 4, No 10 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 NATO’s Current Policies on War Against Terrorism Abstract   PDF
Eljona Plaku, Eliana Ibrahimi (Tafa)
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 NATURAL DEATH VS CIVIL DEATH Abstract   PDF
Valbona ALİKAJ
Vol 5, No 3 (2014): March 2014 Natural Resources, Energy and Sustainable Development Abstract   PDF
Ademola Emmanuel Oluniyi
Vol 7, No 5 (2016): September 2016 Natural Socio-Economic Environment and Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism: Case of Albanian Alps Abstract   PDF
Natasha Hoda, Hysen Hoda, Diana Shehu
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Nature and Childhood in Wordsworth and Fairuz: A Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Qusai Anwar Al-Thebyan, Halla Ahmad Shureteh, Bakri Hussein Al-Azzam
Vol 6, No 3 S3 (2015): May 2015 - Special Issue Nature and Socio-Cultural Practices of Social Amnesia in Russian Society Abstract   PDF
Sergey Alexandrovich Dyuzhikov, Rashid Dumalichevich Hunagov, Magomedgabib Gasanhanovich Magomedov, Aues Mukhamedovich Kumykov
Vol 6, No 6 S7 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Nature Management Conflicts in the Kaliningrad Region Abstract   PDF
Viktor P. Dedkov, Svetlana M. Nikitina
Vol 5, No 19 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue Nature Of Certain Criminal Acts Against The Propperty Foreseen By Kosovo Legislation Overviewed By Material Target Abstract   PDF
Bahri Hyseni
Vol 5, No 3 (2014): March 2014 Navigating Cross-Cultural Research in Qualitative Inquiry Abstract   PDF
Ramodungoane Tabane
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Ndebele’s Relationship with the Liberal-Humanists and an Evaluation of the Story-Telling Tradition Abstract   PDF
Theophilus T Mukhuba
Vol 6, No 5: Supplement 2, September 2015 Near Field Communications (NFC) as Halal Detection Application Abstract   PDF
Siti Salwa Md. Sawari, Mohd Al’Ikhsan Ghazali, Siti Mariam Abu Bakar Yap
Vol 5, No 6 (2014): Special Issue - April 2014 Need and Motivation in Learning English Language Abstract   PDF
Ervin Balla
Vol 10, No 2 (2019): March 2019 Needs Assessment for the Global-Mindedness of Vocational Certificate Students under the Office of the Vocational Education Commission Abstract   PDF
Ancharee Chainut, Peerawut Suwanjan, Phadungchai Pupat, Paitoon Pimdee
Vol 5, No 2 (2014): January 2014 Needs-based Professional Development of Lecturers in Further Education and Training Colleges: A Strategic Imperative Abstract   PDF
Miranda Nangamso Mgijima
Vol 4, No 2 (2013): May 2013 Negative Prefixes in English and Macedonian Abstract   PDF
Marjana Vaneva
Vol 5, No 25 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 Negotiated Government in Zimbabwe-Tool for Peaceful Co-existence or Momentary Suppression of Inherent Divisions? Abstract   PDF
Petra Chinyere
Vol 5, No 7 (2014): May 2014 Negotiating a Shared Psychological Contract with Students Abstract   PDF
Charlotte Pietersen
Vol 5, No 22 (2014): Special Issue - September 2014 Negotiating boundaries: Gender and social identities in the Ottoman Christian communities; the case of divorces (1647-1923) Abstract   PDF
Sofia Iliadou-Tachoua, Alexia Orfanou
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 2, July 2015 Negotiating Styles in Situation of Limited Resources and Ambiguity: “Short” and “Long” Communications Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Dzakhotovna Gurieva, Ulyana Andreyevna Udavikhina
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 Negotiation of Agreements with Government Agencies as an Approach for More Space and Opportunities for the Private Sector: The Features of the Albanian Reality Abstract   PDF
Teuta Balliu, Artan Spahiu
Vol 7, No 1 (2016): January 2016 Neoendogenous Model of Overcoming Imbalances in Economic-legal Framework of Russia Agrarian Regions as a Factor of Economic Security Abstract   PDF
Sergey Aleksandrovich Belousov, Aleksandr Yurevich Pavlov, Vera Nikolaevna Batova, Sergey Borisovich Surovov, Andrey Vladimirovich Kolesnikov, Elena Grigorievna Vyushkina
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Network Analysis of Immigrants’ Social Interaction in Diaspora. A Case Study of Zimbabweans at University of Fort Hare Alice Campus South Africa Abstract   PDF
Lungisani Moyo, Limukani Mathe
Vol 6, No 6 S3 (2015): November 2015 - Special Issue "Network Wars" as a New Type of Deviation Processes in the Modern Electronic and Information Society in the Context of Social and Economic Security Abstract   PDF
Irina Sovetovna Karabulatova, Pavel Vladimirovich Barsukov, Ilnur Vazirovich Akhmetov, Mamatelashvili Olga Vladimirovna, Faiz Farvazovich Khizbullin
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue Neurolinguistic Aspects of Verbal Activity Research of Bilingual Children with Speech Dysfunctions Abstract   PDF
Zinaida Vasilievna Polivara
Vol 4, No 13 (2013): November 2013 Neuroticism as a Determinant of Job Satisfaction among Bank Employees Abstract   PDF
Clifford Kendrick Hlatywayo, Tatenda Shaleen Mhlanga, Tawanda Zingwe
Vol 9, No 4 (2018): July 2018 Never Let Me Down: A Case-study of Slovenian Policy Measures to Prevent Early School Leaving Abstract   PDF
Danijela Makovec, Marko Radovan
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 New Approach to Analysis Public Preferences for Local Financial Reforms: Greater Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Area as a Case Study Abstract   PDF
Asher Vaturi
Vol 6, No 6 (2015): November 2015 New Approach to the Ramsey Model Abstract   PDF
Sergei Aliukov, Vladimir Gorshenin
Vol 6, No 4: Supplement 4, August 2015 - Special Issue New Approach to Transportation Service Pricing Based on the Stakeholder Model of Corporate Governance Abstract   PDF
Elena Sergeyevna Palkina, Natalya Aleksandrovna Zhuravleva, Alexander Yurievich Panychev
Vol 6, No 3 S6 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue New Approaches to the Development of Methodology of Strategic Community Planning Abstract   PDF
Svetlana Gennadievna Karepova, Irina Sovetovna Karabulatova, Vladimir Sergeevich Novikov, Sergey Veniaminovich Klemovitsky, Dmitry Ivanovich Stratan, Anastasia Evgenievna Perova
Vol 6, No 3 S5 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue New Economic Geography as the Theoretical Platform of Region Innovative Development Abstract   PDF
Lira K. Gurieva
Vol 6, No 6 S7 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue New Forms of Innovative Tourism Products as a Result of the Interaction of History, Culture and Tourism Abstract   PDF
Anna V. Belova, Elena G. Kropinova
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue New Horizons for Learning and Teaching Economic Sociology in the Modern Higher Education: Theoretical Aspects Abstract   PDF
Alexander Petrov
Vol 6, No 3 S7 (2015): June 2015 - Special Issue New Material Nouns in the Russian Argot Abstract   PDF
Elena G. Tonkova
Vol 6, No 6 S5 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue New Methods and Evaluation Criteria of Research Efficiency Abstract   PDF
Olga Popova, Dmitry Romanov, Boris Popov, Vladimir Karandey, Svetlana Kobzeva, Marina Evseeva
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 New Paradigms in the Exercise of Universal Rights and Freedoms Abstract   PDF
Milan Palević, Dejan Matić
Vol 4, No 9 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 New Possibilities of Supporting Polish SMEs within the Jeremie Initiative Managed by BGK Abstract   PDF
Damian Walczak, Grazyna Voss
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 New Public Management and Developmental State: Revisiting the Institutional Imperatives in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Jide Ibietan, Segun Joshua
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 New Regionalism in Post-Soviet Territory: Evolution from Eurasian Economic Community to Eurasian Economic Union Abstract   PDF
Çağla Gül Yesevi
Vol 5, No 24 (2014): Special Issue - November 2014 New Requirements of the Basel Committeee on Banking Supervision to Capital as a Measure to Ensure the Stability of the Banking Sector Abstract   PDF
S.M. Valitov, A.A. Nigmetzyanov
Vol 6, No 1 S3 (2015): February 2015 - Special Issue New Start of Nokia Abstract   PDF
E.V. Fakhrutdinova, R.M. Fakhrutdinov, J.S. Kolesnikova, O.V.d Yurieva
Vol 5, No 12 (2014): Special Issue - June 2014 New State Economic Policy – Cluster Policy Cluster Policy as the Factor of Innovative Development of Europe Abstract   PDF
I.R. Gafurov, O.U. Platonova, O.V. Pratchenko
Vol 6, No 6 S6 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue New Technologies in Construction Materials Based on Environmental Approach (Case Study: Double Skin Facades) Abstract   PDF
Esmaeil Zarghami, Ali Sadeghi Habib Abad
Vol 6, No 6 S4 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue New Technologies of Studying in the Process of Professional Training of Future Specialists Abstract   PDF
Pirmaganbet Ishanov, Gulya Khairova, Rustemova Zhanar, Zhandos Yermembetov
Vol 4, No 3 (2013): September 2013 New Technology, a Catalyst for the Developmental Power Steering of Modern Built Environment in South-West Nigeria: An Overview Abstract   PDF
P.S.O. Aremu, D.O. Makinde, P.O. Olawunni
Vol 9, No 2 (2018): March 2018 New Year’s Initiation Processions of Teenagers: The Case of “Young Gegides” of Emporio, Eordaia Abstract   PDF
Karepidis K. Ioakeim
Vol 5, No 19 (2014): August 2014-Special Issue News agencies in the era of globalization and new challenges of reality Abstract   PDF
Kanat Kulshmanov, Assima Ishanova
Vol 6, No 6 S1 (2015): November 2015 News Framing and Ethnic Conflicts Vulnerability in Multiethnic Societies Abstract   PDF
Adisa M. Rasaq, Rosli bin Mohammed, Mohd. Khairie Ahmad
Vol 5, No 13 (2014): Special Issue - June 2014 News Media as a Social Factor for Law Enforcement in the Republic of Macedonia Abstract   PDF
Aurora Ndrio Karameti
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): January 2017 News Media Exposure and Political Communication among Libyan Elites at the Time of War Abstract   PDF
Abdul-Karim Ziani, Mokhtar Elareshi, Khalid Al-Jaber
Vol 5, No 4 (2014): March 2014 Nigeria and the Attainment of Sustainable Development in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Nyewusira Vincent, Nweke Kenneth
Vol 5, No 23 (2014): November 2014 Nigeria: A Rogue State in the Wake of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s Terror Adventure? Abstract   PDF
Lere Amusan, Adebowale Idowu Adeyeye
Vol 5, No 27 P1 (2014): December 2014 Nigerian Environment under Siege and the Effect on the Management of Tertiary Institutions for Peace and Security Abstract   PDF
Victor O. Ebuara
Vol 5, No 27 P3 (2014): December 2014 Nigerian Legislature and Public Accountability in Presidential Democracy: An Overview Abstract   PDF
Ozy B. JP Orluwene
Vol 5, No 17 (2014): July 2014 - Special Issue Nigerians Total Government Expenditure: It’s Relationship with Economic Growth (1980-2012) Abstract   PDF
F.M Emerenini, Okezie A. Ihugba
Vol 8, No 5 S1 (2017): September 2017 Niteni, Niroake, Nambahi (3N) Concept in the Learning of Dance in Elementary School Abstract   PDF
Cicilia Ika Rahayu Nita, Muhammad Jazuli, Sumaryanto F. Totok, Suminto A. Sayuti
Vol 6, No 3 S1 (2015): May 2015 Nizami and Shakespeare: Typology of Formation of Literary Phenomenon Abstract   PDF
Teymur Karimli
Vol 5, No 7 (2014): May 2014 No Need to Throw in the Towel Yet: The Case for the Revival of South African Textile and Clothing Industries Abstract   PDF
Ogutu Miruka
Vol 6, No 4 (2015): July 2015 Non Performing Loans on Regional Development Bank in Indonesia and Factors that Influence Abstract   PDF
Suryanto Suryanto
Vol 5, No 14 (2014): July 2014 Non–Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment by People Living with HIV/AIDS in Black Communities in South Africa: Socio-Cultural Challenges Abstract   PDF
J.G. Kheswa
Vol 4, No 11 (2013): Special Issue - October 2013 Non-Finite Constructions in Time Clauses Abstract   PDF
Erjon Agolli
Vol 6, No 3 S2 (2015): May 2015 Non-Formal Religious Education in Malay Muslim Community in Terengganu, Malaysia Abstract   PDF
Asyraf Hj Ab Rahman, Wan Ibrahim Wan Ahmad, Hammadah Hj Ab Rahman
Vol 6, No 6 S6 (2015): December 2015 - Special Issue Non-Governmental Actors and the Evolution of International Environmental Law (An Overview of the NGOs in Iran) Abstract   PDF
Maryamalsadat Moosavi, Jaafar Koosha, Sayyed Abbas Pourhashemi, Davood Hermidas Bavand
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